Saturn is the God of the Bible

Paradigm shift.  Once you take notice, it's amazing how much Saturn symbolism permeates are daily lives.


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jose arguelles, through his work with the tzolkin, proposed the "dreamspell" and the "telektonon" related to our solar system history.  he said the energies of/represented by saturn and jupiter had been perverted/corrupted and have orchestrated this paradigm we now find ourselves in.  rome, the empire, the black iron prison still rules the planet.  the eagle as symbol...

the controlling and individually disempowering institutions which run things misuse the powers of those two planets and also keep us cut off from the more tranformative powers of the outer planets.  and the inner planets energies have been partly corrupted as well.  mars has been usurped and maldek was physically destroyed through past dramas.

uranus, neptune and [pluto] all have energies more associated with the subconscious or unknown and our connection with our greater galaxy has also been compromised.

can't really reach out because of the barrier, but we can reach IN!  all of those powers are represented in us as well, and it's up to us to balance them, individually.  the solar system is a mess...

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