4 Steps To Become Historically Significant

I wish I'd found this article further in advance of the farse we call the presidential election. ~ Noa


4 Steps To Become Historically Significant

“Let them march (vote) all they want, so long as they pay their taxes.” – General Alexander Haig

For as long as I can remember, every election was always the MOST important election ever.  I will state that this election will be the least important election ever, because the system is too far gone and will collapse no matter who gets into office.  Instead of spending time going over the myriad of systemic problems we face, I am going to do something very radical and give you something to do that will change your world forever.

Stop emotionally worrying about things outside of your control and start logically taking action on the only thing you can control… you.  The more that you can empower yourself by becoming independent of the system, the less control “they” have over you and the more you can be a blessing on to others.

“You cannot solve a problem with the same consciousness that created the problem. You must see the world anew.” Albert Einstein.

They do not control us, we empower them.  We do this with our attention, votes, debt, consumerism, ignorance, and working for collectivist organizations like corporations, military and governments that need indoctrinated individuals to sacrifice our time, talent and money through the illusion that they weave to empower a few at the top.  The solution is, and has always been in the opposite consciousness.

Two months ago I had a sit down meeting with Ron Paul and I personally asked him if he would like to be something more than a sad political footnote in history and actually become historically significant.  I told him of the story of a young Mohandas Gandhi who worked as a barrister (lawyer) inside the British Empire. He spent many years trying to bring some sort of justice to the people British ruled.  He worked hopelessly inside the systemically rigged game designed to give the illusion freedom and reform. (Very much like what we have now.)  Gandhi could have had remained a sad historical foot note (if even that) with all of his efforts, but he saw that change can NEVER come from with in the system, it logically must come from outside the system.  I then told Dr. Paul that Gandhi became historically significant when he walked away from the system and empowered others to do the same.  This approach was so effective that he lead 1 Billion people out of the British Empire’s slavery without debt or death.

I then looked at Dr. Paul in the eye and said that you can become historically significant at this unique period in history where your political career is over and you have not endorsed any candidate, to go to the millions of people out there and say, “I worked inside the system for 40 years and I have come to the simple fact that nothing will ever change inside the system.  The only way to change the system is to empower yourself to become independent of the system.”

  • Stop legitimatizing the political process.
  • Stop trusting bankers with your money.
  • Stop watching their propaganda.
  • Stop buying their goods.
  • Stop working for their collectives.
  • Stop playing monkey in the middle with the Hegelian Dialectic.
  • Walk away from the system and empower yourself.

I finished up the pitch by asking Dr. Paul if he was going to become historically significant and preach that message.  His response to me was that at the end of the day there would be defacto nullification and that he had another meeting to go to…

This November 6th, we need to stop legitimizing the system by voting for them. I think it would send a far greater message to NOT vote and show that we are no longer going to play into their fake, political, collectivist cock fight.  Any vote, for any individual, even 3rd party candidates, legitimizes the farce.  It shows the masters that we still think that we can win in their rigged game.  Deprive them of our attention and they will collapse.

More importantly, we need to stop funding our own slavery by trusting banks with our wealth.  Every dollar in the system is a vote for the debt and death paradigm.  The more wealth that you can pull out of the system, collapses their power structure and implicitly empowers you.  This is at the heart of the Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield video series.  Knowing that this debt based economic reality is unsustainable because of the fact that it MUST increase the amount of debt in the system every year in excess of the debt AND interest, must lead to a systemic collapse.  The collapse will happen when nations that don’t print their own currency, think Greece, default on the debt or when countries that DO print their own currency, think the US, simply continue to pay the amount of debt with increasingly worthless dollars.  Either way, the paradigm that is build off of this self destructive system ends.  It will come like a thief in the night and you are either ready today or you are delusional.

“It is said that men go mad in herds and only come to their senses, slowly, and one by one.” -Charles McKay

I have come to the conclusion that many in the “Truth” movement are disinformation keeping you in fear so that you NEVER become independent and empowered.  Fear leads to inaction, because you feel that the problems are too big and there is no clear sense of positive, productive action.  Fear never provides a solution and keeps people coming back for more doom and depression.  This so happens to be very good for those that rely on advertisers to feed off of the scarcity mentality and even more useful to keep those in power through controlling the opposition.  Stop listening to things that leave you depressed, fearful and angry.  There will never be a solution in that circle, I know I spent 3 years there wasting time.

The other more hidden enemy in the “Truth” movement is those offering hope within the system.  These are those people and organizations that profit off of funneling the productive energies in to collective organizations to “fight” the system.  Tea Parties, OWS, Money Bombs, Campaigns of Liberty, Million Man Marches are a WASTE of time.  They are wrong because of two fundamental reasons.

1. If the solution must be of the opposite consciousness, then NO collective organization will bring about any real change over another collective organization.  That is why for 6,000 years we have been revolving in this debt and death paradigm where one collective over throws another collective.  That collective then creates a system that is rigged to benefit those that own the system until they become the problem to be over thrown.  Simply changing the puppets does not change the collective cage.

You cannot beg at the feet of power, you have to become powerful yourself.  The opposite consciousness solution is individuals taking their energy, time and capital out of the collective system to become individually  more powerful and independent of the system.  When you embrace this Silver Bullet Silver Shield approach it has a double effect on your life by disempowering your enemy, and empowering yourself.  When enough people walk away from the system and stop holding it up, real change does happen.

