Mind Control

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I'm wondering if there is enough interest in mind control here to have a seperate forum on the topic.

Anyhow, I thought this was important to see, especially given the current police state tactics going on out there.


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and one that runs deep for God knows how long in our history, probably ages before the flood.  These days everything I research and read or watch seems to be somehow related to the subject.  I found this one particularly good on mind control:


It was taken off YouTube so I added the disclosetv link instead.  The one on YouTube is a longer Alex Jones interview version, not sure if it's got the same documentary in there or not.

Good idea Wendy, I know Fred's site has a lot of info on the subject but I haven't even begun to look at that onion yet.

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This one is a related video that popped up at the end of Wendy's...


I've noticed how easily it is for the government to plant false memories in the general public.  Remember when Iraq was suddenly implicated in the 9/11 "attack"?  (Even though Osama Bin Laden came from Afghanistan).  One of the primary principles of advertising is, "If you repeat something often enough, people will come to believe it's true."









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