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Lengthy but interesting, with discussion of how much vitamin research is not being taken seriously by the medical establishment and (of course) pharmaceutical companies even as patients are being healed. Just a few of the folks speaking in this film are:

Dr. Garry Vickar a psychiatrist who incorporates nutrition in his practice.

Dr. David Brownstein, an expert on iodine 

Drs. Nicholas Gonzalez (who is one of the physicians that died mysteriously, see holistic physicians article previously posted) and Jorge Miranda both treat cancer nutritionally

Andrew Saul inducted into the Orthomolecular Medicine Hall of Fame in 2013. He has been awarded the Citizens for Health Outstanding Health Freedom Activist Award, was named one of seven natural health pioneers by Psychology Today, and is featured in the movie FoodMatters.


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    What I found so amazing about him was that he practiced for so many years without being shut down. His first patient ever was a terminal pancreatic cancer patient who heard about his ideas and put her faith in him. I believe she is still alive today, and that was 35 years ago,,,unherd of for pncreatic cancer.His thing was enzymes,,good stuff we all lack, just from eating so much cooked food. He did die a suspicious death, so it could be that his recent popularity caught up with him. I guess they could never get him legally, so he was able topractice in NYC for decades..When you see him speak,you can tell how far ahead his mind was,,,his sentences go on forever,,ha

  Unfortunately, the supplement industry has become so big that the big pharmas are now pushing legislation to shut it down,,so they can take pharm it out to us as they see fit, at increased cost I'm sure

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G morning Todd, You introduced me to Dr. Gonzalez, ty.  With another acquaintance recently dx'd with pancreatic cancer, seeing far to much of this dis-ease. It is my wish and fervent prayer that people would become more open minded regarding alternative therapies and major nutritional changes. As more do, we recognize how big agra and our medical communities are failing us and changes will come so that we may actually DO something about eradicating this category of dis-eases from our future histories. It's taking so much damn time though. 

I've seen so many die so quickly after chemo and traditional treatments. Would it have been better had they opted for excellent nutrition and supplements to boost immune response? With the assistance of someone like Dr. Gonzalez (whom I hope is now guiding the hands and hearts of others in his field from the Angelic realm) because we NEED them. I know in the least it would not have been worse than watching the devastating effects of conventional treatments that aren't even based on evidence of efficacy. We have been misled long enough.

As we watch the poisoning of our beautiful planet, her soil, air and water, it's unlikely (and being proven daily) that we cannot get enough of what we need from the big agra and processed foods flooding our marketplace.  That's why this video presentation made so much sense to me. I hope there are enough of us that understand our own power to avoid the takeover of the supplement industry.  Although a need for quality assurance is necessary in the supplement industry, government oversight by groups like the FDA seem only to make matters worse.  I don't trust the FDA's consensus on much these days.  Good health on all levels wished for you and all of us here.  

Ready to dig in the dirt and walk barefoot in the sunshine. With the thought of springtime coming soon, fresh flowers and herbs soon to be growing, and dreams of homegrown tomatoes. To our health. Glorious.                         kristyne

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     with allopathic medicine. Both thyroid and pancreatic cancer diagnosises have skyrocketed, and it appears to all be diet related. Pretty simple..all the enriched flour,andpastas,they all turn to sugar and stress these two organs to their limits, as they have to re-balance the blood sugar levels in the body. They can only take so much! Throw in the 10-12 teaspoons of sugar in a can of soda and,,,,argh! On top of that,it appears that there is a high percentage of mis-diagnosis, and over diagnosis,,,more often in thyroid cancer.

     I believe the enzyme that digests meat comes from the pancreas. The high meat diet in the US depletes our supply of this enzyme. Cancer cells are coated with the same protein that meat cells are coated with. If there is a shortage of this enzyme, the cells are less likely to be....discovered by the immune system. Do you see? If we have enough of this enzyme, it will dissolve the coating on the cancer cell, thinking that it is meat,,,,thus exposing the cancer cell to the immune system,,then the immune system sends out the destroyers.Otherwise, the cancer cell goes undetected and has the chance to find a place to lodge itself and multiply until it becomes a real problem. Just one of the reasons that enzymes have become an effective treatment for all types of cancer. I used pancreatin,,a simple enzyme, and affordable, from papaya to kill 3 tumors about 6 years ago. That doesn't correct the source of the problem though. Until you can correct the flaw in the immune system,that didn't catch the abnormal stem cell at it's birth,,,you will always have the chance of producing more tumors. We all  produce millions of abnormal cells everyday, but the immune system is supposed to destroy them everyday. If it misses them,,they have the potential to become cancer somewhere down the line.

     As for the vitamins,,living in america, I would recommend turmeric,or the curcumin derivative as a must have. Curcumin if you have cancer,,,turmeric as a preventive measure. Curcumin is in turmeric,so is much more expensive as it has to be derived from it. But turmeric appears to be the reason there is no dementia in India,,literally.They eat it every day. You can grow it here as well,and just put a piece in a smoothie daily. Turmeric is being used to not only stop alzheimers,,,but to reverse it. There are at least 10 other major benefits of eating turmeric, and the effects vary depending on whether it is raw, or cooked. I am feeling some results from the curcumin after just 2 weeks, and am plotting out a spot to start growing it in a month or so. ok,,sorry for going off on that!

    The huge popularity of people like Dr. Mercola and is really getting to big pharma,,,food is definitely becoming the new medicine. Personally, I don't think it is the answer in all cases, and still believe that drastic fasting helps reset the body/immune system in cases where diet changes just can't reverse some problems that are too far along. Unfortunately, most people just can't go through the life changes and self-reflection that come with a drastic overhaul of oneself that a 4-6 week fast brings..


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Turmeric has been a staple in my diet for several years, it's been helpful in reducing asthma exacerbation but I take it for the multiple benefits it provides. Though a different taste than I was used to at first, I've come to miss it in my morning cuppa if for some reason I don't start the day with it. I find it easy to consume in my tea with just a hint of honey but always throw in a bit of black pepper as it is better utilized by the body then. 

I never had health issues until after a bout with strep when my daughter was young and I was also under tremendous stress due to her life threatening health issues. 3 courses of strong antibiotics and 6 weeks later I was a full blown asthmatic- that's when my body could no longer function as a balanced organism. Back then I did exactly what doc's said, including many courses of prednisone as well. I know better now! My gran, one of the first nurses out of one of Detroit's then prestigious medical schools, used to tell me "stay away from Doctors, they'll kill you."  I tend to think she was pretty right on.

Traditional medicine in many ways has caused more probs for me than it's solved and now having watched close to a dozen family and friends lose their lives after chemo/radiation etc.  I pay big attention to what goes into my body and mind! Sourcing fresh, healthy and organic isn't always easy but there are big pay offs with each small change we're able to make. Now on the agenda should be getting that more available at more reasonable more of us refuse to eat the sh*t they've been pushing in cardboard boxes that have about as much nutrition,  I think it's possible.

Todd, you remain a wealth of info and life experience and offer it up from such a good and heartfelt space - thanks again for your input and friendship.  k

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Tumeric works so well on my body - I find I can mix about 1 tablespoon with a shot glass of water to cure aches and pains instead of asperin. Also works for mild asthma for me too Krystine.

Thanks Krytine for e-mailing me the link to the vitamin movie.


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Glad things are working for you Wendy-I do turmeric and ginger tea morning and night and high dose Vitamin C and I haven't had an asthma attack since too! Good to know if you have children or others going through the same.  Doctors don't know it all and when it comes to food as medicine and herbs and such...they don't know much!

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