Max Igan connects the dots between chemtrails, trans-humanism, genetic engineering, morgellons, and nanotechnology. I think this film will go as viral as Loose Change - like that film it has an artistic quality to it which makes it very entertaining, besides being informative.

The film includes bits of this talk by Sofia Smallstrom.

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pass it on !

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Thanks for posting this superb video, Wendy.  Every time I think that Max has outdone himself, he comes out with another powerful film. 

IMO, this is a good one to show friends and family to initiate and inform them about what is really going on. 


The full impact of Max and Sofia's insights on the bioengineering component of chemtrails is starting to sink deep into my psyche.  This is me in a state of shock.  How much cilantro must I eat to purge these mutant fibers?

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This is the very same Sofia that made my favorite 911 Documentary, 911 Mysteries.  Got to speak with her on the phone a while back.  She was somewhat disturbed that I was able to find her home phone number - turns out she has been harrassed by some nefarious types for her excellent work in 911 Mysteries - no surprise there....  and of course, as always, Max Igan RULES!!!!

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i haven't seen the second video yet i finish the first, i do claim ignorance of this topic in my part. if what they said is true, well its quite frightening, thanks for bringing attention of this to me. ill will seek for more on my own if any of you can help push"give" me to more resources please let me know. I'm dam scared of the possibility there and how it does not surprise me.


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Hi Chris-

I had no idea that was the same Sofia - she sure does live up to her name.

Unite - listen to Max Igan's podcasts if this information is a bit overwhelming. He has a wonderfully calming voice and a way of presenting this information that is both inspiring and informative.

Max continues to stress the importance of community. So we have this community here - How can we make the best use of and serve it to better everyone? How can I use/serve my local community ?

These questions have lately led me to the idea that I might do more research about credit unions with the possibility of starting one. With on-line banking apps these days, perhaps we could start one here? Any accountants / financial advisors at the g-spot?

Unite's picture

i checked out the site and watched the podcast Economic Tyranny which was awesome.

i can tell this will be a great resource for me. im feeling my power to bring positive change, im going start reaching out to community, i have some ideas i believe can help people and start reuniting community. thanks for the wonderful post its strengthen renewed my focus.

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Hey Thomas, IMO Fred's website continues to be the best source of verifiable info on a wide variety of coverups.

If you use the search box, you can find info on just about anything.  Here's what I found on Sofia Smallstorm and chemtrails:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=c4a0da1fc7364daa


And here's a page from Sofia Smallstorm's website called "The Rabbit Hole"

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Thanks Noa iv been checking them out, the rabbit hole has caught my attention, i love the free pamphlets on 9-11 think ill get them and spread them around, also that Rothschild owned central bank list. the sites a good resource, i believe ill be able to put it into good use thank you all with peace and much love your cosmic brother

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Hi Noa,

Thanks for the link to Sofia\'s website. Did you see this?

I\'m at work now and I\'ve read through it but can\'t view the videos. It looks like it\'s full of inspiring stuff. I hope I can find time to watch it all tonight.


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Thanks for the heads-up, Wendy.  Your link didn\'t take, so here\'s the correct one:   Someone recently posted that video, \"They Live; We Sleep.\"  Amazingly pertinent for a film made in the \'80s.


Synchronicity, snap!  Fred and I were just discussing the use of \"intention.\"


Here\'s a nice little tidbit on the subject from that webpage:



The strongest tool we have is our Consciousness.  But most of us don\'t even know what it is.  We think of our brain as the thing that organizes our body and creates our conscious life, but the brain is only like the engine of the car.  Turned off, it does nothing.  Turned on, it just runs the car.  It isn\'t the thing that created the car.

Then there\'s the Mind.  What is that and where does it live?  No one knows.  You can locate the brain, but you can\'t locate the Mind.  So people say our Mind is what determines who we are and what we do and how we think.  But the Mind must be more than just a mind, because there\'s something that triggers it periodically -- that gives it inspiration, that shapes and changes it.  We all have the capacity to expand our minds, and yet we are still ourselves.  So there must be something beyond the mind ...

