Here we

              As my old Navajo guide in Canyon DE Chelly always started with,,,"Well Folks",,,That was it, He didn't add anything special to that,,I just loved the way he said it ! Well Folks, Here we are, now, in that place we have anticipated for a long time. I know this calendar is out of sync with the lunar calendar, but because we have been living by it for so long, all that consciousness surrounding it has created alot of power to it. I am sure the "Random event generators " around the world will be working hard tonight !

Question about Remaining Conscious

This post comes under the category of learning from each other. I find the hardest part of the spiritual walk is remaining conscious moment by moment. I subscribe to the practice, "Embrace this place" as a way of accepting and staying in the Now, and I also use my breath and a mantra to bring me back to the peace of the present when my consciounsness drfits off, which is often and for long periods. It is a very uneven practice for me. 

So here's the question: What do you do to stay conscious throughout the day, and are you able to remain conscious most of or all of the time? 

Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light & Dark

Found this in Sal Rachele's channeling section on his website:

Lord Sananda on the Battle of Light and Dark
Received by Sal Rachele
April 19, 2005

Greetings, beloveds! In the light of the Radiant One, in the Unconditional Love of the One True God, I once again greet you and send you my blessings and energy.

Resting Here as This

Resting here as this--what difference does it make? As I sit here, there is awareness of profound stillness within this unknowable source of being. When thoughts arise characterizing the experience, creating or recalling some interpretation that has seemed real to me, one of three things seems to happen. The thoughts may pass through unimpeded, just noticed and leaving no trace, like a bird through the sky. They may be recognized as thoughts and then they unravel within the vast, open sphere of conscious awareness, like a snake untying a knot in itself as it moves, naturally along its way.

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