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I am very much interested in learning more about Sufism. Anyone else?

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I'm in the Buddhist path, but I have been at Sufi retreats and we have close friends and family members who are on the Sufi path.  It's a wonderful path.  I know nothing about Ibrahim Jaffe, but judging by his YouTube talks, he seems genuine. 

If you're interested, I can get recommendations from our friends/family regarding lineages and teachers in that tradition.

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Thanks Bob,

Since I'm just beginning, any recommendations you can offer would be greatly appreciated.


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Okay Wendy, I'll talk to them and see what/whom they recommend.  Stay tuned.

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Okay, I have something for you.  Kathleen, a good friend of ours who is a leader in the Sufi Order International lineage, suggests that you begin by checking out the links below.  The middle link is specifically for Rochester, NY, but it has links you may find useful.

She especially recommends a book titled The Heart of Sufism: Essential Writings of Hazrat Inayat Khan.  It's in various formats on Amazon.

She says that Sufism is sometimes defined as the mystical branch of Islam, and some orders basically follow Islam.  But the Sufi Order International is universalist (it honors all religions and spiritual traditions) and, in fact, regards itself as a path, not a religion.  So people in this order don't have to be Muslim, although some are.  It is not bound by dogma.  The Abode of the Message (which is in the universalist tradition) is in New Lebanon, which is on the border of MA and NY just over the mountain from Pittsfield.  I seem to remember that you live in western Massachusetts.  I believe there is also a group in Boston.  I think you can check this out on one of the websites.

Kathleen is happy to answer any questions directly, if you wish.  I'll send you her email address in a minute.
I hope you find something in Sufism.  It's a wonderful path.
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Thanks so much Bob,

That is very helpful!

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