The Science Delusion

I think this guy is great and it helps that he has that English accent that we all tend to take as the voice of authority.

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And here is Sheldrake's response to the ensuing controversy around his TED talk:

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What an up-side-down world we live in where the "skeptics" are behaving dogmatically and those who are truly skeptical are being criticised by them.

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The other banned TEDx talk. "Altered states of conciousness"

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This is more like the Science of Delusion. I'm posting it here because he mentions Sheldrake.

And also because I think there's some really helpful perspectives here.

I absolutely agree with him about modern art - what a scam.

An interesting post in light of current discussions about judgement. I think this is kind close to the line but I think most of what this guy has to say falls into the discernment camp.

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