We are the WingMakers!!!

I'm very excited to have a forum to discuss my very favorite topic related to spiritual transformation - the WingMakers. When I first came upon the WingMaker material in late 2000, I was initially very skeptical of the story of the discovery of the Ancient Arrow site and all the intrigue surrounding it. Though quite fascinating, the idea of humans from the future planting time capsules back in the eight century which were meant to be discovered only now was just way out there. But as the website was highly recommended by one of my deepest spiritual friends, I decided to give it a chance and at least take a look at the philosophical essay I saw in the links there.

After reading only a few paragraphs into this philosophical essay, I was both surprised and deeply impressed. In spite of the strange esoteric wording used, I sensed some very deep wisdom even in those first few paragraphs. I decided to print out the whole essay in order to find time to read it more carefully. Once I dove in deeper, I couldn't believe the rich depths of spiritual knowledge being shared. Tears welled up in my eyes, and I even began to tremble with excitement. I have been on a deep spiritual path my entire adult life and have studied all major religions and a variety of wisdom schools, but this for me was several levels deeper than anything I had ever encountered.

By the time I finished reading through this WingMakers essay, I was a changed man. This amazing material opened up entire new portals in my being. In less than 20 pages, I felt I gained a far more complete picture of the deep mysteries of life and the universe than ever before. The material at times summarized what I already knew to be true in a most succinct, powerful fashion. Other information was completely new to me.

The most important new realization had to do with the concept of ascension. I realized that I had been buying into an ascension agenda where I believed that paradise was somewhere in the future outside of this lifetime awaiting me. The WingMakers showed me how limiting this belief was. I saw clearly for the first time that the heaven I had been waiting for is available right here and right now.

I realized, in fact, that I came here this lifetime to help presence the divine realms right here on this planet. I saw that my deeper purpose was not about escaping from the lowly Earth planes to some higher place and leaving behind all of less evolved souls, but rather about learning to see divinity in every soul, and even to see the divine perfection in all of the apparent craziness on Earth. I knew that the more I opened to this highly transformative wisdom, the more I could play a key role in helping to bring heaven down here to Earth. The Divine does not want to contract through an ascension process for a select few, but rather to expand to encompass all beings in all realms.

After finishing this most profound, life-changing essay, I determined right then and there that I would eventually translate this amazing wisdom into everyday English. I wanted others to be able to appreciate its value without having to wrestle with the esoteric wording of the original. It took a good while, but I'm quite happy now with the translation I've made. The WingMakers essays you read in lessons 11 and 15 of the transformation course are my translation of this two-part essay.

After reading this powerful philosophical piece, I eventually went on to read literally everything on the original WingMakers website. Over the years, I gradually digested the deep wells of wisdom I found there. When I saw the website begin to change in the first half of 2001, I was immediately suspicious. I won't go into all of the changes and how I believe the original message was very subtly corrupted, as you can read what I wrote about all of this by clicking here.

Please note that I advise caution and discernment if you choose to explore the current WingMakers website at wingmakers.com. Though some wonderful, heart-based information is shared, this current website is also very subtly seductive in getting visitors to buy into hierarchical ways of thinking and to look for answers outside of themselves rather than within. To access the entire website in its original form, click here.

What I want to share with you now is some of the information I came across from following subtle leads in the original WingMakers material. In one of the ACIO memos, mention is made of the incunabula documents. A search on this term brought me to the amazing website at http://www.incunabula.org. From there I learned about Ong's Hat, unbelievable time travel programs, and so much more. If you are up for a wild ride, I invite you to explore the Incunabula website and related links. Though I am not certain, I suspect that much of what is shared there is true.

Speaking of truth and veracity, I'm not completely convinced that everything on even the original WingMakers website is true. There are three strange anomalies which raise serious questions about this. First, the original philosophical essay contains a number of grammatical and spelling errors. If this was truly the translation work of one of the most amazing linguists on the planet, how could there be obvious errors like this?

Second, mention is made in one of the ACIO memos of a secretive group called the Chakobsa. A search on this term revealed that Chakobsa was a language used by Frank Herbert in his awesome science fiction classic Dune (well worth reading). Though it is possible that the memo was referring to the book Dune, this does not seem likely. And it would be very strange if Herbert somehow knew the language used in his book related to a group of real ETs.

