Dr. Steven Greer Practical Applications Unbounded Mind


The nature of mind and
how to experience the unbounded, cosmic aspect of consciousness always
within us

* Meditation techniques to experience cosmic consciousness, achieve
natural remote viewing and precognition abilities and how they apply to
your daily life.

* An understanding of the cosmology, consciousness, advanced
electromagnetic technologies, extraterrestrial civilizations and the
world of spirit and awareness. A review of the nature of advanced
extraterrestrial (and classified human technologies) and how they
relate to mind, non-locality, and the larger cosmos

* The full spectrum of reality, unifying mind, body, material, astral
and cosmic - and how as humans we can evolve to Universal beings by
developing Universal, cosmic awareness

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is the premier technical manual of everything your forum mentions above.

Love Dr. Greer's work, and he is more and more methodically coming out with his hearings before congress.  It is all coming together quite nicely!!!!

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