The UN's Agenda 21 again - BEWARE

If you can use a very short and surprisingly comprehensive video to educate someone about Agenda 21 and how it serves the New World Order, here it is.  I was unaware of some of the implications... chilling. And I was unaware that George H.W. Bush signed the US on to the UN's Agenda 21 with no Congressional approval...


Hungary has Fallen - the Republic is Dead -- Fascist Hate State

Blink and you've missed it: Hungary is no longer a democracy. 

President János Áder has just signed away the rights of all that was left of Hungary's opposition parties after years of gutting legislative powers, crippling the free press, and eliminating all mention of a "republic" in the country's constitution.

Gray State

Watch the trailer for Gray State and you might think this film came straight out of Hollywood.  But it didn't.  Gray State is an independent film and they need donations to complete the work. It's a great depiction of what many of us know is really happening in America. Here's a brief synopsis from the website, http://graystatemovie.com/pages/white.html:

The History of Police Militarization in the US


On Monday, November 28, 2011, students at UC-Davis occupied Dutton Hall, the University's financial center, and held an all-day teach-in. Author/Journalist/Filmmaker Charles Shaw was one of the featured speakers. Here is his talk, "The History of Police Militarization in the US."



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