Call it Consciousness.  And consciousness is fed with Intention.  Intention may be reactive, or it may be the result of contemplation, desire, a goal.  In either form, it shapes what happens around us.

Which brings us to a very fascinating reality.  There is something on this earth that responds to our intention.  Many scientists from many countries have researched and documented this, and the results are quite surprising.  The potential this research presents is for you to contemplate.

That substance is water.  Pure and simple ... water.  Water is all over this planet -- and in fact, Earth is often called \"the water planet.\"  We (humans) are ourselves made up of water -- more than 90% of us.  Did you know that water has memory ... that it receives and makes an imprint of ANY outside influence, remembering everything that happens around it?  How it shows this record is by way of its \"clusters\" of molecules.  Water molecules form arrangements in response to what is going on ... water\'s molecule clusters are a kind of memory cell -- like a nervous system containing hundreds of thousands of information panels.

Intention itself can create a harmonic structure in water.  And that structure becomes the basis of the world around us.  Water carries information transmission.  Water is a system.  Systems science has shown that in a phase of instability, thought alone is sufficient to change events within the system.  So -- go for it!  Use what makes up most of you and most of the world to change things!  (We highly recommend you see the DVD \"Water.\")

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What\'s with all the \\\\\\s in my post?

Wendy's picture

Did you all realize theres a page 2 of the article? The video about lying and the 2 halves of the brain was facinating.

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Exactly, Bob.  That\'s why I keep harping on the issue that it is imperative that we share what we know... to wake each other up!

It\'s the same reason why when G-spotters complain about the \"bad news\" posted here, I get upset.  If you want to eat cake, you have to break a few eggs.... or you can settle for the chemical box mix they\'re feeding you and go back to sleep.

Maybe there are other good counter-measures as well.  If so, please share them. 

As a writer myself, posting \"wake up\" information is my method of choice.

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Yes thanks for the above link to the Smallstorm site.  Continuing the consciousness theme, here\\\\\\\'s a small quote from that site:  (It\\\\\\\'s an entertaining film; actings isn\\\\\\\'t great, but the film is one of a kind.  Love John Carpenter.)  -- Bob


From the 1988 John Carpenter film, \\\\\\\"They Live\\\\\\\":  \\\\\\\"We are living in an artificially induced consciousness that resembles sleep. They have created a repressive society and we are their unwitting accomplices.  Their intention to rule rests with annihilation of consciousness.  They are safe as long as they are not discovered.  THEY LIVE, WE SLEEP.\\\\\\\"

Is this just another movie with a made-up storyline?  No.  If back in 1988 this was in some film noir, and if now -- in 2009 -- it sounds like they knew something we didn\\\\\\\'t back then ... you can bet your boots the above lines reflect our reality.  The world trots around in somnambulence (look it up: sleepwalking).  The metaphysicists have been telling us forever that this is all a dream.  What does that mean, and what are we doing in a dream state, and why does it feel like we\\\\\\\'re awake?

We\\\\\\\'re not awake.  We\\\\\\\'re only using a tiny bit of our consciousness.  The running around we do every day is not reflective of who we really are.  THAT\\\\\\\'S THE SECRET they\\\\\\\'ve kept from us.  We are operating on less than one cylinder.  No wonder our world is breaking down.

In their ability to take our real magic from us, they have left us asleep.  THEY LIVE, WE SLEEP.  (See the film!)


[I\\\'m adding this in after Wendy\\\'s post below.  Thanks, Wendy.  The whole \\\"Consciousness\\\" page relating to \\\"They Live\\\" is here: .]

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  yes, we are all made of it. I agree that it is the key. The russians have done some interesting experiments with telepathy, and it boils down to ,,,, is part of the big picture. I have blabbed about this on this site before. Try ozonating your drinking water for a while, flooding your system with the extra oxygen molecules, and watch the results.......thanks for mentioning it again, it is so easy to wander off into the quagmire of analyzation, we need to be reminded of the basic truths on a regular basis. Less food, more water

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Todd, what\\\\\\\'s the best way to ozonate water?  And is that really the same as oxygenating?

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I listen to all of Max Igan's podcasts regularly. I found this one very interesting:


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