Alone or All One?

In the old paradigm, it was - I am alone, you are alone, we are alone. In the new paradigm we are co-creating, we breathe a little space into the word "alone," and it becomes "all-one": I am all one, you are all one, we are all one. Yes!!!

Your posts are congruent with my own process, Fred.  Thank you for continuously being a shining light.  I send many people to the site that has grown and emerged as a place for quality well researched info for people to go to.  I am finding people using the website you set up in the footnotes of their article.  Thank you.

I am feeling like it is time for me to move on toward greater Oneness within myself and to seek those who have achieved this state. 

I welcome the New Earth Paradigm.

Elizabeth Loabe, Fairy Farm Girl

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    Ever since I saw Thrive last week, I keep imagining a torus around everyone I see. And when in a group of people , I imagine all are torus's overlapping, and how powerful they are together. I guess that could make them vulnerable too, as a wave of emotion can sweep through the crowd,,,making it even more important to focus on that emotion being love.

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"Breathe a little space into the word alone..."   al one... all one.  Thank you, Fred.  I've been feeling physically isolated and alone lately.  That helps.  I see myself expanding out into the world to unite with all.

I've been visualizing myself in a torus during meditation, tscout.  It feels very healing.

I often send love from my heart center out to people as I pass them on the street.  I'm going to start imagine toruses around each of us, as you do, tscout.  A very powerful image! 

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Hi Fred-

I like the idea that we are all fractals. So we always retain our seperateness and yet we are made in The Whole's image and are made up of individual parts, just as we are parts of The Whole. I suppose this ties in with your other post - in so much as we reflect The whole and act on The Whole's behalf we are the Chosen One.

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Fractals - or holograms! Any hologram can be broken into pieces and each piece projects the original whole. Thus - if the universe (or maybe more appropriately - the creator) is the original piece - and it was then fragmented into a billion holographic pieces - then each of us has within us a projection of the whole picture - we just can't see it, as we "are" it! And everyone of us contains that same picture - even though from the outside - we are shaped differently. 

I love this "truth" as it can easily be demonstrated in the "real" world - much like quantum physics is now verifying many other similar concepts. 

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So important to remember what you said Jeff, that the whole lies in each "apparently" individual fractal piece...  It is so amazing that the construct allows for the illusion of individuality, thus creating the opportunity for an infinite number of experiences...

whoever thunk this up is damn good at what they do!!!

when you think about it, given the nature of what we are getting at, we are essentially and fundamentally of the origin of who/what thunk it up!!!!  This is so obviously the test we placed before ourselves, and when enough of us get this, we will be non-compliance en mass on steroids and spontaneously move on from that which we imagined we were bound in.

When the bottom corner of the pyramid realizes it is free to move and go do what it wills, the pyramid tumbles because it is, and has always been, a house of cards....

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The image I like best is that we are droplets of water in the same ocean.  The drop contains the entirety of the whole.  The ocean is made of individual droplets.  Can the droplet be separated from the ocean?  Certainly, it is possible to take an eye dropper and separate an individual droplet from the whole.  Yet even when the droplet is physically separated from the ocean, expressing itself as an individual drop of water, it will always contain the ocean within itself.

There is a saying in the Unity Church, "I live and move and have my being within a sea of God life and God love."   I've always found comfort in those words. 

There are times when I am able to see the movement of this sea of life around me with my physical eyes.  The life force energy rises up from the ground.  It drifts like smoke tendrils, wisping out from the shrubs reaching, playing, and melding as each individual form of matter flows within the sea in a divine dance of life.  This life energy moves in waves within the air, changing direction as each bit of substance and matter interacts with itself.  The waves in the air move exactly like the currents beneath and within the ocean, shifting like schools of fish within the tide.

Sometimes, I can even see this energy indoors, rising up from the carpet or emanating from a chair.  Yes, even inanimate objects radiate energy.  (And in case you're wondering, yes, I am completely sober when this happens.)


Chris, you have given me an "aha" moment with your observation about the pyramid.  Since "we the people" are at the base of the pyramid, we are its very foundation.  Without a solid foundation, the structure will surely collapse.  That's a very powerful image.  I will use it in my visualizations.  Thank you.

Something you said about non-compliance, Chris, gave me pause.  "... when enough of us get this, we will be non-compliance en mass."  The Thrive Movement has just such a tool, to help people gather together, wait until there is a critical mass of people, and then act together for change.  It's called Critical Mass Action

Peaceful non-compliance is such a powerful tool for change, that I've decided to write more about it.  Thanks for the idea, Chris.  Stay tuned.




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  I do see the connection with others as a shift in consciousness within myself (and many others) that has changed my life but lately I've been feeling with an empty heart. A return to an old state of being unfortunately. Thank you for reminding me of our connection.

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