Poem: "Communicating is Making Love"

Can you feel the heart song
woven between the lines
of the simple words we use?

Communicating is making love,
the core of it
so fresh and honest,
surrounded by all these actions.

How can I tell you I love you
without saying a word?

If you listen to the wind
forever, and then a bit longer,
you might be able to hear me
whispering your name.

Eventually you would hear it,
but it would be so much easier
for me to simply tell you.

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Hi, JaiMe, this is so beautiful!  Thank you for posting your poems! 

I have to admit that I don't do well with most poetry so even though I honor you for sharing, and I read every word, I just don't know what to say in response to your sharing of your heart.  It's like all I can do is quietly pay you honor and respect for something that I know is beautiful and wonderous, but just can't speak in the same language myself. 

Today, this speaks to me loudly - like a megaphone.  LOL.  Namaste.

Lots of love,


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Glad you enjoyed it, and I would say it is rare that anyone responds to my poems although people are certainly reading them. That is great though, because one of the things I really want to do with it is cultivate inner silence, so it must be working :) Blessings!

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Hi JaiMe,

I am one who also reads - and enjoys - yet doesn't reply to your poems.   It seems like such an intimate and vulnerable thing to share a poem.   To reply would - in my book - require great care and respect.   Appreciation felt through art is very hard sometimes to put into words.    Perhaps I am not the only one to feel this way? 

Thank you for sharing your wonderful poems here. 

With Love,


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which after some thought i've decided to remove! blessings and keep up the lovely work JaiMe.

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Oh Kristyne – I ‘m sorry to read that you removed your old poem this morning!    I loved your poem – it resonated deeply.   (Expressions touching upon unrequited love get me every time.) 


What you did is such a striking example of what I said earlier.  “To post a poem is an intimate and vulnerable thing to do.”   It obviously must have caused you some discomfort – enough for you to come back and remove it.   Showing the true depth of where those words originated.  


Thank you for sharing it for the time you did.  It was beautiful.


With Love,


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that it may have caused others discomfort Mary, as it seemed to stop the conversation! I didn't want to bring up anything negative for anyone else or detract from Jaime's work.

For me, the experience was one of learning. People come to us when we need them for lessons about ourselves. Some stay, some go, but the lesson remains what's important. Almost ten years of loving him taught me how wide and deep my heart is. Though we've gone different ways, I'll always hold space for him and pray his life brings him what he needs.

(yes, it is intimate to post from the heart~but since your comment, I'll put it back)


Fascinated by words but want them not

Love's mystery lies in silence,

not in language

Love has a rhythm and meter of it's own

how do i hold you with only letters on a page

three hunderd thirty five days since you have held me

and still you hold me too close

heart bleeding in your hands

only a man, how do you haunt my dreams

fill my waking hours

knowing, knowing what you do to me

do not tell me you do not know

you are aware of the knot you tie up my heart with

you feel it in the pit of your stomach

the distance eats us both up~

you only blame it on chocolate.   kristyne 

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I don't think you stopped the conversation out here Kristyne.   Assuming that many others are experiencing some of the same shifts I am going through.... I think it is just a "group" turning inward has caused a lull in the usual postings.     In Billy's post - Something big is coming... well - I think that is true - but on so many different levels that it's impossible to talk about.    I have this joyous, and expectant sense of waiting... a feeling that when the conversation does start up again out here..... it will be a different form of communication...somehow.    I could be wrong.... but I will patiently await when this forum cycles through this quiet part and begins to pick up speed again.   It's always so interesting when it does!

Meanwhile we can all sit quietly together - knowing we are all still connected by this forum.

Hope to see you all again soon!

With Love,


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