The Future I Feel

I stumbled across this video that left me feeling inspired by optimism. I hope someone else can relate to it. It's more lush and louder than I would create were it mine but I like it. There are many shots from inspiring sci fi movies and some are profoundly moving to me. But from about 1:15 in, the story of how plants are miracles is laid out simply and it means you are a miracle-the divine shines through every cell in our bodies-even the chubby ones or the moles and freckles. From discovering my own innate psychic abilities I found an even deeper relationship to the mystery of divinity and creation. I couldn't believe this happened to me. I dreamed of seeing a UFO, I dreamed of falling in love and marrying, I dreamed of finding g.o.d.,(no religion though) I dreamed the world would change for the better(I see it all the time) but I didn't think any of this would actually happen. It has. Life is a miracle to me even though I have depression and other problems, I am blessed to have been given gifts of loving family and really special friends, 3 children I adore and so many other things. It simply adds up to that divinity exists-that the Universe is alive with the radiance of love deeper than we can imagine. And I was an atheist. Enjoy.


I respect your path more for not needing a big brother god. 

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Thanks for sharing, Brian.  I followed the links from the video and it led me to   What a cool website.  It has so many stories about unique ways that people are positively impacting our world.

The main thing I want to say to you, Brian, is  that our words give power to our thoughts, so maybe instead of saying, "I have depression and other problems" you might want to change the script.  A step in a better direction might be something like, "I used to have depression, but I'm getting better everyday."

What we do today, in thought, word, and deed paves our future.  We don't have to carry yesterday's troubles with us into tomorrow.   Today is a brand new day.  

(I hope you find my words helpful.)

Best wishes,



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All of your feelings and dreams are valid. And they can only be truly experienced by FEELING them. And then perhaps one may move on, should one so wish. And it sounds as though you have a beautiful life and family. 

And I should hope that WORDS follow thought, not the other way around. ...

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May I suggest that thoughts, words, and deeds are a cyclical trinity?  There is no beginning and no end to it.  Therefore, if one's thoughts are troubling, it's possible to use words (for example, saying affirmations) or deeds (such as reading a book) to change one's thoughts.  Indeed, we are truly powerful beings when we can coordinate all three.

But my suggestions to you, Brian, (and to anyone else reading this) are not meant to be anything more than that.  If the shoe I offer doesn't fit you, you don't have to wear it.

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          I just watched the video,,and I really enjoyed it,,, I agree, it is a little over produced, with too many "bits" and so much compression that I couldn't understandd all of his words,but the message is there. It's funny how the light figures into our biological side(everything needs it to live), and our psyche,( it seems our "job" is to spread light,,filling every dark corner of the world with it,,and then beyond).....

    By the way,,thank you for the message about the owl story,,,I shiver when I recount it,,,i am so happy that someone related to it. I rebuilt that owl so he could go into the other world whole, using an andean exercise of intention,,,and I believe that him revealing his departure to me was a simple show of gratitude. Sorry I couldn't reply right away, I am just now getting my internet stable....L,,,,,T

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Thanks Brian - I like your story and can definitely relate. I was raised by athiests so I had no training in religion growing up but I can feel the presence of God inside, otherwise, I wouldn't believe He/She/It exists.

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I have many moments of happiness and a strangely satisfying kind of appreciative melancholie about life in general. I used to think this sadness was "bad"-that it meant the world was f'd or that I was unsustainable and would 'fail' but life is more complex and more beautiful than I anticipated. Now I feel it sometimes and I savor the feeling of it when I don't think of it as inherently worrisome anymore. It's just either part of life or part of my personality. I may never know.

 I loved your words Noa of encouragement and to strive to improve our thoughts. I also loved how you handled the response to your words. Sorry if I don't respond to everyones thoughts here individually because I'm torn about just trying too hard and I'm trying out being a little more chill than in the past. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed right now with feelings of friendship with each one of you guys-so thanks. One thing with me: even if I don't seem to respond to you in text, you can be assurred I felt something from what you wrote. Often I'm a little embarrassed by how sensitive I am to what you say and feel. I have cried over things you wrote or carried your thoughts around to try them on for size. People here startle me with their insights and thoughts or their humility and honesty. I usually agonise over what I type, erasing and starting over until something appropriate comes out. G-Spotters are a great community and I don't want to let you down.

