Deep Insider Tells of Creation, Subjugation, Transformation of Earth

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I have made a three-page summary of the powerful Hidden Hand material. I very much welcome any comments or suggestions before sending it out to our two email lists of 12,000 subscribers this Friday. I'd love to be able to shorten it to two pages, but don't see where I can cut any more. Here's the link:

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I think it is beautifully written just as it is, Fred.  I understand Hidden Hand's description of why polarity exists to such a degree on this planet.  I do have a question, though, for anyone here who wants to answer it...

When we are first born, we are innocent, happy, and magical babes.  Then we spend a lifetime having our perfection kicked out of us by the physical world.  By the time we are old, most of us are bitter, lifeless, and defeated.  What does that teach us?

It seems paradoxical to me that piling a crap-load of negativity onto people is the optimal way to get us to realize our divinity and connection to Source.  Demonstrating hate, teaches people to hate.  Modeling fear, creates more fear.  People who are abused usually grow up to abuse others.  People who have been wounded by physical and emotional hardships usually carry bitterness and thoughts of revenge, rather than gratitude and love.  Negativity perpetuates more negativity, not its opposite.

Isn't this a rather counterproductive method of learning to know thyself?

Furthermore, the darkest controllers are doing everything in their power to suppress our knowledge, spiritual awareness, and connection with nature.  They are numbing and dumbing us at every turn.  How in God's name are such negative tactics supposed to make us more aware of our divine connection to Source?


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That's the secret for us to discover,

that it is not happening to us.

we are deciding each moment how to think of something,

how to feel about something...

none of that is ever happening to us...

we project upon the concept of an outside world,

but there is no outside world really...

as long as I intentionally remain self delusional I cannot be a lucid gamer...

ever seen someone seemingly nuts muttering out loud to themselves about nothing?

like some tape loop being played over and over again?

all they are doing is externalizing what most of us do inwardly,

while abiding by the social norms we have come to know by conditioning..

for most, that is the only difference...

HH encourages us to become lucid gamers with a keen sense of our Divinity and Sovereignty.  What a nice thing for Lucifer to do for mere humans, LOL

I love the HH testimony and wouldn't change a thing Fred

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Does that apply to a 6 month old infant who is being raped by her sicko grandfather? 

Maybe it's not really happening to her.  Maybe she's just delusional. 

How does such an experience help the Creator know itself?  How does it help her?

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I thought you were sincerely looking for a response for you personally.  I now see you are just looking for an argument or debate.  Not interested...

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I thought you were sincerely looking for a response for you personally.  I now see you are just looking for an argument or debate.  Not interested...

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Very good questions, Noa. Some parts of life here seems quite crazy to me, too. Yet somehow I trust there is a greater reason for it all, even though I don't know what that reason is. Many things don't make sense to me, and I suspect it's meant to be that way when we are on this side of the veil. It is the divine mystery. Thanks for your probing thoughts.

With much love and warm wishes,

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Thanks for your heartfelt response, Fred.  It's nice to know that I'm not the only one who is having trouble understanding the reasoning behind life's mysteries.

And Chris, my original question was meant to be about life in general, not specific to any single person.  Your post, "It's not happening to us," brought up more questions for me than it answered.  My response was not meant to be confrontational.  It was meant to show that your list doesn't apply to all life experiences.  I sincerely want to know the answers to my questions.  Please don't be offended by them. 

We have the opportunity on this forum to learn from each other.  I'm sorry for any misunderstanding my questioning may have caused and I'm still looking for answers.

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but I can't help but believe that there is a real substantial valid truth to it, even though it can be seemingly offensive to common understanding of the human experience.  maybe the best place to start is with a great point that ACIM brings up, "I am not a body".

If someone's baby had just been raped and killed, than this is not a subject that one could discuss with the mother at that time, but does it make it any less true if it is true, if what HH is talking about is true?

