Oh, Gentle Man...what do you see when you look out at me with eyes of desire and longing?
Eyes that reach out and surround me with your heat and passion...Passion of Wanting
Eyes that say "I must have You" - Eyes that Plead..or Eyes that Lust - Eyes that say "I've been lonely so Long"

Oh, Gentle Man, do not look at me with these Eyes
Go to the Looking Glass with these Eyes
Relief awaits you There
And when you see the Conquerer..the Knight..the Hungry Man
Tell that one to lay down his Sword
And surrender his Armor and Shield
Tell him the war is Done
Then put your arm around his Shoulder
And look him in the Eyes
...and when his Sword...his Armor...his Shield
Are locked and put Away
And he has cried and called you..."Brother"

Then Gentle Man...You may come to Me
With your Soul's Light shining from behind your Eyes
Able to see the Light and Essence that I Am
Then I will look Back
When I see the love and respect in your Eyes
But when I see desperation and Lust ... or a need to conquer and Own
I Promise You This ... I Will Look Away

Oh, Gentle Man...How would you give your gifts to Me?
Excitedly, like a child who picks a flower for Mother
Then runs inside to receive her praise?
Would you give to me to show how thoughtful and kind you are?
How generous you can be?
To impress me with your charm?
To win my love and reward?
Would you give what you think I want?
With hope for pardon and mercy...
That you be deemed worthy of all my attention and love?

Oh Gentle Man..please take these gifts to your Magical Child
Who awaits...so lonely and afraid in your Garden
For he is in need of your caring and Presence
Take this child to your Chest
Cradle him, stroke him, shower him..and be Sincere
Alas...when he sleeps in your arms...lay him down Softly
And climb the stairs to my Room
And..if you see the Light of my Soul and the Beauty that I Am
And wish to honor me with a flower, a poem, a sweet word, or a Kiss
Then give to me with Sincerity
Without the need for flourish...without the expectation or hope of Reward
But with quiet Dignity
With which you sniff the aroma of a sweet-scented flower
Or watch in peaceful awe the setting of the Sun
And the rising of the Moon

Oh Gentle Man, please burden me not with the weight of your Esteem
Or with the power to give or destroy your Joy
Your heart...your image and Worth
For this responsibility is far too great for Me
Go find your peace and happiness..your self esteem and Love
Find them in the flowers and the Trees
In the wind and in the Stars
Find them with Goddess and with God
Then bring them with you for Sharing
Do not make me your reason for Living and Dying
My approval the source of your Power
My touch your Salvation...my eyes your Self-knowing
For I will grow to despise you
.....and you would resent and loathe Me

This power that you would give Me
I truly do not Want
At best, it could only serve to soothe the doubts I Hold
And make me feel important to You...And needed and Worthy
Filled with a false sense of purpose...but Fleetingly
And you would imprison me away from my own sense of Essence
And from the Truth of my Soul
.....and from my Power and Light
And from the Goddess that I Am

You would cripple me, Surely
Admiring me with your eyes that hide Loneliness and Need
Your gifts that beg for Approval
Your words of praise that hide your Desperation

Oh Gentle Man...until the child sleeps and is peaceful in your Garden
And the knight has lain down his Sword, his Armor, his Shield
Then, only then..approach my Stairs
And only then will I meet you Halfway
When your Soul is present and shining brightly through eyes of Love

Then you will see my eyes shining and looking back at You
When you give from your heart and your words are not Boasting

And when you know who you are without Me
Then I will be free to receive You
And to give to you fully my Love

For then we will know that neither of us can be Destroyed
The surrender that can only Come
To two who first have surrendered to Self
To their own inner Beauty and Wisdom
...and Essence Divine will be Ours
Then side by side..in Blended Light
Our Twin Stars will shine..Once Again
Once Again ♥


"truly beautiful resenates with me and adds in reflexting"

That is a very nice poem and resonates with me a great deal.  I looked into Amorah's website and it seems interesting.  It all doesn't resonate with me, but it is quite nice nonetheless.  I was wondering if you or anyone knows where she got her name, Amorah Quan Yin from.


Quan Yin happens to be my favorite of all of the spiritual beings that I've come across.  I saw part of an encounter that Amorah says she had with her, but it doesn't explain how she adopted the name.  Thanks for the poem.  I think it was exactly what I needed.

Very beautiful...it oozes with truth.

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<3 yes


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