Third and most glaring, there is a major inconsistency in the interviews. In the first interview, at one point Dr. Anderson clearly states that 15 (the name used for the head of Dr. Anderson's top secret group) "was only 22 years old when he joined the ACIO in 1956." Yet in the second interview, Dr. Anderson states "He's about 60 years old I think -- or at least he looks about that old. I've never heard anyone say his age." Simple math would tell us that 15 was born in 1934, so Dr. Anderson with his brilliance ought to know his age.

Now do these three anomalies mean the whole WingMakers story isn't true? No, but it does raise serious questions. Having raised these three questions, I can tell you that I've combed the entire original website and everything else is very consistent and believable for me. The second interview is particularly revealing, and very much in line with everything I've discovered after years of carefully researching all of the major cover-ups going on in the world. It all makes so much sense! I do suspect that the WingMakers story is largely true as presented on the original website, and Dr. Anderson is quite an amazing, brilliant man who worked closely with the WingMakers.

In the long run, however, I've always felt that the veracity of the WingMakers story is not nearly as important as the power of the philosophical writings to open me and others to the deep wells of wisdom shared there. Nearly half of the people who have completed the transformation course have shared how deeply they were affected by the WM material. And yet very few of those "in the know" of major cover-ups around the world know much, if anything, about this most fascinating material and website.

Though I am not very psychic, I have felt a wonderful energetic connection with the WingMakers ever since first reading that powerful philosophical essay. I suspect that I am somehow energetically working with them in ways that I am not clear. I feel a profound resonance with their work. I believe their deep mission is to help all who are open and interested to transcend the dense realities of the physical realm to explore expanded realms which are accessible even here on this planet and in this lifetime. They came to give us wings to soar to new heights - thus the name WingMakers.

Yet this is not about ascension in the old usage of the word. Many lightworkers believe that in 2012 or at some other key point, the truly good people of Earth will ascend into the heavens or be beamed up on a mothership, while those who are not worthy will be left behind to fight and destroy each other. If you think about it, this story is quite similar to the belief of born again Christians who believe Jesus will take them up into the heavens at Armageddon.

Yet these belief systems of both born again Christians and many lightworkers would have us abandon all those who would be left behind. If we are all interconnected in one divine cosmic consciousness, why do we want to leave anyone behind? Why would we abandon so many of our dear brothers and sisters to a life of suffering? They are all a part of me. They are all an integral part of each one of us. Why not bring heaven down here and open portals so that anyone and everyone who wants to explore the delicious harmonies of expanded realms can join us?

I know I came here to help all who are interested find these portals to expanded consciousness. I came to help people fly to these most blissful expanded realms. I, too, in this sense am a WingMaker. Are you? Why not all of us become WingMakers together and be an invitation to all whose lives we touch to bring heaven down here right now with us? I absolutely know we can do this. And we can even have a great time while doing it! In fact, this in many ways is what the Transformation Team website is all about. Will you join me in serving as a WingMaker for all humanity? I welcome your thoughts.

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...for me to start exploring this material! Your enthusiasm is catching! My initial response to the Wingmakers material was similar to yours...I found the main philosophical essay incredibly moving and resonating! After discovering the site a number of years ago, I tried finding it again once or twice and for some reason it didn't come up.

At the time I suspected it was an elaborate hoax, or someone's artistic way of introducing people to New Age paradigms. Little did I know that one day, I'd be involved in the same work! So -- yes, I accept your invitation!

The first thing I'll do - later on today - is go back to the site and read and print out some of the material.

The artwork there is fascinating. As an artist I admired and studied the images for a long time. I could not at the time believe this was ancient work. The thought of time travel was too bizarre for me to contemplate at the time - one of the many items in my "Who Knows - Who Cares" files.

Now, I'll be looking into all of this with new eyes. I've been off most of this week and I've used nearly all of the time building my website, the Indigo Portal. I've got the framework built and some of the pages are up. I am about to start working on the real meat of the site, the Indigo Pages. But I will make a point of taking time to absorb more of the Wingmakers site on a regular basis!

OK, now...the Incunabula site. That's kind of mind-blowing, isn't it? It's mostly audio and .pdf downloads, so I haven't checked it out much yet.

