Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light & Dark

Found this in Sal Rachele's channeling section on his website:

Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light and Dark
Received by Sal Rachele
April 19, 2005

Greetings, beloveds! In the light of the Radiant One, in the Unconditional Love of the One True God, I once again greet you and send you my blessings and energy.

A couple of weeks ago, I brought a message through this channel that upset
many of you. Some of you even went so far as to think you were not getting
the help you need on your path. The memories of abandonment and the fear
of this repeating itself is still within your soul records as it was imprinted
in the Akashic as part of your experience of separation from God.

Let me assure you that this is illusion. Although all soul experiences
are valid and real from the perspective of the individual soul, you remain
safely tucked in the arms of God. You have always been and will always be
safe in the Heart of God. You may dream of terror and abandonment, but this
is not the truth. Beloveds, today my desire is for you to awaken from such
dreams. They are the dreams of sorrow and misery.

You have not been abandoned. You are not exiled on a “penal colony” world
of war and strife, destined to live out your days in abject poverty, slavery
and manipulation by forces outside your control. Dismiss these beliefs today.
They are not the truth, even though they appear to be very real.

The battle between the light forces and the dark forces is a battle of
one illusion against another. Such illusions will continue to dance and
play upon your mind for as long as you entertain them. In my books, “A Course
In Miracles” I spent several hundred pages underscoring this fundamental
truth. Perhaps you would do well to review that material and the many others
I have brought forth over the last two thousand years.

I am not hidden and obscure. I do not couch myself in vague and misleading
terms. I am not distant and aloof, reserved only for the few who are lucky
enough to receive my dispensation. No, I am available to all and offer my
love and my services freely and without reservation. When I stated that
I do not meddle in the political and economic affairs of Earth, I did not
in any way intend that to be interpreted as not caring for each and every
one of you.

If you go back and reread my earlier message, you will find that my love
and my concern are very much evident. It is out of my great love for you
that I caution you about accepting messages that have subtle undertones of
fear and judgment laced within them. I do not, and have NEVER judged any
of you as unworthy or undeserving. I do not unfairly criticize any of my
channels and messengers. I do not attempt to discredit any valid information.
I only ask that you look deeper within yourselves and realize that my dispensation
does not include blatant interference in your financial, business and political

Every day the energy on your planet is increasing. You are becoming more
and more of what you already are – pure light and unconditional love. You
are awakening to what has always been – that you are loved by your Creator
more than you can possibly imagine. Your Creator would never snatch from
you that which is truly precious and necessary to your evolution as individual
souls. Any illusions of being rescued from your plight are just that – illusions.
We of the Confederation do not rescue anyone because you are not in need
of rescuing
. You are in need of enlightenment. Enlightenment will solve ALL
your problems. There is not one picture of misery, pain, despair, depression
or sadness upon your world that will not be healed by enlightenment.

I feel I must address this issue of NESARA that some of your people are
attempting to implement on your planet. I will say that the vision of creating
an economic system that ensures prosperity and plenty for all is not misguided.
You have the creative power and ability to raise every person on your planet
into a state of cornucopia and plenty. However, until the mass consciousness
of your planet is raised sufficiently to allow this to happen, you will be
met with resistance from those who still believe in scarcity and limitation.
This does not mean you cannot create peace and prosperity, but you will
find that in the days and years to come, some will join your efforts and
some will not.

The issue of economic prosperity does not involve direct intervention by
members of the Confederation. This would be in violation of the prime directive
of non-interference. The new dispensation and Divine Intervention is accomplished
from within. It does not involve direct military maneuvering or economic
manipulation. It does not involve our members running for office or materializing
in military offices or corporate boardrooms. The beings responsible for beaming
humans aboard spacecraft and materializing into military installations are
not members of the Confederation. For your information, many are souls from
other star systems. Some are benevolent and some are not. Many are from the
Sirius B star system and are attempting to atone for mistakes they made during
times past on your planet. Some are from the Zeta Reticulus star system,
popularly known on your world as the “greys.” There are others from Andromeda
and Orion.

