Musing on the Sacred Feminine

Good morning.  I'm still vibrating from yesterday's chat about the Wingmakers, and the invitation to follow-up with some of the thoughts I had about the artwork at the WM site has had me musing about the principle of the Sacred Feminine and what it means for those of us who embody the Sacred Masculine principle.  Obviously the ideal is integration and unity, and I'd agree that most men could use a crash-course in the holiness of their relationship with Woman.  I think there's a great deal more to the paintings than my first impressions, but their message is emphatic:  Woman as source, woman as inspiration, woman as channel to truth, and woman as nexus of life.  So where does that leave us guys?  It's not an unimportant question.

This morning I happened across one of Prof. Makow's screeds against feminism, which erupt from his pen as regular as Old Faithful.  While I refuse to be engaged in the theatrics invited by the arguments he sets forth, he makes some good points.  Makow's basic thesis can be summed up:  the man represents power, the woman represents love.  Man's place is to provide for and protect the family, and woman's place is to nurture it.  In Makow's view, the worldwide conspiracy promotes feminism and sodomy as ways of emasculating the world's men.

Nevermind that this argument contradicts what we know of early societies or that no one fits neatly into the boxes that Makow would like to place us in.  His arguments are archetypical.

Makow typifies the "reaction" to feminism.  His arguments suggest to me that most men have very little understanding of what it means to be either male or female.  Men think that their every move and motive is intended by nature to be governed by their gonads - what a former wife of mine referred to as CTP or chronic testosterone poisoning.

A man who is nothing but a warrior and hunter is only half a man.  Likewise, a woman who is only a mother is not living to her potential.  Being equal means being equivalent, not identical.  It's obvious to anyone with a brain larger than a salamander's, that neither is worth much without the other, both biologically and emotionally.  As we men explore the mystery of the Sacred Feminine, we are that much better able to expand our awareness of the Sacred Masculine - not just its power and assertiveness but its tenderness and virtue.


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