I did download the California Ruins file as that is such a passion of mine. I could say I was guided to look at that file - it contains photos of some mysterious ruins discovered in the Santa Cruz Mountains - because something twitched in my limbic system (amygdala?) when I looked at them.

This isn't someplace I've been - or is it? I wonder if Drake's men could have built this outpost. It's the same twitch I get when I hike in my area and suddenly become aware that I am treading ancient ground where long-ago people erected monuments in the form of huge rocks. In remote areas of the mountains and deserts of southern California there are brooding stone ruins here and there which one may come across with a tingle of delight and mystery. Most are settler's or miner's cabins, trading posts or mine structures. Some are older still. I have an intense interest in the ancient inhabitants of California. So little is known, and the clues are so tantalizing!

Because Shasta is in California, and because there are traces of ancient civilizations throughout the state that are largely unknown and unexplored, what occurs to me is that the Wingmakers may have visited many areas. One of the things that struck me about the artwork at the site was its kinship with Native art throughout the southwest.  It's not as if the images are based on the ancient petroglyphs, just that the visual approach is so similar. And then something clicked when I suddenly realized that it just could be the other way around! The distinctive visual conventions of ancient American art might have been influenced by the Wingmakers' art! In that scenario, the emotional resonance of the art rings true for me.

Unfortunately I have no photographs of petroglyphs and indigenous art from my own explorations. What art I do know of I saw many years ago, before the age of digital photography and in remote areas I'm not sure I could find again. These sites dot the Anza-Borrego and Sonoran deserts but are not on the maps. The Rangers do not talk about them much either. They are left as they are. When people find them, they have a lamentable tendency to damage them. I happened on a site or two, and the others I learned of by getting to know some of the Rangers in the State Park.

I do have photos of a runish glyph that is right on the main road into the area near my home where I have discovered so many standing stones. Although it is almost two feet high and carved into the vertical face of a boulder alongside the road, it's so ancient and overgrown with patina and lichens that it's only eye-catching in certain light, and then only if you happen to "see" it. I first discovered it in a photo, and took a better look on my next visit. No question about it, something's there. What it is, I have no clue. The photos are on my hard drive.  I'll post 'em on my blog or somewhere.


Thank you Fred, for bringing this to our attention in such a lovingly proactive way!





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Thanks for your interest and comments, Dave. After reading them, I realized I wanted to add one more paragraph, which I'll include here for you:

"Please note that I advise caution and discernment if you choose to explore the current WingMakers website at wingmakers.com. Though some wonderful, heart-based information is shared, this current website is also very subtly seductive in getting visitors to buy into hierarchical ways of thinking and to look for answers outside of themselves rather than within. To access the entire website in its original form, click here."

I think you will enjoy exploring the original materials. Have a great one! 

With sacred love flowing,

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Hi Fred,
You know I was blown away by the Wingmakers when I did the Course. As you say, there is something about the material which strikes a deep chord in the psyche and resonates with truth in the depth of our being. Whatever distortions have been added to the material, feel just as such. When I went to the current site, it felt shallow and glib but that underlying resonance is still there.
Living and spending most of my life in S.A. I have had very little access to truly ancient material. This is such a young country and most of S.A. was really unpopulated until about four hundred years or so ago. Yes, we do have Bushmen paintings, but they are scattered only around certain areas. If people ever lived here, it must have been a very, very long time ago, so we do not have that feeling of ancient history.
I am looking forward to exploring more of the Wingmakers and will be going back to the material to refresh my mind.
Thanks also, Dave, for your insightful comments.
This is going to be a fascinating exploration of our "memories" and heritage.
In Love and Light

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Thanks for providing that handy link!  Do you have the original site cached?  How is it preserved?



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Hello Fred, Dave, and Ursula,

I first read through the WingMakers Essay (quickly and with skepticism) even before I started through the TT course. I think I was following the links from the UFO material on Want to Know. A friend and neighbor who gets most of his info from C2C kept talking about the UFO cover ups and I was curious. In the context of the course material, my skepticism fell away, even though I have not yet worked through all the WingMakers pages. The essay was so moving and fit my own philosophical moorings. I felt assured that I could continue my exploration through TT with comfort. It feels like coming home. I need to copy out and print the information so I can read it more comfortably and mark it up.

Fred, have you uncovered the how and who about how the material first appeared on the Internet?

