Iran Sanctions bites the US in the a**

This story enforces my faith that the universe is taking care of us. Evil acts frequently bite the perpetrator back. Perhaps there is less of a need for us to fix the world than we think. We only need to do what comes naturally and express love.

One Woman Prevented WWIII

Great video but I think the titile is wrong, there were many people working in concert to help this woman. It's miraculous the way the forces of good are organized to help us, if we just give them a chance.

War with Iran Imminent?

Note:  Is this inevitable?  Maybe not, if we all meditate on, ask for, or visualize peace with Iran -- now.  Let's spread the word.  --Bob


What if the News Media Reports Missiles Launched From the Iranian Coast Hit a US Aircraft Carrier With Deaths and Casualties?

Where Are The Angry People?

Dear friends,

I came here because I found a good balance in the material Fred included in the course. It offered both a look at good things that are happening and some of the nasty things going on in our world today.

But now that I've been here for some time, I don't see anyone talking about the real world and the nasty stuff we are faced with.

Should there be a private group for us?

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