Let This Be the Call

Here are two powerful poems by social commentary writer and poet, Anthony Anaxagorou. 

1.  The video presentation, On Exit can be found on his website:  http://anthonyanaxagorou.com/post/8778459039/new-spoken-word-piece-on-exit  Unfortunately, I was unable to find the written words to On Exit anywhere on the web.


Poem: "Communicating is Making Love"

Can you feel the heart song
woven between the lines
of the simple words we use?

Communicating is making love,
the core of it
so fresh and honest,
surrounded by all these actions.

How can I tell you I love you
without saying a word?

If you listen to the wind
forever, and then a bit longer,
you might be able to hear me
whispering your name.

Eventually you would hear it,
but it would be so much easier
for me to simply tell you.

Poem: Overcoming Adversity

The hardships we face,
the troubles we live
are dramas unfolding
telling the story
of our souls.

Every small choice,
every direction
creates a grand movement
through the cosmos
of being.

Light in the darkness
tends to be the exception
rather than the rule,
so rare
and far away
when we look out
on all we can see.

But some lights
shine so intensely
we can see them glowing
from the other side
of the observable universe.

Poem: The Spark In My Eyes (Will Never Die)

Something is always trying
to crush the spark in my eyes,
trying to wear me down slowly
until it disappears forever.

Trying to wear me down
with routines,
with values,
with cold expectations
that pretend they are loving,
until there's nothing left.

Trying to convince me
that none of it is real,
the things I know in my heart,
the dreams I want to create in life,
the things that come out
through this spark in my eyes.

A Thank You: Free Poetry E-Book

I wanted to offer the community a free pdf copy of my second poetry collection, "Just Like You", while I still have my university webspace, which will expire in several weeks. The link to download it is:


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Poetry: "The Magnificent Teacher"

The magnificent teacher
runs through all of us,
in our blood,
in our ways,
in every thing we do.

Deep inside the mystery
hidden deep inside ourselves,
all of the truths
and all of the lies
become merely a lesson plan.

What are we doing
in this strange school,
and who's running this madhouse

Only the Friend
that we see in the mirror,
only this wine
that we hold in our hand.

When Creation First Split

When creation first split,
mother and father
looked upon each other
and said,
"How beautiful we are!
We must make more
like ourselves
so that we can witness
more of this perfect beauty!"

And this way,
in the grand union,
in a love so great,
unfolding infinitely,
all the universes were born.

God Has Faith

I could not go on,
it was too difficult.

I was loosing the world
and there was nothing
that I could do
to stop it.

So I called out
in desparation
for the creator
to help me,
to bring me out
of this hell
that I had made.

Paradise Found Inside

So much beauty
surrounds me
in this world,
it takes my very breath,
it suspends all my thinking:

There is only this love
for all things
and thanks
for being alive,

Some people call that
I just call it
living life.

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