The Year of Consciousness



In Chinese culture, every year has an animal mascot. It's the "year of the monkey," for example, or the year of the rooster. For NaturalNews, 2012 is the year of consciousness (or conscious awakening, in a sense).

CoSM: The Movie

This is one of lightwins' movie picks.  Had to share it.  Amazing! 

Part I  http://vimeo.com/15500061

Part II http://vimeo.com/15683303

Talk about using one's gifts!  It's not at all what I expected from an art documentary. 

Beautiful.  Transformative.  It's almost like a meditation.




The Green Beautiful - Spiritual Movie

This is one of my favorite spiritual movies.  (It's also a comedy.)

La Belle Verte (in French with English subtitles).  Catch a glimpse of Utopia!

You can watch all 9 parts on YouTube:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5CmMm_SRpM

Enjoy it with someone you love!


Spiritual Eyes

"The spiritual eyes see beneath all physical matter to the place where everything in the universe is interconnected in a divine cosmic dance. When I see, express, and interact in harmony with the vision of my spiritual eyes, transformation flows and miracles happen."
   --   From inspiring essay titled Spiritual Eyes by Fred Burks

Spiritual Eyes

Awareness as an answer

Dear Everyone,

Fred suggested that I post the below as a separate forum topic, although it was he who called if forth as a response (slightly edited here) to his post under this same forum titled "Inner Pioneers: We ask questions from the inside out."  Thanks, Fred.  It's wonderful that we can all call forth things from one another to share.  It's as if (or maybe actually) we're all just nodes of the same conscious Being, wishing to be more conscious.


A Spiritual Conspiracy


On the surface of our world right now
There is war, violence, and craziness
And things may seem dark.

But calmly and quietly
At the same time
Something is happening underground.

An inner revolution is taking place
And certain individuals
Are being called to a higher light.

It is a silent revolution
From the inside out
From the ground up.


Hi all members of this community and all who can read this message.

South Africa has a VERY important General Election happening on 22.04.2009

This election is as important for the whole continent of Africa as the US election was last year.

Please hold the people concerned in your Love/Light for the next week, that this election will be fair, without intimidation and that people will feel free to vote as they see fit and not vote out of fear or because they believe the lies they are told.

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