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We Could Seal the Oil Leak in 30 Minutes


I've heard that the oil is still leaking in the Gulf of Mexico, although people have sort of forgotten about it.  I'm posting this because Dr. Greer reveals advanced alien reproduction technologies that could plug the leak in a matter of minutes.  Steve Beckow believes that the oil spill will eventually lead to a public outcry for disclosure. ~ Noa

Call to Action: Free Energy: Ready for Hearings

Call to Action! We urge everyone to contact their representatives and the Obama
Administration as soon as possible to inform them that solutions to the
energy and economic crisis are available from The Orion Project and
also from suppressed energy technologies locked up in covert projects.

The Disclosure Project May 9th 2001 National Press Club Conference

It's hard to believe this happened over seven years ago and it still isn't that widely known.  It should be.

Steven Greer presents 20 out of over 400 former military and intelligence witnesses to evidence of UFO/extraterrestrial events.  It's rather compelling, taken with other

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