With abundant love and peace,

fredburks's picture

Hi JoyAnna, the how and who of the original WingMakers website is covered fairly well at the below two links:


As I said, the story is quite unbelievable, though I eventually became a believer. I welcome your thoughts. 

With sacred love flowing,

davelambert's picture

Every word you said made perfect sense to me, Carl! It was as if I'd already had those thought but hadn't realized it, if that makes sense. Thank for verbalizing that!


fredburks's picture

Yes, Dave, I was able to find the entire original WingMakers website through archive.org. I then downloaded the whole thing and put it up on WantToKnow.info. So if you follow the links I gave, it is almost exactly as the website once appeared. You take care.

With sacred love flowing,

fredburks's picture

A big yes to that one, Carl! I also felt something much greater than the words reaching out to me in the WM material. Thanks so much for naming that and for your wonderful story. We can ascend right here and right now simply by opening to feeling more connected with everyone and everything around us all the time even as we move our physical bodies on this third-dimensional planet. It's not actually an ascension at all, but rather an expansion of our consciousness to include literally everything around us! What an exciting time to be alive!!!

With sacred love flowing,

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It is a little hard for me to explain the experience I had when I read through the Wingmakers material. By that I mean, it is as tho something come into my consciousness that was like a greater explanation or understanding of what I was actually reading. I hope you can understand what I mean by this.

It mainly concerns this idea of the Ascension process. Literally which direction it is going to go. I have come to realize that to ascend, we do not have to GO anywhere. The process of what it means to ascend is simply our desire, our willingness to move into the 5th dimension and even higher. And that can happen right where we are – at this very moment.

I have an example of this from my own life. It is also the deeper meaning of the "Life Changing Dream" that I related as a Forum Topic just a short time ago. If you have read that dream story, you will remember that it started with my walking through a settlement and observation of the grayness and foreboding of that area I was passing through – the people that were just sitting there heads bowed in complete submission to everything around them. And as I ventured through that area, I realized I was about to enter a path of darkness and uncertainly, but something was driving me on. And at the height of the storm and darkness I had entered, I suddenly perceived far in the distance, a glow, a light that I knew I had to pursue. There was no thought of turning back or of panic, it was just a constant will to continue in my journey towards that light, which became brighter and brighter as I journeyed forward.

OK, so that did represent a physical moving forth, but more than that, it represented to me a desire to move into the light. It is also interesting that the darkness and the light both existed in the same geographical area. I was not transported to some magical never never land somewhere in space. I was walking over a distance of what would be 10 to 15 miles. And remember too that all of the other people I became aware of at the end of this journey, had entered from the many different roads they were on – not arriving by car, bus, or plane. They were walking just like I was, and wonderfully we were all drawn to this same light and some inner reality of what it meant. At first we so awed by this it left us speechless, the reality of that huge crystal mountain was something that just drew us like a magnet.

I hope you can understand what I mean by what I am saying here as it relates to the Wingmakers material. I believe we are drawn to this because of the illumination we feel from what it is. And that is to me a desire that each of us must have. I realize I have before me, a choice that I myself had to make. That was to either be in the darkness I had been living in, or the choice to move to the light. No one could make that choice for me. I had to do that on my own. I also believe that each person will be given that opportunity to decide. And it has absolutely nothing to do with what religion you are or how many prayers you say everyday. It is so simple in my mind that it seems to elude us. It is simply a decision, a mindset, and therein is the choice we must make – to accept or reject the light we are offered.

It is also for this reason that I realize there are some that will choose not to embrace this moment that is offered to them. I do not think that mankind is going to be dragged kicking and screaming in to the 5th dimension. Remember also, it is not just us that are being given this opportunity. This world itself has made the decision to rise, in fact this whole Universe is getting ready to rise higher in respect to what ever level it is presently at.

And what will happen to those people who choose not to enter this new paradigm? Very honestly, I don't know. All I know is that rejection of the light does not represent the space I am coming from at this point in my journey. I embrace this opportunity and I hope and pray others will do the same.

Imagine a world where their are no more secrets and no more lies. What a wonderful world it will be.

WiIth God's Love and Blessings,
Carl Azcar

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Can you explain the beautiful symbols we are seeing above. There are some letters in the center of each design that look Eastern in origin. Can you tell us what they mean?

Thanks and God's blessing be with you.

