The Power of Frequency

In the more subtle or expanded realms, it’s all about the frequencies we radiate. Each of us is constantly radiating a wide, complex range of frequencies. These frequencies generate a unique energetic field around each of us which interacts with the frequency fields of those we meet. Some parts of the complex combination of frequencies we radiate resonate with certain frequencies of those around us. This resonance creates a dance between our energy fields. The more resonance there is between two people’s energy fields, the more meaningful are the interactions created.

The frequencies we radiate have a more subtle, yet profound impact on those around us than the words we share or physical actions we take. I want to focus more on being aware of the frequencies I’m radiating in connecting with others. Without judgment of my current state at any time, I’d like to see how much I can move towards ever more being a radiant being of love with all I meet.

The more pure and strong the frequencies we radiate, the more those around us naturally fall into harmony with what we radiate. The more I energize my unwavering intention to radiate love and support when I find myself in judgment or triggered, the more space is created for healing and transformation.

There are those who have learned how to manipulate people’s frequencies and energy fields. The weaker and more disorganized a person’s energy field is, the easier it is to manipulate. The stronger and clearer the frequencies in one’s field, the less they are affected by others and more others naturally resonate with them. So the way to avoid being manipulated is to create a strong, clear energetic field around us. Charismatic leaders are a great example of what a strong, coherent energetic field looks like.

A most powerful practice is to see how much I can radiate the frequencies of love and support even when under stress. The intense stress I experience in Bikram yoga and while doing my exercises are ideal for the practice of staying in the frequencies of love even in challenging situations. I’ve been working on that in Bikram for a while now, but I’d like to put even more focus there so that I can more easily radiate love and support in all situations.

An infinite number of frequencies is always available inside of each of us. We have choice as to which we focus on and feed. Clarity of intention combined with the intensity of passion behind the intention greatly determines the strength and harmony of the frequencies we emit and in our energy field in general.

How we receive and interact with the radiations of those with whom we interact plays and important role in how reality manifests for us. When we resist and judge the radiations of those around us, the energy becomes muddy and the shadow realms come into play. These times can be potent teachers for us. Yet when our frequencies dance and harmonize with each other, magic becomes available and sometimes even inevitable.

A great practice for personal growth and strengthening our energy fields is to imagine a person or group we have major challenges with. It might be a lover who jilted us, a parent or sibling, Donald Trump or Obama, Republicans or Democrats — anyone who we resist or loathe in some way. Consider that though we may not like or support the behavior of these people or groups, every being in their core is divine and worthy of our love and nurturance. To create more love and harmony, we can imagine the person or group we loathe and do our best to observe how our energy fields react. Then we can choose to separate out the behavior we don’t like from the divine soul within and focus on shifting our energy to more expanded frequencies which create greater love and harmony for all. It may not be easy, but the results can be powerful and magical.

Starmonkey's picture

Thanks, Fred. I was reminded of that a few months back revisiting Masaru Emoto's work with water molecules. We can even "bless" our food and water, places, etc....
It shows how our thoughts and feelings create our reality, and the more you spend in certain vibrations, the more likely they are to be your daily bread.
And EVERYBODY is just trying to "play the game" and "survive" (chakra #ONE)...
So, don't "hate" the player, "hate" the game! But I'm all for those of us already waking up to play a different game. Encourage others there are other ways!

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Yes, Starmonkey. We are creating a new game here on planet Earth. It's quite exciting! I think eventually the ones playing the old game will get bored and realize we're having more fun. Then we'll really see some big changes. Enjoy!

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