Obama Needs YOUR Help to Start WW3

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Funny.  But Obama's not really doing anything.  I guess they sort of allude to that.  Except producing gray hairs at an accellerated rate.  Even poor old George Jr. looked like he aged 20 years during his term, and you'd think he'd be hip to all of that blackguard stuff by now.  Doesn't seem to sit well with anyone for too long.  The old "bull in the china shop" gag.  That one never gets old.  There was a funny comic in the city papers years ago called "Curious George Jr."... 

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I get what you're saying, Monkey Man.  I think the gist of the video is that people will swallow anything that sounds good.  Like the empty, mindless chant, "Change we can believe in." 

I say that without judgment because I fell for the silver-tongued devil in 2008.

But now I agree with George Jr.'s famous spoonerism, "Fool me once... shame on you; you can fool me, but you can't get fooled again."


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A $10 million donation gets you a Senator for a year, ain't that the TRUTH

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