Carl Azcar

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Wow, Fred. You were holding back on me yesterday when you said there were some great posts on the site including yours. I chime in with the rest on the impact of the Wingmaker work in my life. It has been quite a few years ago when I was first struck with the work. I had been a UFO researcher for about 6 years when I stumbled on the work. I was so overcome, I could feel the emotional joy well up from within. I couldn't wait for the story to continue. Then when it did continue, the blogs were full of questions about the legitimacy of the additional information and the accuracy of their First Source Volume I CD that came out January 23rd 2001. I was amazed by the original work and found my soul harmonizing with the truth that was coming through it. It was frustrating to see it denigrated by the changes that took place.
As I open the original First Source CD and try to run it, it now crashes. I suppose this is a great blessing since you have made available the original site with the untarnished intent intact.
That is what makes your program so rich. Ascension as our expression of loving all into the wholeness that is inherently there. It is not outside of us, but is actually a completion of our expression of who we are as the singularity of the All.

Bodhi, that flash presentation is awesome! Where did you find that? Is it something that is available as a desktop meditational tool? If not, it gives me an excuse to visit the forum just to watch its energy.
Carl, thanks for the crystal mountain experience. That is incredible.
It is truly wonderful living the richness of all of you through your on-line expressions of light. Whether it is awakening through prostitution or death, it is all so rich in beauty and love. Thanks to all for your incredible sharing.

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Hi Carl,
These are symbols for chakras (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakras). The letters are Sanskrit and represent the Bija mantra or seed sound for that chakra.
In joy and love,

Bodhi's picture

Hi Jim,
Glad you like the animation. See the notes I just added below it. To get your own copy go here:


and save the page to your desktop.
In joy and love,


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Hi Bodhi, You always find something new to fascinate us with! That is beautiful and it fits in so well with the Wingmakers! Thanks to you all for your thoughts and the sharing. Love and Light Ursula

Have gone and saved it! Thanks

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The dream I had was not the result of any pre-thought or plan on my part. It just happened, as I realize now for a very good reason. As I mentioned, I fully realized from that moment on that my day of being accountable for my actions was fast approaching. As well it did, and I am all the better because of that. I would not be here writing this today if that event had not taken place in my life – no in reference to the dream, but the ramifications of it.


With God's Love,

Carl Azcar 

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Hi Bodhi,

Thanks so much for the animation. I am uncertain how to save the animation to my destop since it is a flash presentation. I am able to play it now on my machine in a separate window using IrFanview(same as flash). Is it possible to link a flash presentation to your destop in place of the standard desktop?

Blessings of Divine Light,


Bodhi's picture

Hi Jim!
Hey thanks for the IrfanView tip. I just tried it. I did not know that IrfanView could play Flash animation. Cool!

About the desktop. Right. I meant save it as a file on your desktop (or any other convenient folder), not replace your desktop image with the animation.
Glad you got the file as I intended.

In joy and love,



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 just say yes to the dance of chance...



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You are welcome, dear.  Glad you like it!

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First and foremost, absolutely yes, count me in!

mythos - a pattern of beliefs expressing often symbolically the characteristic or prevalent attitudes in a group or culture.
meme -
an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.

I came upon both the Ong's Hat and Wingmakers stories before taking the transformation course. I too felt a deep resonance with this material. It is as if, once injected into my consciouness, these tales began to take on a life of their own.

What I now realize is that for me, key elements within stories like these constitute a form of meta-mythos or meme trigger designed specifically to catalyze my awakening into a broader understanding of my true nature. I see them as reminders I have deliberately placed on my path to help me remember why I came here.

Thank you all for sharing your experiences. I feel much delight, connection, and validation being here with you now.

In gratitude, joy, and love,

About the chakra animation: The art was created by someone else. I'm still
trying to find out who. I created the flash animation. It was fun!

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 One of the real interesting aspects of the site is....that you can scroll over certain pages with your arrow and...wala...there is something hidden in the picture for you to read...I found many pieces of the puzzle by scanning each picture and finding little links to articles that you won't find elsewhere....so good hunting....