So-the reason I posted this was...

I have always (mostly always-with some really unpleasant periods of exception) had this instinct or faith that things are going to work out. Friends are afraid-G-Spot friends are afraid-whole swaths of society are afraid and or preparing for the end times (or a great upheaval). I don't know what to believe but I have this constant in my gut of a feeling not to worry. Things are going to be fine. I guess it could be head in the sand but it's just THERE. It's like someone is whispering it in my ear all the time. I just feel it and most things I vacillate about so it's odd constancy is reassurring. BTW-I assume if someone is preparing for the end times they are suffering inside. Can you be blissfull buying hollow point ammo and canned rations? Does anybody have an opinion on that?

I have no answers today. Just more questions, but for some reason I can't get them out. I need a little help here.

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Hi Brian - my opinion is that preparing for something like a possible end times scenario can be (initially) quite rewarding I imagine.  I say "I imagine" because I have not done so to any great extent, other than buying bags of lentils, split peas, pearled barley, misc. beans.  And some silver coins for trading if our currency should lose its petro-based reserved currency status (which is more a probability than a possibility at this point it would seem).

If I had my way I would purchase some land somewhere sunny, go solar, get off the grid, garden, and spend the rest of my days thinking creatively about how better to prepare myself for any given contingency.  I would love to do that, keeping it in the context of positive creativity, the birthplace of many good inventions.

But my sweetsie wants to ride the wave of present convention, and if the shit hits the fan, well, we have had a good life and we make due or do with the time and resources we have left at that point.  I think the important thing is to try to remain creative in general.  A positive outlook can be the natural byproduct of that prime directive (creativity) without trying so hard to be positive (while seeing all the scary shit going down in these absurdly crazy times we find ourselves in at the moment).

Oh, the other thing I was thinking of (concerning a strong intent of preparing for some notion of an end times scenario) is that after all one's preparation, if nothing actually happens in one's personally projected timeline, one does run the risk of becoming negative, numb, and finally apathetic with an "I no longer give a shit" attitude, especially when you're having little to no luck getting others to see what you see.

To run the gauntlet of projected illusion after journeying down the rabbit hole is no easy task, to say the least....

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I expect some friends will be disappointed if the world doesn't end. I think believing in Armageddon is exciting for people who want something thrilling to occur in their lifetime and I think its mostly fueled by anger at people they want revenge brought upon; you know-those other people out there who will be smited for their impurity...I'm talking right and left wings too-same theme.

I'm waiting for the beginning.

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Oh and Brian, just back from your 'neck of the woods'- well almost- 10 days moving through the area from Cherokee to Black Mountain to Grandfather Mountain and down to Saluda.  Hopefully next time we may get farther east. You live in a beautiful state, the video recalls for me the pristine beauty.  Blessings and Light to you, brother.

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F* the end I'm waiting for the beginning!!

Thanks for that, but I'm not waiting on anything.  Let me reframe that.  There was a time I was waiting.   Waiting to be old enough to live as I wanted-old enough to BE who I wanted-old enough to have what I wanted.  Ha!

Then I turned 16, decisions where made for me that I never should have allowed and my 'choice' became to take my own life. Foolish child.  Too tired to carry on here living what was everyone elses dream.  It almost worked.

Six days later, after having been pronounced DOA, having spent 6 days floating above my hospital bed (what medicine calls comatose)watching my family flip out, after astral tripping elsewhere, after 'talking' to that G.O.D. energy that we're all afraid does or doesn't exist (there were no 'words' involved nor a wise old man sitting on a cloud), the message I came back with, the message that I've carried underlying all others for 40 more years (I'm 56 now) - the profound and profoundly simple message was "you have work to do here". 

I could have stayed 'out there' or I could come back 'here'- either way- I had work to do. 

So either way there was no 'ending'- here/there - I am. My work, I imagine your work too, is to hold the Light.  To anchor it within and let it flow outward. The method is less important than the doing.  So what 'work' do you have to do-are you 'doing' it? 

You can't know 'up' if you've never been 'down', you can't fly if you don't test out your wings (even crash and burn a few times), and you can't live large if you are always afraid you'll die. The guarantee is someday you're earthsuit will.

