We Could Seal the Oil Leak in 30 Minutes


I've heard that the oil is still leaking in the Gulf of Mexico, although people have sort of forgotten about it.  I'm posting this because Dr. Greer reveals advanced alien reproduction technologies that could plug the leak in a matter of minutes.  Steve Beckow believes that the oil spill will eventually lead to a public outcry for disclosure. ~ Noa



Dr. Steven Greer: We Could Seal the Oil Leak in Thirty Minutes

Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loder discuss “the real solutions [to the spill] that no one in the mainstream media are talking about.”

Double-click on the video to go to Youtube and listen to the remaining five parts.

Dr. Greer alleges that a cabal he calls “Murder Inc.” attempts to keep technology suppressed by threatening, murdering, illegal seizures, and any other actions that they can think of. He identifies “Big Oil” as the source of it.

There is collusion and corruption all through the system created by Big Oil and government, he says.

“As I watch the media coverage of this, I think that one of the things I’m astonished by  is … that no one is talking about the fact that the President of the United States, every top-level cabinet person and all the so-called MIT brain trust and engineering trust that has come in – not a single person has come forward to talk about the very advanced technologies that exist among classified projects that include the so-called alien reproduction vehicles, the so-called anti-gravity vehicles that could with alacrity go down to the bottom of the ocean, 5,000 feet below the water, and probably seal this thing within thirty minutes.”

“Now this is something I’ve talked about … very advanced technologies which are trans-dimensional, anti-gravity, free energy. When they’re talking about these junk shots and capping this thing mechanically, we’re talking about Newtonian-era engineering and the advanced sciences and physics which exist within advanced projects are not being brought to bear to fix this even though this is killing an entire eco-system.”

“This has reached the point where the public needs to write the White House and say, look into the Orion Project.org types of technologies we’re talking about and get these technologies to be brought to bear to (a) stop the leak and the gusher immediately, (b) clean it up and (c) bring out those technologies so we don’t need to do any more drilling in the Gulf or anywhere else.  The conversation is always, well, we want to be safe, but we have to drill, we need the Oil because we don’t have anything else. This is nonsense.”

Thanks to Su.

Video in 6 parts:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdGrLdSYXio




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Yup, here's video of oil surfacing on the water - August 18, 2011.


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