This is why I continually urge discernment. Although many of these beings
are not hostile, some of them are. You cannot blindly believe any entity
just because they use my name or the name of another celestial entity, such
as Enoch, Melchizedek, Metatron or Mother Mary. The genuine celestial beings
are real and are highly evolved Lords of Light assigned specific roles within
the Universal spiral of evolution. These great souls will NEVER send you
energy that resonates on a level of fear or coercion
. They are enveloped
in the Creator’s 100% unconditionally loving light. They NEVER create division
or separation
. They do not judge anyone or anything as being less deserving
of the Creator’s Love
. All of Creation is loved unconditionally by the Creator.
There are NO EXCEPTIONS. Your Hitlers, your Saddams, your Stalins, they
are all equally loved by God.

Beloveds, the day will come when you love all of Creation with the same
impartial and fair love that your Creator has for you. You will look upon
those who are lost and wandering in darkness with the same love you hold for
family members dear to you.

Darkness is an absence of light. It is not a separate force to be reckoned
with. It only appears to be an opposing force when you are caught in the
web of duality. The negative ETs that control the governments and economic
systems of your world are allowed to remain in that place by fear and deception.
When you raise your vibration to the level of the fifth dimension, they disappear,
as all illusions do, into the nothingness from whence they came. Souls that
adhere to principles of fear, manipulation and control may, for a time,
appear to guide and direct your world. I assure you their days are numbered.
They are numbered because you will awaken to the truth of your being and
laugh at the absurdity of their agenda. Even your physical bodies will transcend
their agenda
. These holy temples or vessels you inhabit can be fed directly
by God’s unconditionally loving light. They do not need food or even water.
For a time they need breath, but even that is temporary. You will immortalize
these vehicles and use them wherever and whenever you need them. They will
not be at the effect of the environment or the so-called “dark forces.”

Beloveds, the dark forces have no power unless you give them power through
your belief in their agenda. Today, stop giving them power and watch their
kingdom wither away. Begin living the truths you feel deep within your being.
As you live your truths, you will find opportunities for real economic,
political and social change. Do not give up your hopes and dreams, but realize
that your personal enlightenment will do more to manifest your dreams than
any outer proposed solution. Many of the institutions of your world must
fall away before the new can be implemented. Do not be afraid of this. It
is an inevitable part of the awakening process. Illusions must fall away,
for only truth remains.

Listen to these words, use discernment, and open your hearts to the truth
of your being. Let not one illusion fall upon your holy mind to mar the
beauty of Creation. On behalf of the Confederation, I am Sananda. Blessings
to all.

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Though I generally don't pay much attention to channeled material, I found this piece to be very good. For me, it's so not about any battle or about being saved. For those who want to know more about NESARA, check out http://www.wanttoknow.info/nesara. I find that it's another savior plan we don't need. All the love and wisdom we will ever need is right here inside of us. May we all support each other in opening ever more to the sacred places within and connecting from that place.

With abundant love and joy,

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I just love the material Sal brings through, I read a whole lot of it for the interview I did and find him to just be super grounded and direct. Thanks again :)

maryc's picture

Dear Fred,

I AM of the same mind as you on this ( it may be we are ALL of the same mind).

I believe All We Need Is Love!


Sanat Kumara's picture

My Thought´s are like fredburks, generally I don't pay much attention to channeled materials, listen to your heart, or discus this kind of topics whit friend/friends whom also are in to spirituality. Tongue out

Love, Peace & Understanding

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You wont catch me posting too much channeled material for the very reason mentioned, and also, it many times becomes such a private intimate matter that should be part of one's own very personal journey of discovery, but this one resonated so strongly with me, aligning with so many other very synchronous pieces of info from so many good sources right now.  Some thing wonderful is happening, and it does not come with a savior, unless we understand the savior to be ourselves and functioning co-creators with this One thing we all are.  And besides, saviors are for those who truly lost something.  This is impossible in this construct....

There is an amazing common message that is coming from the newly incarnating indigo and crystal children here to help lead humanity during this somewhat parabolic curve of evolutionary growth.  As Drunvalo Melchizedek said in one of his talks, the universe is doing something it has never done before (this particular universe anyway) - it is speeding things up.  What would have normally taken a few million years will happen in days.

Okay, the question is, if you knew you were an Emissary of Love/Light, what would you do right now?"  "Okay, Ready?" "Begin"  this is what this new breed of psychic very gifted children say they are here to do, to send out "the wake up to your True co-creator Self" call.