Every day is a work in progress, like we are.  Every moment, the beginning of something.  Every undertaking is taking you somewhere.  Enjoy the ride even when it's bumpy and you don't know exactly where you're going. I've been to some of the best places that way. There is nothing to be afraid of.  Nothing. Don't let 'them' make you afraid. No matter who 'they' are. No one. 

When I lay this body down, I'll still be dancing.  (Better than I do now). Lighter - tripping the Light fantastic.  When the end time comes feel free to join me-won't need a plane, train or automobile-but you might wish you had your shades.         Love, kristyne - onesong, singin'


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I love the mountains here. Gentle curves mostly, not forbidding peaks. And the rivers, streams and WATERFALLS up there! I really need to make a trip.

Seeing how you've been there and back again from the other side of the veil I guess, your statement about work to be done stings and wakes me up a bit. Wasted time, wasted opportunities haunt me. That's in the past but I often get stuck looking in my rear view mirror. I wont dwell on that. Thanks for reminding me to move forward-HO!

Your experience back then was a hard thing to live through I imagine Onesong. But the things you learned. A friend had an NDE and she had an "indescribably beautiful" experience of love and acceptance and saw a golden world filled with love. She most def didn't want to come back here. Really really didn't want to and begged not to but she was told about "work to be done". She lives a happy life, and she is very committed to helping others. It's kind of her 'thing'. Claims to have no fear of death-like zero. Says she can't wait to go but loves you to pieces in the meantime.

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Nick, did you get something else from the video? Not exactly your cup of tea?

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Kristyne, thank you for sharing, so vulnerably, your story.  Thank you for coming back to physical form; personally, my life would be less rich without you in it. Thanks for sharing so much of your wisdom with us here at the G-spot.  I'm sure you've touched many lives for the better just by being who you are.


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Nothings wasted Brian, and other opportunities come. We are all the cumulative energy of everything we've done before and it makes and takes us to who and where we are.  Your friend sounds as if she had a very similar experience of the enormously unconditional love on the other side as I did, I have no words from this world that are adequate.  I  tell anyone that has the desire or need to know. I really mean it when I say that there was absolutely nothing to be afraid of. It would have been easy to stay in that love energy. The experience took me lots of years to absorb, lots of lessons later I also am committed to be of service to others with the belief that it is the most important thing we do here.  Don't underestimate what's inside you. It's really expansive, just be open to it.  

More Light and Great Blessings. kristyne

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Lot's of love-Thanks. I'm fascinated by what happened to you Kristyne. I'm filled with inner pictures of what it might look like, I wish I knew what you felt. Anyway, it gives me comfort to be reassured of experiences that gave me some taste of that surrounding love and acceptance you felt. It removes so much of the fear of dying for me. Life isn't an emergency.

If anyone wants another injection from these people who made the first video-I just found this one too



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I like this video very much; overall, I think the message is very positive.  But I disagree with its premise that the odds are stacked towards entrophy. We see evidence that the opposite is true throughout this process we call life.

Plants naturally grow towards the light. The body (given what it needs) naturally heals itself.  People, plants, and animals are naturally drawn towards positive, life-affirming things, which strengthen and nourish us.  The entire universe is composed of rhythmic patterns of order, such as the Fibonnaci sequence.  Everything in nature, even that which we might regard as "negative" supports life.

The phrase is "let there be light,"  not "use all your might to force out entrophy."  There is no dark switch.  The challenge then, as I see it, is not so much about doing, but being. Sometimes the best thing we humans can do is to get ourselves (egos) out of the way and allow life to unfold.


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Everything physical is kind of a holographic illusion of sorts and the illusory demonstration of entropy runs simultaneously with the ever-productive novelty engine process that is this One Cosmos Being.

leaves on the tree fall and disintegrate on the ground while the tree is very much alive and ready for new leaves in the spring...

stars die, but leave traces of new matter (and who knows what else we are not able to see)...

I suspect this is what's happening (roughly), but am also sure I could not possibly have the whole picture in mind, given the senses we are operating with in this very dense 3D realm....

so fun to ponder these ideas and possibilities, puff puff pass......

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puff puff pass....I agree Noa. You're right about entropy being necessary and ok-it's not some kind of evil. But I keep thinking of the 'evil' of humans doing wrong by breaking with the principles of life- stealing from others by using entropy (like telling a lie, or wrongful foreclosures). It enrages me.

