Lessons from the Light, Kenneth Ring--the Most Important Lesson

Kenneth Ring's book, Lessons from the Light, contains this wonderful passage about the "prime directive" from the Light that many of those who have NDEs receive:

Of all the teachings in the world, the greatest is love. And of all the lessons of the NDE, none is greater than the importance, indeed the primacy, of love. And what the NDE teaches about love is that everything is love, and is made of love, and comes from love. 

Do you remember, for example, Peggy Holladay's discovery of this truth while in the Light? What she said was, "The Light told me everything was Love, and I mean everything!"

This also fits with insights given to me in meditation. God IS love, and the entire universe works in a mysterious harmony powered by love. Somehow, everything that happens and everything that exists operates together in a very beautiful and synergistic tapestry of love. All is exactly as it should be. 

It was nice to receive this wonderful confirmation from Ring's book. Perhaps it will also serve as a confirmation for others on this forum who have had similar insights. 



Hey Chuck,

I don't think you will get many if any here who will disagree with you...I think Fred's line ...every act is either an act of love or a request for love....is another perspective for appreciating the power of this realization...



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Some very interesting research on this subject can be found at Dan Winter's website goldenmean.info

LOVE is Truly the Cause of Gravity!..- Dan Winter

The word itself may be derived from two other root words relating to frequency, phase conjugation and a kind of perfect process of embedding, "Lo" and Phi", having to do with the golden mean ratio.

In the one of the Law of One sessions RA makes reference to black holes as the most perfected expression of Love being exhibited in the physical part of the cosmos.  This relates well to what Dan Winter and Nassim Haramein's research is hitting upon.

It is really cool witnessing the common ground that science and spirituality (art and science of Light, Love and the non physical cosmos) inevitably finds and ultimately walks together...

Love is the Universal Common Denominator, the basic and Vital "stuff" that all manifestation depends upon.  when the manifestion forgets from whence it came, it suffers the pain and heartache of myriad delusion, and Love patiently waits for the return of the spirited wanderers....

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Thanks for those insights, Chris. It is amazing how all-pervasive the love principle is. I "saw" it in meditation, but it is taking some time for my conscious mind to absorb all the implications. I did not know about the connection between love and gravity, but it makes perfect sense. I'll have to look for Dan Winter's writings. 

Thanks also for your confirmation, Jez. :-)


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