Ancient Energy Technology: Michael Tellinger

If you're been following the Ancient Knowledge series, you'll recognize the significance of this presentation on these South African archaeolgical sites.



Michael Tellinger concludes the talk by referencing suppressed free energy technology and its connection to the 6000 year old banking cabal.  He offers a grassroots solution to life's biggest problems through Ubuntu, an ambitous, yet simple project which can be replicated in small communities everywhere.  See 

This movement could grow into something BIG and beautiful.

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I think that's the dream of most of human been right now. Thank for sharing.

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Hello Jean-Robert.  Welcome.  And yes, I agree that that's the dream of most people, even if it isn't fully conscious in most people, yet.  Time's a-coming... has already begun to arrive.

I use Ubuntu.



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I get this, totally. Thank you Noa. Well, not totaly. But I love it.

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Hi Jean-Robert and welcome also , grab a seat and join in :)

Thanks Now I have listened to Tellinger before and was following his bank court case, yet lost track recently. Will be looking further into the Ubuntu Party though


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Michael Tellinger is encouraging people all over the world to start living the Ubunto way.  A pilot program would probably work best in communities of less than a few thousand people.  Specifically, Ubuntu means living without money, barter, or trade.  Instead, people contribute 3 hours a week to a community project that serves everyone.  The aim is produce three times more than is needed by the community and to sell the surplus at a discount to the surrounding towns.  In this way, Ubuntu spreads while the need for capitalism diminishes.  The idea is that money creates all of the 7 deadly sins.  When you think about it, without money, there would be no need for crime because no one would go without.


Ubuntu articles:

Ubuntu videos:




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This is the outcome of the recent elections.  How sad.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

UBUNTU Faces $60K Loss in South African Elections

Please help the UBUNTU movement recover from the devastating financial loss in the South African elections. 


We went into these elections with a support base of close to 1 million people. These were 160,000 members of NewERA; my personal database of about 20,000, and an additional 20,000 subscribers to UBUNTU. We had a further 800,000 sms – message responses from people who said that they liked UBUNTU and our philosophy.

We therefore expected at least 45,000 votes for one seat in parliament. It is now clear from various reports, that there was gross manipulation of the votes to prevent us from reaching parliament, as this would have been very damaging for the crooked Reserve Bank. 

Our exclusion from reaching parliament means that we lose all the money spent on our election campaign, while parties that make it, get all the marketing money refunded. During the last two weeks I threw everything we had at the campaign in the absolute belief that we had crossed the entry threshold.  This has left us with a huge financial hole and loss of around $60,000 or R600,000.

This could be devastating for our young movement. So please share this with those that followed our road to the elections and resonate with our message. It is ironic that the thing that we are trying to eradicate from society is the thing that is harming us in the process - money.
Please make a donation if you can to help us recover, or become a monthly donor towards the UBUNTU movement, which will help us cover the debt over the next few months.  Click the link to make a contribution.

In the mean time we have gained strong support from the community and we continue with plans to turn Waterval Boven into the first UBUNTU village that functions on the principles of Contributionism.
In pure truth – Michael of the family Tellinger.


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