From the info I am coming across, we need do little more than trust and just be on board and stay out of our own way.  We are already whole.  We have not ever been diminished in the slightest.  We are literally Sacred, inviolable, unassailable.  These kids are teaching the collective us these things so we might wake up to the fact that we ARE these children too!  Just thinly veiled for reasons unimportant.  Our waking means the surrender of anything in the way of that Reality, and we have many many allies cheering us on, but it is we who must awaken.  It is in accord with free will, law of confusion and non-intervention.  What is happening is natural.  That is how I like to see it.....

Thank you for your comments that are so on the money!!!

Love/Light, and Peace with no opposite, Chris

p.s. darkness is a choice, not a condition.....

dualism is fading as we speak.....

understanding is coming like a beautiful sunrise....

this time round, its about "Being", not "doing"

I love and appreciate you all so very much....

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Rock´n RollCool

Love, Peace & Understanding

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Hi Chris and Berry

I've been studying the Law of One material for a while (I'm in the middle of book 2) and it does resonate well with me. But I don't think I get the real meaning of this law of confusion that was just mentioned in your (Chris') last post. Could either one of you ellaborate a bit on it?

With lots of love and a little bit of confusion,


ChrisBowers's picture

When I read the Law of One books and came across that I had the same hmmmm feeling you are talking about.  What I get from Ra bringing that up (and remember as priority to any discussion that words are symbols of symbols, therefore twice removed from a Reality that words could never fully/completely describe, for they are distortions), in line with the primary law of free will which includes a very healthy practice of non-intervention by those further along in understanding, is that everyone has an inalienable free will right to there own particular brand of confusion they use for their own very personal and unique experiential journey at this level.

I have to assume that this has much to do with the fact that you are already a completely matured whole Being co-Creator equal to and balanced with others you would, from this particular vantage point, consider to be further along on some linear path.  At the same time that you sense your own particular brand of confusion, you are concurrently already enlightened and have never not been, if you get my drift....

This leaves the experience of confusion a sacred free will decision of each one of us manifested fractals on the event horizon of experiencing new things.  Let's face it, this One Infinite Creator is a hog for a constant stream of new data turning in like the motion of a black hole and then radiating out in new manifestation.  Words fail me in feeble attempt to describe, as they should, for they are twice removed.  No wonder we are instructed by so many erudites to get out of our heads and into our hearts....

Love/Light and Peace with no opposite, Chris

Berry's picture


Since you are in the process of reading the Law of One, you will already have noticed that Don sometimes asks questions of Ra which rather than answer directly and sometimes at all, Ra will say that they will not provide an answer to those questions for it would impinge on the Law of Confusion (Free Will)  At times they will suggest that Don or others in the group should take time in meditation and contemplation, seeking within for the answer to that question.

What they are doing is preserving the entities ability to seek and find their own particular truth regarding that subject rather than being given a statement of information which may or may not be truth for that entity. In otherwords, there is no absolute truth which is identically true for every person, except that of Oneness of All That Is.   As Chris  so aptly said, this also provides for variety of experience for the Creator as each entity is unique and experiences things uniquely as none other would expience it.

Also because we in third density are behind the Veil of Forgetfulness and are unable to "remember" where we come from, and that total oneness of everything, this is another cause for the "confusion" which we experience in the 3d existance.


With Light and Love brightening the dark side


NormaDeLara's picture

Chris and Berry

First, I'd like to thank you both for having recommended The Law of One so strong and enthusiastically. I couldn't resist the curiosity and I do find this material fascinating as within my heart and in my daily life I'm able to recognize pieces of truth expressed throughout the book.

From your different answers I got the same idea, that confusion is something we are entitled to (what others would call), our own specific kind of craziness, without which we wouldn't stand a chance of making sense of this world and finding our place/function in it. In fact, we do have some proverbs/sayings in Portuguese concerning this, maybe that's why now it's starting to sound quite reasonable to me...