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Hey Fred! As you well know, I also had that wonderful coming home experience upon researching the WingMakers original website, right from the introduction describing the discovery and the NSA takeover of the site. Much of the urging going on in so many of us reminds me of the movie, "Close Encounters" in which the characters were being compelled to search and reach the destination. If I were on the other side of the equation it sure would be what I would be trying to do - wake souls up to what is happening and prepare them for whatever I was privy to. I remember feeling my heart sink when I first became aware of the possibility that WingMakers was a hoax. I want so much to believe that advanced cultures from our future, having the technology to reach back, would prove to us that benevolence and wisdom had finally caught up with technology. There are so many beautiful things going on in the world right now during these somewhat dark days that go a long way to affirm the presence of a wonderful instructing influence that is touching so many people in preparation for a shift. I believe we have always been able to make this shift whenever we decide to value it more than the present paradigm, and that we live in a universe made of a very coherent and very powerful (zero point) energy field that permeates everything. The coherent part was what amazed me, and that coming from a former astronaut and physicist (Dr. Ed Mitchell). I have his lecture to a room full of scientists, physicists and astrophysicists where he explains in mathematical and scientific terms they can well understand, just how it is that the zero point energy field is coherent and then carefully proves to them the holographic nature of this universe. WingMakers just seem to fit previously viewed info like a glove. One of my favorite explanations to the average layperson concerning how vast the energy is in this field that surrounds everything is this: One centimeter of all that we used to call space or vacuum out there holds within that tiny centimeter a greater potential mass than all the mass in this present universe as far as the most powerful telescope can see. Let that one sink in for a while. WingMakers gave me one more affirmation of hope for a world I had all but given up on after reading so much about 9-11, cointelpro & black ops, the CIA's domination of the cocaine and heroin trade to keep America's propped up economy afloat with all that money laundering, a history full of former false flag events, the central banker's inappropriate and inequitable domination of monetary policy and the dumbing down of America, etc. adnauseam. We live in exciting times and I believe we have good reason to hope for and work towards the best is yet to come!

In Love, Light and Confident Hope,


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I am amazed at what is available on the Wingmakers site and that I hadn't found it before.

ChrisBowers's picture

Just wanted to share with you all a movie I watched over the weekend (on Cinemax) called "The Last Mimzy". It was similar to what we have learned from WingMakers in that some people from the future were making contact with the past by sending a stuffed animal (named Mimzy by the little girl who found it) through to the past to recover some dna instruction they had lost due to their ignorant disregard of the need to protect and cooperate with nature. They had to send a nonorganic stuffed animal (which contained advanced technology to be able to communicate with the two children who were to find these toys) because time travel would have killed them. The effect all this has on these two children is inspirational and fits very well with the inspiration we have all received from the WingMakers original writings. Well worth the emotional/spiritual joyride.

Enjoy if you can find it,


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Thank YOU !

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Fred, Fred, Fred - and all of you/us/me who resonate with the original WingMakers writings,

It is a total mindblowing JOY to find a bunch of people who feel as if they are coming HOME to the WingMakers worldview!  My husband and I read it a couple of months ago, and it turned us on, tuned us in, and brought us to a much fuller Re-membering of ourselves and our purposes here.  We still re-absorb the first essay every so often.

Highest Light to all here, and visions for cooperating and supportng each other.





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Thanks for your warm words, Kim. The WingMakers is about my very favorite topic. You can find lots more if you go the the Forums section of this portal and click on the WingMakers Forum. As it is an alphabetic list, you will find WingMakers is the last forum listed. Have fun with this highly intriguing information and I welcome your thoughts on it any time. With lots of love and best wishes, Fred

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Brilliant, all.

This is why I joined the Transformation Team.  Fred: "I know I came here to help all who are interested find these

portals to expanded consciousness..."

"...What will happen to those people who choose not to enter this new paradigm..I don't know...All I know is that rejection of the light does not represent the space I am coming from"  Yes, yes, Carl.

"It's not actually an ascension at all, but rather an expansion of our consciousness to include literally everything

around us!"  Spot on, Fred!

"I want so much to believe...that benevolence and wisdom had finally caught up with technology."  Chris: ain't it

the truth!

So, my brothers and sisters, whether it be by way of work with the Wingmakers or other vehicles to accelerate

the birthing of the transformation of humanity into the Infinite multi-dimensional light beings we already are, what a rush to be in such good company.  As we each resonate to that which is our dharma, our path, how exciting to be able to share the momentum and exhiliration of true Ascension.  Rise above the old paradigm, and Enliven here in the 3D world that which has seemed to be so much bound by limitation, fear and judgment.  Halleluhjah.

