Quant - A car that runs on salt water

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  Put me down for two,okay? thanks Wendy

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...and such a powerful ad. I think I just came!


But seriously, our minds must be in sync, Wendy, because last night I watched several videos on cars of the future; it was exciting. 

Sometimes we think the solutions are so complicated.  Look what this teenager made in his garage:



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     When you watch it on youtube, the poorman's version,(only 30,000) comes up in suggested viewing. The range is much better, 600 miles, but it doesn't do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds either. It looks like they will start in germany, the problem will be getting fuel, which is ionized salt water. The electric batteries milk the salt water of it's energy, then you need more salt water! alot of it,,,,so,,instead of having to charge overnight, you just fill up the dual tanks with saltwater. This tech could help the solar industry as much or more as the car industry....

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I really like the young man's $2400 dollar, .02 cent a mile homemade electric car...just says to me big time that if a 19 year old can build it, why the h*ll isn't something like this available for purchase right now? rhetorical question.  I know.   big oil, big biz...not enough money in this, not enough room for a family...etc etc. But little guy-you GO for it.  I'd tool around the neighborhood in one for sure.

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