If this is all a game designed by us and for us for the individual and collective experience, than even the soul in the baby's raped and killed physical body is in on it, and agrees whole heartedly with the ongoing conditions of the game, well aware of the soul contract(s) it has entered into that included the rape and murder.

but could anyone talk to the mother about this alleged game, this esoteric theory of what all of us are actually doing here?  it is a very difficult thing to discuss, but I can't shake it because so much of what I have come across the past few years leads right to exactly, or nearly exactly what HH is talking about, and it resonates deeply within me, like something known, but hard to talk about rational left brain to rational left brain.

One comes off sounding utterly and completely insane in a group sporting the current common understanding and conventional belief systems.  When I discuss it here I feel it to be a much more safe place to discuss it given the caliber of understanding outside the box stuff here, but you reacted like the mother who just lost the child instead of someone who has come to understand the very real possibility that what HH is getting at is a very possible, maybe even probable explanation for what is actually going on in this school behind the veil.

I look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and feelings about this very touchy and very difficult subject...

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Life contracts made prior to incarnating in physical form are one of the things that does make sense to me, as far as explaining the pain and suffering some people endure here.  I understand that we sign up for certain challenges before we arrive.  I just don't understand the necessity of it. 

If the whole point of it all is for the Creator to experience itself, how does individual suffering achieve this goal?   And why have such lessons lasted millions of years?   Isn't that the definition of insanity... to continue to do the same thing over and over, expecting a different result?   Seems like someone is either a very slow learner or is sado-masochistic.

Also, if we incarnate from a state of divine oneness with the Creator and the object is to realize our connection to Source so we can return home to the Creator, what's the point of the grand illusion in between? 

Okay, let's call it a game.  But when a game, like poker or chess ceases to be fun, people can just stop playing and move on to something else.  The only way to stop playing this game (life as we know it) is through suicide, which is probably not the game master's intention.  So in a sense, we are forced to endure pain until our time is up.  While it can be argued that physical and emotional pain can ultimately be transcended by the mind or spirit, I still don't see the reason for it.  Life on earth would be a helluva lot more fun without it and its track record as a learning tool is pretty crappy.

Positive reinforcement is a much more effective teacher than its negative counterpart.  If moving into the 4th and 5th dimension transcends the duality loop, I'm looking forward to being there.

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Deja Vu

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I think the main point that Hidden Hand was trying to convey - and one that I resonate with very much - is that the "game " here on Earth is designed to show us what we are NOT. We are NOT negative, polarized, physical etc. Everything we use here to identify ourselves is NOT who we are. We are not our jobs, our education, our accomplishments. But neither are we the pain and suffering that some endure daily either. 

All of this holographic reality is just a mirror and a reflection - and like a mirror - that reflection is reversed. We are here to grasp the truth that we are NOT the reflection, and that we are not limited to just what the view of the mirror is. The whole room is there - we just can't see it - as the mirror is limited in what it can reflect. The image is limited, and reversed, and flat and unreal. But we accept it as "who we are" because we are staring right at it - and it moves when we do. 

Without the limitations of the mirror - and our understanding of it - we wouldn't have any reference point for who we really are! And so we have come to play here for that realization - a reference point in space that was not available to us prior to coming here. We'll need that reference for when we graduate and move onto other things. You'll be glad you came - and probably be thanking Hidden Hand and his band of merry men for their madness and mayhem, meaningfully managed, and marvelously maneuvered.

Another aspect of this is that we are being forced to access our inner truth of love, allowance and appreciation - as when we are in alignment with who we really are - the negative controls don't affect us. Google Lisa Renee - she has some great info on the forces of Hidden Hand (ie the alien agenda) - and is very detailed about it. We are being tested big time and being led to go within for the releif we seek. It is not in the reflection!

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Thanks for that splendid analogy, Jeff.  Things are clearer now.

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Great point Jeff!

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Thank you Fred, your shorter précis is excellent.

But I see how hard it was to reduce it so much.  Because it makes the material, the matter of evil, hit home painfully hard.  To leave the reader reeling a bit.

            What it brought to my mind in this form, is how lucky I was to be born into the family I was.  Correction:  How glad I am to have given myself a headstart here in this earth incarnation, by choosing the parents I did.   But the reaction could be, “I thought the Creator was supposed to be all loving, what a disappointment!”

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