2. The other problem is that resiting is still conflict and it is not of the opposite consciousness solution mindset. 

  • You cannot solve debt with more debt.
  • You cannot solve war with more war.
  • And you cannot solve collectivist problems with more collectivism.

We live in a world of 7 billion people that at any moment in time think that they are absolutely right.  If I physically push you, what will you do?  Probably push me back, harder.  What what have we been trained to consciously do in life?  Push our “absolutely” right ideas on to others and focus on our differences.  The opposite consciousness solution must be to lead by example and focus on our similarities.

 No one is ever going to save you from yourself. You are the solution and taking responsibility for your thoughts and actions is the key to becoming independent.  The question is how do you become independent?  So many people can describe the problem, but it is their solutions that matter.  And in my book if their solution is of the same consciousness of the problem, they are at least, either intellectually dishonest or at worst, disinformation purposely misleading you.

You don’t have to be a victim this rigged game or it’s mathematically inevitable collapse. You can consciously choose to walk away from this failed societal operating system and empower yourself.  I did this in 4 steps…

You cannot change the world to make yourself happy or free. 

You must change yourself to make the world happy and free.

1. Get rid of toxic thoughts. Once you understand that you are controlled by others through fear, you need to create an opposite consciousness to free yourself and embrace an abundance mentality.

What if I could tell you in a few seconds something so that you never fear or worry again?  How freeing would that be?  This isn’t some mantra to keep yourself in a dangerously deluded state.  It something truly empowering, where you can logically override the emotional triggers that are used so often to control you.  So start by asking yourself this…

Do I have a problem?

If the answer is no, then you have nothing to worry about.

If the answer is yes, then you ask yourself, can you do something about it?

If the answer is yes, then you have nothing to worry about.

If the answer is no, then you have nothing to worry about!

By now you are smiling at the utter simplicity that you never have to worry again… ever!

This step emotionally and intellectually empowers you to take the next step.

2. Get rid of Toxic People.  There are only two kinds of people in the world; those that want to be left alone and those that won’t leave you alone.  You need to physically distance yourself from these life suckers.  You know who they are… they are the ones that call you and  your heart jumps because you know some drama is coming your way.  Or you need to figure out if they are in a good mood or bad mood.  This could be your spouse, boss or neighbor.  These people are people who put a lot of negative energy in your life to keep you down and in a dependent state to them.  They are parasites, cancers and vampires to the productive, positive people around them and you need to cut them out of your life like your life depends on it.

This also has a side power of once you do cut them out, you will naturally find yourself surrounded by more positive, productive people that will encourage and support you.  This will lead to a much happier life and an abundance of opportunities.  You can actually give of yourself to a relationship and get far more in return than you could ever get with the negative social predators or worse adopting their shark mentality.

I personally took my leap of faith into this abundance mentality when I gave away my life’s work when I was most desperate.  I had spent many years researching and producing the Sons of Liberty Academy to help me out of my Depression Stage of the Awakening.  I really feel I gave my all in this project and then gave this incredible value away to the world for free.  In return I have received far more in return in blessings than I could have ever gotten with my old scarcity or fear mentality.

This step socially empowers you to the next step.

3. Get rid of Toxic Assets. I view all intangible, paper assets that have counter party risk and whose valuation depends a great deal on debt and markets functioning as toxic assets.  This is not only derivatives, but stocks, bonds, pensions, Real Estate (Watch 30 Reasons to Get Out of Real Estate) pensions, 401ks, insurance policies, etc.  If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it.  In this coming collapse, people cannot or will not make good on their promises when the world changes.  Unless you have something that has real, tangible value, you will be left holding empty promises.  The Silver Bullet and the Silver Shield goes over ALL of the reasons why I believe that silver will provide the best vehicle to create generational wealth. (Watch the Top 14 Reasons to Buy Silver.)

This step physically and financially empowers you to the final step.

4. Get rid of your Toxic Path.

“All know the way, few actually follow it.” -Bodhidharma

What we focus our energy on, is what we empower.  Take some quiet time and start really thinking about these questions.  Our consciousness is that quiet voice in our head that guides us in life.  It has been blocked out with all of the amazing amount of distractions that are common in this modern society.  But it is not difficult to find a quiet place and just be one with yourself and focus on your breathing.  I know to most of you this sounds like hokey, hippy stuff but coming from an infantry Marine background to where I am today, this stuff works.  You may have to give it a couple of time to slow down the racing thoughts but it will come. Ask yourself these questions and you will get an answer.

What is your purpose on Earth?

What do you focus your energy on?

Who are you giving your power to?

Are they worthy of it?

What is it you love doing?

Who do you love being with?

What makes people lives better?

What is going to be your legacy?

I will give you a secret to life that may help you along this path.  The are only two types of happiness you will find in life. The first is when you can rid yourself of the fear and scarcity mentality.  When you no longer fear and can provide and love without limits.  This is a very achievable thing to do if you focus your energy in this 4 step process effort.  When you throw off the wasted efforts trying to play in a rigged game surrounded by those that seek to keep you down while chasing illusionary carrots, you will find that life is a lot less complex when you focus on things you can control.

The only other happiness you will find in life is bringing someone else up to this level.  I would challenge you today to stop playing inside a rigged game and start consciously taking action to free yourself and work towards a place where you can be a blessing on to others.  Instead of pushing your ideas on to others, start leading a life worth following.  Once enough individuals become truly free they then can voluntarily cooperate in building mutually beneficial and sustainable projects that can help further empower others with a sense of stewardship.  This is a plan I am actively working towards and it is my hope that we can become historically significant.

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