Cell Towers = Mind Control

Well, it's worse than I thought.  Not only do cell phones disrupt our personal electro-magnetic fields and our brain waves causing tumors, brain fog, etc., but the cell towers are targeting us with electro-smog 24/7, especially while we sleep. One counter-measure is to make orgone.  I'm also looking into building a Faraday cage to protect myself and my electronics.  Lots of videos on Youtube show how to do this simply, cheaply, and effectively.

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"The truth doesn't change according to our ability to stomach it." ~ Flannery O'Connor








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Did you know that it's legal for the US government to experiment on people without our consent?  I didn't.  Dr. John Hall adds some interesting insights on the subject of mind control.  Much of what he talks about is well-documented.



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As mentioned orgone or orgonite helps to mitigate the harmful affects of EMF radiation. Since making my first batch of orgone, I've noticed some interesting things in the sky, including clouds that look like sylphs,  One day, the entire sky was blanketed with clouds, except over my house where there was a blue heart-shaped opening in the clouds with another heart-shaped cloud centered in the middle of the blue heart. Of course, this could all be coincidence, but EMF meters demonstrate the positive benefits of orgone energy:



Another solution is to ground yourself.  You can do this by walking barefoot on the earth everyday.  Grounding your bed further protects you at night.  There are various methods to do this: buying or building a grounding/earthing mat, then either running a wire to a grounded outlet or to a stake in the earth. (Many youtube videos tell how.)

American Indians knew the wisdom in grounded sleep. They thought it was peculiar that the early American settlers slept on raised beds.  This is a very compelling discourse on the connection between grounding and its healing effects on cardiovascular disease:





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the cell phone tower thing has been bugging me for a long time.  In fact, they're threatening to put in a set on the corner building of my block, the hearing is on Jan. 15th and I would love some solid stats to kill this threat, but we all know the courts are in on it too . . .

This man gives a great talk on scalar waves, something I never fully understood, and their connection to mind control and shows how these towers are definitely a part of it.  Always suspected there was something much more going on that we "couldn't see" or even comprehend with our limited and prehistoric knowledge of science and it's effects when it came to the proliferation of cell towers over the last decade.  Check it out, some good info:  (Called "Scalar waves used in mind control" if link doesn't work)


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Wow, that's an eye opener.  There's more info and videos on his website: http://www.whitetv.se/en  Some of the website is in Swedish and I couldn't get the translation button to work, but it's possible to paste the web address into Bing Translator, which will translate the website into English.

Thanks, Francis.



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That was incredible Francis. Thank you. This stuff Beardson reveals seems to fit with the implosion material from Dan Winters where he discusses Phi based, phase conjugant constructive wave interference. Winters reaveals how it explains everything from gravity right through to the QM of DNA threading. Beardson talks of the same type of universe, even down to the fact that Bliss (or anything you might call love and true compassion in the human sense) is indication of the instant wireless connection to the source and record of all of it. Great stuff.

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This is a great interview on EMFs - the first episode of Hidden Science on David Icke's television network, The People's Voice:


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