With lots of joy, gratitude and appreciation for your constant energy and comments that keep  this as such a beautiful portal,



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Lord Sananda - Choose Once Again
Received by Sal Rachele
April 6, 2006

Greetings, beloveds, it is I, Sananda, coming before you with a general
message to the lightworkers of Earth. As you probably know, I work with thousands
of souls in the 3D world, through various channels and methods of delivery.
In times past I have spoken on the need for discernment and protection.
Today’s message is a little different; it has to do with diligence and persistence.

This is a difficult time on planet Earth for many of you. Some of you are
telling me that you’ve been following my advice and praying for more light
to come to Earth and yet you feel stuck, you feel your lives are not moving
forward the way that you want them to. I say this: How diligently are you
calling forth the light of your own God Presence? How sincerely and deeply
are you asking for enlightenment?

In times past, students of spirituality spent decades in secluded facilities,
monasteries, temples, convents and such, in the hopes they could be single-focused
on God. Today you live in a world of instant gratification, and if something
takes more than 10 minutes a day for a week you get impatient.

Beloveds, how long have you wandered in darkness? Think about it for a
moment. How many lifetimes have you spent in bondage to your egos? How many
lifetimes have you misunderstood the laws of karma, grace, forgiveness,
giving and receiving and balance? How many times have you belittled yourselves,
perhaps unconsciously? Even now, how many of you still use expressions like
“This is killing me,” or “Stupid me, why did I do that?”

It takes patience and diligence to overcome the illusions of this world,
dear ones. Many of you, including this channel, have been impatient with
yourselves and others. The paradox is, things are speeding up on your planet.
Your thoughts are manifesting ever more quickly and completely. You are coming
into your power. Yet at the same time, many of you still doubt your own abilities,
you doubt that the process of manifestation is unfolding perfectly according
to Divine principle. Oh ye of little faith, what is it going to take before
you truly understand?

I have said before, “Where do you put your allegiance?” Are you still basing
your happiness on your bank account or your spouse or friends or family?
They have free will as you do. They can accept or reject you. You have no
control over their free will decisions, just as I have no control over yours.
One of your movies, called “Bruce Almighty,” demonstrates the limitations
of trying to overcome free will. In this delightful movie a neophyte is given
the powers of God but quickly realizes that with all his infinite power,
he cannot make another human being love him. Therefore, those of you who
have emotionally invested yourselves in what your family, friends or lovers
think of you, it is time to let that one go. You are not here on Earth to
please others. You are here to serve others. There is a vast difference.
Sometimes those who have the hardest time with you are the ones being served
and serving in the highest capacity. And vice versa, you may have many who
love you as long as you are fulfilling their image of who you should be,
but as soon as you truly listen to your heart, they no longer find you as
charming. Can any of you relate to what I am saying?

Those of you who do not have time for spirituality, remember this: Where
you place your focus, that is what you manifest. If you are working a job
you do not like because you think it is the only way to “earn” a living,
let me remind you that God gave you life without any reservations; there
is nothing to “earn.” Yes, your world is set up to keep all of you working
like busy bees so the people at the top of the pyramid can indulge in their
luxuries. I need not remind you of the foolishness of this game, no matter
where you are on the pyramid. For a while longer, you will play this game,
but very soon this game will be changing drastically. This world is no longer
going to be ruled by a few power-hungry individuals. Why? Because YOU are
changing your consciousness and as a result, this world is increasing in
vibration. Do you really think it will just magically ascend without your
participation? YOU are the vital ingredient necessary for this world to ascend.
Without YOU, the powers that be will continue to have their way. Okay, maybe
their little game will be interrupted by the ending of the Grand Cycle and
the resulting Earth Changes, but after the dust settles, they will be back
to continue their tomfoolery – unless YOU and your brothers and sisters awaken
to your magnificence in this lifetime, right now, just as you are, with
your various challenges and difficulties.

Today, this very moment, it is time to stop indulging in idle thoughts
and allowing your ego to rule the roost. Today, now, it is time to put a
stop to the chattering and worrying and anxiety. You CAN do this. You have
my help. I am here to assist you every step of the way. Many of you that
have joined the mystery school have been doing the exercises and lessons
faithfully and you are noticing a difference.

