Power and Percpetion

I've come to realize that our perception of who we believe is in power makes all the difference. To the extent we believe the president and world's political leaders are in power (or those secretly controlling them), we are then at their mercy. If, however, we know that the real power lies deep within each one of us, then we become powerful co-creators of the world in which we live.
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Yes indeed, the real power lies within us as co-creators.  What worries me is that the vast majority of people do not realize their divine nature and connectedness to each other and to the Whole.  The more the controllers exercise their power, the more the majority of folks think they are helpless to do anything to change things (if they think about it at all).

As I see the world's events unfolding, I fear that without a mass awakening, a few enlightened individuals will be unable to stop the power-grab for global control and domination. 

Someone said that 1% of the global population is all that is necessary to change the world.  6433 people with focused intention is all it takes.  If that's so, then I think we're already there.  The Occupy movement alone has joined tens of thousands of people together, all wanting the same things:  peace, justice, freedom, and equality for all.

If we have to depend upon the rest of the masses awakening from their dream, I think we're in trouble!

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  Wanted to say thanks for your recent posts. These basic truths seem to be creating a nice balance here, especially with all the fear based news being posted lately. Of course, everything is moving so fast now,there is much to report, but these basic truths are a great reminder that no matter what we are seeing out there, the way to change it is with our inner work. i hope it is ok to post this dream I have been having recently, as I feel it is related to several recent posts here, including the recent discussion about whether we should be outspoken, or to steo in and speak,act,etc. when your observation tells you to....

        i am in a school, in the morning, a high school, right before the bell. The room is just about full with students, no teacher yet, and they are all bouncing around,talking and visiting with each other. One of them approaches me, and asks me to show him something he saw me doing in the park one day, a roll back and press exercise,a warm up for taiji.....I tell him, meet me later, as now the bell has rung,and I know the teacher will be here in a moment, but he insists. i look around, and no one is paying attention, so i roll back, very low, thighs parrallel with the floor, receiving,condensing,, then redirecting, and pushing back forward with the palms facing each other,expanding,giving back. (note;Condensing is like imploding,breathing in through the nose,soles of the feet,palms, and crown chakra all at once. ) The student doesn't get it,so I roll back, and forward a couple of more times,accenting the condensing, and suddenly when I expand and push forward, I uproot and start moving across the room, in this low, forward stance,gliding at the speed that I was pushing,softly, like a gentle breeze. My hair is even wisping a little,Ha!. Well, this grabs the attention of everyone in the room, as they stumble to their seats, i know that the expressions on their faces must match mine, as it is a first for me. and,as I am halfway across the room, I see the teacher standing there, jaw dropped, speechless. I ride it out, across the room, and gently bump into a students desk on the far side of the room,,look around just long enough to see everyone's faces, and know that we have all just got a lesson in what's possible,,,a couple of us exchange smiles, then I wake up....

            interpet this as you will, the taiji is just a familiar example for me, as I am always trying to unlock new dna by integrating my internal work with this practice... But the reluctance, at first, to show this person, in a crowded room, then the impulsive change in decision, knowing this is a moment to perform, is actually the strong point in the dream for me. so, what I suddenly decided to show to one person, ended up being seen by all, plus the authority figure, who no doubt was changed by the event..The floating across the room was just something I aim for, and it manifesting itself at that point in time, after 25 years of practice was also key, for I had chosen to help someone who wanted something from me, and the results opened many more eyes than I had intended......

            I believe that our internal work bubbles to the surface in more useful ways. Most of us here, if given the chance, have a plethora of information to lay on anyone we get a chance to, probably more than one human can withstand at any given time,,Ha ! But, receiving, condensing it into our being, redirecting, and giving it back in a soft, beautiful way, can affect alot more people, in alot more ways than just data....

           Finally, recognizing the power within was real , for me , after all those years of practice, was, as you said in this post,,very empowering,,,peace to everyone here,,,,,,,,,,with no opposite !,,L,,,T

I bless you with Love, TS.  Thank you for sharing such a dynamic dream.  I am deeply moved.    Light Flows to Light.  Light Expands creating space for Love to fill all that is Light.

There is much to your telling of your dream.


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Thank you Fred,

I just found out about the Senate vote for the National Defense Act and really struggling with it. Your words brought much comfort. We will ignore them and continue to create a new and better society for all. Their "Act" and actions are meaningless.

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What a powerful dream, Todd! Thanks so much for sharing that. And it very much resonates with the initial massage of this post. You were in a way submersed in the hierarchy, yet you were invited to express your creativity/power within it. When you did, everyone was deeply moved. Beautiful!!! You rock, my dear brother!

With abundant love and excitement,

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What an exquisitely beautiful dream, tscout.  Thanks for sharing.

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In a way, your original post, Fred, and you dream, TScout, express the most salient feature of awakening, IMHO. By following some inner prompting and searching for and then finding whoever and whatever led us further along the path at some point we each have to boldly or even reluctantly step beyond our "known" and into, what is for us at that moment, uncharted, unknown territory where we are self-reliant. At that moment, any true Guru or guide can only smile and say, "Now, you are your own authority; finally, you know each of us is all alone and we are one."

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Perception is everything. If the earth truly is a living, breathing unfolding community of energetic patterns, that may explain why the book, “Blessed Unrest” has touched so many people. In case someone on this site hasn’t watched the following 4 min. video, I recommend it highly.



I think the world is saying, “We believe in the power of love. We believe in each other.”



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our human species of consciousness is awakening; it may be in fits and starts but it is as if we are all learning a new language of unity and connectedness, together. In 50 years our pronunciation will be a lot better!

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