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I came across Dr. John Michael Mallon's website some time ago while researching scalar wave technology and torsion physics, wrote to him in Austria, told him I really loved his idea about opening up free community clinics around the world that would be using his low energy scalar wave generation design, especially in poorer remote regions of the world, and he was kind enough to send me a coil driver circuit board he designed and manufactures himself, and instructions/parts list for assembly of the scalar wave generator antenna he invented based upon the resonant healing properties of the Rife-Bare equipment being used today.

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Have since lost touch with him.  Don't quite know why he won't respond to emails any more, but wish he would so I could exchange data with him concerning operation and results of using this scalar wave generator.  Hopefully there will be a blog started sometime at one of the websites for exchanging info between those using the equipment.  Oh well, I guess I should consider myself extremely lucky I got this far with him, to build one of his own design, first in the U.S. according to him.  I have a feeling he may be in the process of licensing his own design with a company in Australia, but that's just conjecture based upon some things I have read at his other community oriented website at (Welcome To Our Community ).

In any case, the videos available for viewing at his .com website are very good, especially the 3rd one, and his reference library is quite good too...

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Hi Chris,

       I was hoping to get my hands on one of his devices, good to hear that he is actually making them so readily available, my intention is to "lend" it to individuals in need right here in good old Canada, I watched my mother die of cancer a few years ago, and I knew in my heart the treatment was all wrong. The cause of cancer is viral and bacterial, and was solved by Rife long ago. It was particularly frustrating for me as my sister was my mother's oncologist's assistant so alternative healing was out. Further the frustration was the pal care doctor coming in and just praying with her, not healing prayers death prayer that he would intone out loud, I would refuse to pray with him, my poor mother was terrified by being robbed of hope...she had been informed long before her death of the process of death which would be her inevitable outcome...just a travesty.

        I want to bring hope to people...I don't believe there is such a thing as false hope..

Hope is a sign of Love and an act of Compassion.  This is a Universal Truth. 

Sometimes a catalyst for change causes great pain and then mitigates change.  I embrace you with Love, Sister as you journey forth doing your good and perfect work.



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If you get in touch with John, keep me informed how that exchange goes, and tell him you are acquainted with the guy in Liberty Lake, WA that assembled and is using one of his scalar wave generators.  Will be interesting to find out whether or not he has improved on the model or the coil driver circuit board design.  And whether or not he has accomplished the opening of some free community clinics that use such a device for the healing of chronic illnesses.

So sad about how delusional western medicine is when it comes to cancer and chronic illness, and the handling of hope, and the discussion of death.  The so called primitive cultures of this planet have forgotten more than western civilization knows about the subject.

What John and so many are doing these days is right out of the concept of a "resource-based" economy being discussed at The Venus Project and in the Zeitgeist films sponsored by the Venus Project.  Oh, and I have the parts list and assembly instructions I could send you in PDF form by email, but it would do much good without the coil driver circuit board that John designs and manufactures himself to control production of his prototype...

I will say this - I had the distinct impression while assembling this scalar wave generator/antenna that we will see the day, hopefully quite soon, when our understanding will trump such devices, and they will go down in human history as transitory training wheels that helped get us to a practical understanding of our inherent shamanic powers that lie dormant until adequately appreciated.  Gets back to the old adage, Physician heal thyself...  What an amazing journey we have been dragging our individual and collective feet on!!!

Hi guys,

There was a guy in Australia with a similar wave therapy....His name was Doctor John Holt. He had been curing people of terminal cancer for years in a little practice he had built up. He had designed and refined his machine and treatment but was getting very old and wanted to return to Great Britain. His plan was to train someone here to take over from him. His credentials were impecable but he had been burned by the medical establishment many times and had given up on them, he was content to just do his own thing. Then one of the current affairs programs here got a hold of it and for a few months really pumped the whole thing up, were totally supportive and did many positive interviews......then one day they just turned on him...

Here is a link I found but you could do a search on him, you will just need to sort through the lies....they have gone to much trouble to discredit him.....



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Just wrote to Dr. Mallon, to ask him if he has heard of or worked with Dr. Holt, and also wrote to Radiowave Therapy Clinic asking them for any info they might be able to share about effective frequency programs they are using in their practice....  I will post here if I get back anything of interest....

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