Subconsciously, some of you are still waiting for the spaceships to land
and whisk you away so you don’t have to face the challenges of this world.
I am sorry to disappoint you but our Confederation does not operate in that
manner. We need you on the Earth to help heal and lift her into the majesty
and beauty that is her destiny. We cannot do this for you. You cannot do
it if you are waiting to be beamed up. It’s time to roll up your sleeves
and get to work. Make it a joyful work. Make service your happiness. There
is no greater joy than to help others. Discover this for yourselves; do not
take my word for it. Take time, today, to really get clear on your part in
this cosmic drama. I can assure you it is NOT working a job you do not enjoy
in the mistaken belief that your sustenance comes from a weekly paycheck.
I can assure you that the approval of your family is insignificant when your
soul is held back from expressing as a result of seeking approval.

If ANY part of your life is out of balance, if your body is not healthy,
if your finances are not harmonious, if your relationships are in conflict,
then it is necessary to go deeper within and look honestly at your self
and your priorities. It is time to choose once again. It is time to come
to God with an open heart and mind. It is time to humble yourselves before
God and ask sincerely for that which you truly desire. I am here to guide
you and help you. I am your elder brother and I have overcome this world.
Now it is YOUR turn to overcome it by loving it unconditionally, including
all its people, especially your so-called leaders in their time of illusion.
Love them, bless them, pray for them, see them moving into the light. Let
go of your self-righteous anger towards them. Collectively, you have all
placed these people in power. They are a reflection of something within your
own consciousness. Be willing to look honestly at the places within you that
you have withheld from God’s loving light. When you can love all people unconditionally,
without reservation, you will see a very different world. You will KNOW then
that you are the light of this world and that nobody can put a bushel basket
over your light. It will stand clear and bright and it will shine into the
darkest corners of this world, and nothing will be able to assail it. Know
this today, beloveds. You are all truly blessed. I AM Sananda.

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that there are some hard and fast fundamentals concerning this amazing construct, how it works based upon a relatively simple (but so profound) design, but that each one's journey of re-discovery/re-cognition is utterly unique and sacred.  To be told something that you would have ultimately discovered in your own unique way is paramount to theft....  it was always interesting to see what Ra would decide is okay to discuss and what was breaking the fundamental rule of non-intervention and law (or divine right) of confusion.  Even what we consider to be reactive is actually proactive.  Nothing else is happening but proactive conscious/subconscious intent.  We have been fooling ourselves while Reality serenely remains Reality, unmoved/unaltered by our mental machinations and rationalizations in this particular experience of emerging lifeforms....

to borrow from the words of the Founders from Sal Rachele's "channeled messages" section

(from Channeled Messages from the Founders Australia Workshop Part 1
Received by Sal Rachele October 1, 2006)

"Your Universe is composed of 12 densities. Each of these densities has
its own unique set of rules and principles that govern that realm of Creation.
In addition, there are universal laws and principles that apply to all densities
and dimensions simultaneously, and we will go into some of them."

"When you became individual souls, you emerged out of the Godhead. You had
a blueprint – a big plan – a part of the Divine Plan – already encoded within
you. You had 12 densities already encoded within you. You had a Self, or
an aspect, for each of the 12 densities of Creation, and you had encoded
within you a way of perceiving each of the 12 densities. Dear ones, the higher
densities, which you call eight through twelve, are what are known as “collective
soul levels” or “collective consciousness levels.” When you are in densities
eight through twelve, it is as if you are evolving back into the Godhead,
but in reality there is no such thing as evolving back into the Godhead because,
using the analogy of the child being born, as the child grows up, does he
try to get back into his mother’s womb as he grows up? Hopefully not, and
if he does try to get back into his mother’s womb, this is a severe psychological
disorder, is it not? And yet, as that child grows up, he becomes more and
more like his parents. He begins to look more and more like them, speak
more and more like them, talk more and more like them, and he goes out into
the world and does many of the things his parents do. He understands what
his parents understand."