What I love about this portal is our ability to nourish each other no matter what vehicles we resonate with.  The more powerful resonance for me is the common knowing that consciousness is expanding and we get to accelerate our own and each others' growth and support each other moving towards the common goal of making accessible the expanded realms.

My offering is this: miraculous expansion and acceleration are available in so many ways now.  I am privileged to be able to offer up an opportunity that does not come around even once in a lifetime.  The chance to accelerate your own path in miraculous ways is available, and yet timely response is required, if you are curious or interested.  Please see the forum noted: "Experiencing Mother Divine" for details.

Love and Gratitude to all.


ChrisBowers's picture

I want to "second" Fred's quote quoted by Himavat!

"It's not actually an ascension at all, but rather an expansion of OUR consciousness to include literally everything around us!"

I have been experiencing this lately in the form of alternative (rather than classical or traditional) awareness that feels very much like an awakening process that can only happen if I am willing to be willing. So it is I who am awakening to Consciousness that IS already there, patiently waiting for the flowers to bloom in its garden.

The Last Mimzy was on again Sunday and if any of you movie buffs ever get the chance to see this darling little children's flick you will be amazed how much you recognize from the WingMakers story, the "Cube" and Sacred Geometry. Whoever wrote the book and/or script has to know what we know and maybe more! So very inspiring to see this present information age exploding with so much info like this.


Speaking of explosion of info release, much of the ufo archives are being released right now (why now Fred??? any ideas???) from many countries (but not the US of course!). The "why" of this is very intriguing!!!! Anyway, in case you don't have the link given on the news lately, here it is....


Living, Loving and Laughing as if "One" is all there is,


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You are right about major releases of UFO files in several countries in Europe, Chris. It's quite exciting. Those who live in fear believe that this is to prepare us for the upcoming invasion, whether a fake invasion by the secret government or a real alien invasion. I believe it's a natural unfolding of the universe as an ever increasing number of people sincerely want to know and understand what is going on with our ET brothers and sisters (and those ETs without sex or with a sexuality other than male/female as well). It's an exciting time to be alive!

With lots of love and excitement,


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Wow, this was an idea I had the other day, the great mind thinks alike eh?! When I first came across this group's material and mythos several years ago, it really had an impact on me and did help catalyze my spirituality too. Then, after reading about it in the course, I sat down and checked in on what I could percieve about this story. My perception was that although it sounded quite "far out" and my mind had trouble believing it, it was mostly true, but something was not complete about it, something was hard to understand. This idea might be a huge key to what is really going on with it, that these Wingmakers represent some aspect or aspects of our own collective future selves. There's a familiar energy of interconnectedness that I feel from the subject. Pretty metaphysical, hahahaha! But hey, it's a strange universe!


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Berry posted a forum a short while ago called

"ET Involvement with Humanity's Ascension"

that lends affirmation toward the specific intent of the original WingMakers Ancient Arrow story.  What I really loved about the info channeled in Berry's post is the humble admission of mistakes made by those so much more advanced than us.  Maybe there is not as big a chasm between us and "them" as our imaginations might have us believe.....


Love, Chris

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More to throw out (in) there to hype it up and get it rekindled and blazing!

I have to say part of the attraction for me is the mystery and possibility of secret sacred sites out there to discover and explore. We drove up past the eastern edge of those mountains where the AA site supposedly is. It was during the later part of our summer adventure on our way to Chaco Canyon. Didn't have time that day to hike around and explore because we wanted to get to CC and get a campsite. It's a couple hours drive away...

But we want to return someday and poke around! 

One of my far-out ideas involves lucid dreaming and/or remote viewing and if anyone out there has tried, tested and "true" techniques relating to such. I feel I can only get so close to the paintings looking at them on the computer or phone, and am curious as to potential in that other method. Used to dream about visiting the Great Pyramid in that way too...

Both sites, and probably many like those, contain heavy amounts of metallic substances in their construction. The pyramid has "coin-in-stone" limestone that gives it very unique resonant qualities. Teotihuacan had floors of mica in some areas. The AA sites paintings used materials which were obviously metallic as well. Properties more conducive to achieving the desired effect. Just curious...

Btw, I LOVE The Last Mimzy. It's a treasured member of our library. :)

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