Max Igan

Peaceful Non-compliance



Max Igan talks a lot about "Peaceful Non-compliance" as a way to change the corrupt System. The System is designed to control and feed upon the masses in order to enrich a select, parasitic few.


Max Igan connects the dots between chemtrails, trans-humanism, genetic engineering, morgellons, and nanotechnology. I think this film will go as viral as Loose Change - like that film it has an artistic quality to it which makes it very entertaining, besides being informative.

The film includes bits of this talk by Sofia Smallstrom.

The Matrix Exists Because We Believe it is Real

Max Igan has a gift for explaining the system we accept as reality in such a way that it's easy to see the fallacy in our collective thinking.  With Occupy Wall Street in high gear, his words are that much more relevant.



“The more they tell you how corrupt it is, the more people want to rebel. They don't realize that they're free. They don't need to have a revolution. What they need to do is realize that the system is fictional and stop complying with it... What we need to do is connect with each other. That's the point of the whole thing.” ~ Max Igan

The Great Intention: We are the Ones We've Been Waiting For

Each day, we are painfully aware of what's wrong with the world.  Often the more we know, the more helpless we feel to do anything about it.  "What can I possibly do?" you may ask.  There is much you can do.  Remember you are a co-creator here, a hologram of Source, and with that knowledge comes great power.

Freedom of Speech and Government Accountability

"Whatever your views of Julian Assange... he must have the people of the world standing behind him in order that the people of the world retain freedom of speech, because without freedom of speech we have a government removed of all accountability... were that to happen, there would never be any security for any nation."  ~ Max Igan


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