"So as you evolve from eighth to twelfth density, you become more and more
like your Creator – like your Divine Parents. So evolution in its natural
state goes from individuality at the seventh density, which is how you are
born as an individual soul – you come into what is called seventh density
as an individual soul, and you begin evolving and growing through 8th, 9th,
10th, 11th and 12th densities. When you reach the level of 12th density,
you become known as a Creator God – you are able to create like your Parents
– you become a God in your own right, capable of creating entire universes.
In fact, you DO create universes. In God’s one infinite Universe are many
hundreds of thousands of other universes that are the creations of those
aspects of the Godhead that have reached 12th density. As individual souls,
many of those universes are available for you to explore. So in other words,
we your elder brothers on the path – if you want to use that expression (it
is a meaningless expression to us, but it may have value to you, so we will
use it) – we as your elder brothers on the path, have created many wonderful
things for you to grow into and experience as you evolve towards us – as
you evolve and expand your awareness."

"There is an infinite amount of Universe available to explore, so you never
have to be concerned with running out of things to explore. Learning is
a continuous process even for us. You may think that as 12th density souls
we have completed our learning process, but that is not so. Learning is an
infinite process as is growing and evolving – and that is the beauty of it
– that is the majesty of it."

L/LP, Chris

p.s. a direct quote from Mark Hempel's (webmaster of WingMakers/Lyricus website) interview with "James", "you must bear some responsibility for your own confusion".  This is enlightening/liberating because it dispels the illusion that confusion is somehow some outside force attacking us...

here is the first part of 12 of that interview (the quote is from part 7)

YouTube - James Wingmakers Interview Part 1/12

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The Founders on Healing the World
Received by Sal Rachele
November 5, 2005

Questioner: Everywhere I look in this world I see people
suffering. So many people have given up hope and are living lives of quiet
desperation, to quote a famous psychologist. The problem seems so overwhelming
I don’t know where to start. I’ve been told it only takes one person to
change the world, but if that’s true, why hasn’t it worked? You beings are
supposed to be 12th-dimensional. If you’re so high and mighty how come YOU
haven’t healed the world? And don’t give me that tired old free will crap.

The Founders: Thank you, beloved Creator, for this most excellent
question. We have three answers for you, a “short-short”, a “short” and a
very long version. Unfortunately, the very long answer cannot fit in the space
requirements of this medium, your Internet, without a little tweaking, and
most of you cannot stay present for the duration, so we’ll start with the
short-short and then move on to the short answer.

The shortest answer can be boiled down to two words, “trust God.” We call
this our one dollar advice because a version of it is printed on the American
one dollar bill. We recognize your need for a more detailed answer, however,
and so we’ve come up with the short version.

First of all, you must realize that healing your world is a most difficult
task, even for those of us that are, as you termed it, high and mighty.
That’s the reality of the situation and it’s important to face reality,
lest you detour into denial and airy-fairy philosophy. The reality of the
situation is that this is a fallen planet and it has been fallen for a very
long time, and just in the last 50 years there has been a movement within
the Godhead and within us and others to give extra assistance to this world
to help lift it out of a very dark place. To answer the question of why
this is a fallen world and how it got to be so requires the very long version
of the answer to your question.

Next, although it is true that there is much suffering on your world, things
are not as bleak as they appear to be. In fact, in many ways things are
improving greatly. As your awareness increases, you become more and more
aware of just how far you have fallen as a collective group of souls, and
so things may seem to be getting worse instead of better.

You began this experiment a very long time ago of coming into biological
life forms; i.e., incarnating, and it was very soon after beginning this
process that you began to feel trapped by these bodies you inhabit. Many
of you spent lifetimes not even realizing you were souls inhabiting bodies.
You thought you were these bodies, or perhaps you were enlightened enough
to think you were your mind. It is just in the last 30 years or so that many
of you have begun to realize that you are far more than your body-mind complex.

You have been told that you change the world one person at a time, beginning
with those closest to you. However, you have also been told you cannot change
another person due to (and here’s that dreaded phrase) free will. Furthermore,
you have been given what we call a fourth-level truth that says what you
see outside yourself is a reflection of what is within. And so your task,
beloved Creators, has been to go within and find all the parts of yourself
that are in opposition to God’s limitless love and power, and bring those
parts to the light to be healed.

