Christian the Lion

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Thanks for sharing that beautiful video, John. For the awesome, true story behind it, see Much love and joy, Fred

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Hello and Thank You, John!

Totally lovely and amazing vid.  I have been watching too much major media on the topic of the economy (which I hereby vow not to do anymore) and this took me back to the reality of LOVE.

I am very grateful.


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Dear Ones,

This is a reminder to trust LOVE...............not fear

Thank you for brightening my day! LOve,Mary

Dear Kim,

Do not fall into the media trap........fill yourself with true stories!  Lot's of love,Mary

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Yep it is a media trap isn't it?  Mass hypnosis.  I am seeing the effects of it as I am raising venture capital for a new project.  So many people are so scared and in deprivation mind!  Not everyone though.  We have most of the capital raised by now.  So THAT's the true story. 

Thanks for your wisdom.



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I Love this story and animals!:)


thanks for sharing

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