Just for fun

Just saw this and it made me smile.  Thought you'd enjoy it too.  :)




Much love and light,


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This was fun as hell. Thanks

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Hi Kathy,

That was great!  It's nice to take a break and just enjoy some laughter - thanks for that little break.

I can't resist adding one I ran into just a bit ago.  It seems so hilariously similar to all the talking heads on TV - talking, talking, talking... and giving opinions and placing blame and on and on and on.  They think they are talking about everyone else...   oh - just watch the video.    I'll add the link in case I don't get the video in this correctly.

With love and laughter,


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I grew up with the Muppet Show on at 7p every evening... this bring back such great memories!  And Jim Henson was such a beautiful, gentle soul...

Much love,



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