This has been an arduous task, but as more and more of you have undertaken
this journey, it has become easier for those who follow in your footsteps.
Today we observe humans who, after only a few years of meditation, metaphysics
and spiritual pursuits, have attained a relatively high state of awareness.
Just one generation ago, it would have taken you nearly a lifetime to achieve

What you see in the world today, beloved Creators, is the rapid cleansing
and purification necessary in order that your world be brought to the next
level of evolution and healing. Yes, to many of you it looks overwhelming.
Sometimes you must simply let it go and accept that things are the way they
are. Other times you feel you cannot simply sit by and do nothing. And so
you act. And you hope what you do makes a difference.

We, your beloved guides from on high, can say with complete confidence
that yes, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE. Whether you can see it or not. 
We can see it from our vantage point. Every day that goes by on your planet
brings more enlightenment. A large number of those souls who are suffering
will soon be departing your world and incarnating on another planet specifically
set up to help them grow and evolve beyond suffering. No soul needs to suffer.
Within a relatively short period of time, SUFFERING WILL BE OVER ON YOUR
WORLD. You may not believe us, as conditioned as you are to think this world
is a place of perpetual sorrow. But we speak from a knowledge far beyond
that which your leaders are drawing upon.

We see the changes in your DNA, being its engineers. We are currently giving
you, through direct energy transmission, a healing frequency stronger than
any you have encountered to date. You will find that within a few short
years many of you will no longer experience illness, aging and death. You
will become so filled with the spirit of God that even food and drink will
begin to lose its interest.

This channel has promised a book based on our teachings. Within its pages
will be part of the long answer to your question. For now we will leave
you to ponder our short version. We greatly appreciate your question and
we send you our love always. We are the Founders.

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Chris and I agreed that this 2005 channeled message from Lord Sananda through Sal Rachelle is timely. So I am posting it for your considerations.


Lord Sananda on Giving 100%
Received by Sal Rachele
February 16, 2005

Beloveds, this is Sananda with an important message to all lightworkers. My beloved channel brought through a message from me to his healing partner last month that bears repeating at this time. The words may change slightly, but the ideas are the same.

My beloveds, what does it mean to be 100% in service to our Heavenly Father and Divine Mother? What does this look like? How is the life of one structured who is giving 100% in service to the Infinite? These are the questions we will examine in depth at this time.

For obvious reasons, I cannot describe in detail how each life will look when in service 100%. However, I can describe certain qualities, feelings and tendencies that can be applied in what you would call "down to Earth specifics." Let me start with the concept of "optimum path." Your optimum path, dear ones, is that course of action and state of being that is the best possible path for your soul growth, happiness and well-being, and the soul growth, happiness and well-being of others. I realize that to your fourth dimensional minds, this presents a paradox. Remember, beloveds, a paradox is something that is true on two or more levels in which there is mutual exclusivity.

To put it another way, what is true on one level may be false on another level, but what is false on the first level may be true on another level. An example would be the practice of levitation. Everyone knows that in third dimensional reality, levitation is impossible due to the force of gravity. However, one can witness levitation because it utilizes laws that operate in a higher dimension. The paradox we are dealing with regarding "optimum path" is this: There is only one course of action and state of being that maximizes soul growth, happiness and well-being, and yet all courses of action and states of being can be experienced in total gratitude and self-acceptance, which means all paths are perfect.

Now let's get back to giving of yourself 100%. When you give of yourself 100%, you are NOT depleting your energy or ignoring your personal needs. On the contrary, since giving and receiving are one and the same, every time you give to another, you give to yourself. This was a central point with "A Course In Miracles." The aspect the channel and I focused on in January involved the willingness to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth, without watering it down or making it "palatable" in order to avoid offending someone. I was quoted as saying, "Do not cast your pearls before swine," which could be interpreted as "Do not waste your time trying to explain advanced topics to someone who cannot possibly comprehend them." However, times have changed. You are at the culmination period of humanity. There is no longer time remaining to gently break in new students. Those who are attracted to you will have to brace themselves to receive you in full strength. No dilution, beloveds. You speak your truth with conviction and totality. You do not temper it or soften it in order to avoid a reaction in others. There is no time for that anymore.

Dear ones, when you perceive something of importance, it is your duty and responsibility to bring it to the attention of others in the most loving and intelligent way possible. Sometimes love is about getting tough. Sometimes it means pushing "buttons." If spirit moves you to say or do something radical and risky, so be it. Being loving does not always mean being nice or being pretty. Sometimes the most loving thing you can do is give someone the boot.

Tough talk from the master of love, you say? Yes and no. If you see a beloved stepping in front of a roaring train, do you stand there and pray, or do you lunge forward and push them off the tracks?

I realize there are going to be those that simply refuse to embrace the light and truth of their being. That is their free will. However, those you are attracted to, or who are attracted to you, have at least subconsciously asked for healing or they would not be in your life. Do not be concerned at this point about violating free will or making decisions for others. If you listen deeply to your own God Presence, and ask your God Presence to act through you, you will do the right thing. Trust your God Presence to always act in the highest and best manner possible. This is where faith and trust come in. You know God resides within you and you know all you must do is simply allow God within to express through you. There is no longer time to wait and hesitate and be apprehensive about your emotional baggage. Let go of the baggage and trust. Really trust. All that the Father has is yours. I have said this hundreds of times and I will say it a hundred times more. All that the Father has is yours. That includes the Divine Mother, of course, since God is both male and female. You are God's children. You have already inherited the Kingdom. The Kingdom is yours, beloveds. Claim it. Accept it. Celebrate it. Do not let doubt gain a foothold anymore. You are beyond that now. You are far too vast and complete to let a grain of doubt enter your holy mind. Offer your emotional baggage up to God. Let God take it from you NOW. Be willing to live completely free of emotional baggage.

I know, the psychotherapists say you must process and process and process. I say, "Enough!" The time for processing is over. It is time to give up the struggle and end the argument against your Holy Self. You know what to do. The answers are within you. I am here to remind you of that fact and I will not back down and let you forget anymore. It is my job to help you awaken. I am fulfilling my promise to you. I am here to show you the mirror of perfection. I am perfect and so are you. There is nothing in God's Kingdom but perfection. Are you willing to finally see that, and only that? Am I really asking too much of you, or are you asking too little of yourself? In the course I said, "Accept your grandeur and let go of grandiosity." You no longer need to puff yourself up or try to convince yourself of your greatness. That is grandiosity. Who you are is beyond such silly games. Turn over the king and walk away from the chessboard. You lost the ego game. Admit it and move on. You are an eternal winner at the Spirit game. You cannot lose the only game that has any meaning. You will now awaken from the game of life and start LIVING.

I, Sananda, on behalf of the Confederation, the angels, archangels and ascended masters, and our beloved Father/Mother God, do welcome you home. Enter into the sacred space. Enter into the timeless realm of perfection. Enter into eternity to the place you have never left, even for an instant. Remember what it means to be truly free. As you make your daily choices, ask your Self and ask Me to guide you in the highest and best way possible. Let your feelings be your guide. You will KNOW you are on your optimum path by how you feel. If you do not feel expanded, fulfilled and clear, then choose once again. Go deeper and ask again. Every time you ask sincerely, your intention becomes manifest. "Ask and ye shall receive" is as true now as it has always been. Beloveds, the time is truly at hand. Do not waiver any longer. Tell your truth 100%. Be who you are 100%. Live your life 100%. In the name of the Most High God, I am Sananda. Adonai.


Feel free to distribute this as you see fit, giving credit where due. Sal Rachele, P.O. Box 20545, Sedona, AZ 86341.


Thanks Fred, Mary and Sanat!

I see this stuff as nothing more than a distraction......


Much love,


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I was shown Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way 2 years ago and started doing my own Morning Pages which soon led me to receiving blocks of communication from whomever I asked. I talk to Jesus and he answers. I talk to my Guides and they answer. I admit this to very few people, not even my family. There is a source for answers to every question we have. Jesus is available to everyone who is willing to accept the answers. I have come to look at reality from a perspective of beyond this lifetime and let me tell you, it is quite an adjustment. It feels at times like a pinball, coming to grips with the eternal while wearing this body and being a member of this Masquerade Ball we call life. Monetary obligations still at times overwhelm my peace of mind, so there is still much work to be done here on my end. I just encourage everyone to be open to receive and to love more than you can believe. Oh yea, one night God spoke to me, so far the only time. God said "stop doing and start Being". Thank you all so much. I send all my love to you.

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Stop doing and start Being.  All else in the day to day doing realm would flow quite naturally from practicing the art of Being....

LLP, Chris

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