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     I have been following it, and wanting to add something,,but haven't known what to say. Mostly, I have just been identifying with your words Brian.

I have many moments of happiness and a strangely satisfying kind of appreciative melancholie about life in general. I used to think this sadness was "bad"-that it meant the world was f'd or that I was unsustainable and would 'fail' but life is more complex and more beautiful than I anticipated. Now I feel it sometimes and I savor the feeling of it when I don't think of it as inherently worrisome anymore. It's just either part of life or part of my personality. I may never know.

This,,I have felt exactly this way

and this.........I have always (mostly always-with some really unpleasant periods of exception) had this instinct or faith that things are going to work out. Friends are afraid-G-Spot friends are afraid-whole swaths of society are afraid and or preparing for the end times (or a great upheaval). I don't know what to believe but I have this constant in my gut of a feeling not to worry. Things are going to be fine. I guess it could be head in the sand but it's just THERE. It's like someone is whispering it in my ear all the time. I just feel it and most things I vacillate about so it's odd constancy is reassurring. BTW-I assume if someone is preparing for the end times they are suffering inside. Can you be blissfull buying hollow point ammo and canned rations? Does anybody have an opinion on that?

I had an NDE whenI was 21,,and did experience the light.....but not the details,,,I just knew I had to come back,,,the light was above me,,and I "knew" that if I kept rising into it,,,I wouldn't return...So, my NDE was pretty simple,,,or,,,what I remember of it anyways. I had read all about NDE's, and even did a termpaper on them in high school,but didn't experience what most of the people I read about said happened to them. To me, that was a good sign, as critics often refer to our "memories" stored in our brain as the fuel for NDE's. You know,religous background, family members, etc. So,I was kind of gratefulthat mine was different, it made it more believable for me

Keep doing what you're doing brother,,,

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There is something reassuring about what each person has said in response here. I wanted to tell someone "hey-I think it's safe not to worry" something I wish someone could have said to me many years ago. In fact, I have this kind of mission in me to share the best in myself because really I felt quite anguished in my childhood. I had learning difficulties but wasn't a dummy. Shame and bullying generated great stresses on my mind and spirit. It made me have compassion for suffering in others around me, appreciative of underdogs and distrusting of men because I saw how they treated women. To this day I am more comfortable with women friends. The guys here have been making me remember how much I like having male friends though so awesome! But anyway.

Thanks Todd for your always supportive and humble presence. Whenever you say something I smile just because it's you talking-even before I've read what you wrote. You always seem the monk to me. On a mountain, in a temple, breathing love with a spirit fire of hard-earned wisdom. But you also have that humor some monks have-the lightness of being that allows you not to take yourself too seriously. That flexibility to be serious or light.

I'm uncomfortable singling people out and not others because each person effects me but Noa your recent writings have just blown me away. Your light is getting brought out more and more and it relaxes me to read your thoughts. You have this honesty and power that is unrivaled. Thankyou for this! Your lightness has made it possible for me to feel OK here again. It's like you read my mind and needed me to know it was OK to stay.

Kristyne, I so agree with Noa-I love hearing from you always. There is this depth to you that is very rare. It's like you are this spiritual dystillery that digests life and brews this spirit concoction of rich, loving wisdom. Jeez. You know how some people bring the IQ of the room down when they enter it? You bring the room up! I always HAVE to read what you write. There is this complete confidence and trust that whatever you have to contribute it will make something better than before you spoke. You're a rock.

Chris: you are my brilliant classmate who tries to help me with my math but I can't keep up with. You're so far ahead down the path, I can only shout "Hey slow the fuck down man!" because your mind is insightful and comprehending where I only grasp loose concepts and the occassional theory. But then you say something so funny or down to Earth I feel lucky to know you-which is to say that I feel proud to be friends with the smartest kid in school. HAHA. Smart with funny-the best combination.

There are a whole slew of others here and people lurking silently or visiting infrequently who I adore and would like to acknowledge and I think about the bunch of people I have not come to know well. To anyone reading this who I do not speak of please forgive me for not saying something nice about you.  It's implied that I have. If you are a new member or a bit timid to enter into any of these conversations then know that everyone here would be so glad to hear from you. If you are here, then you are trusted.


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I (and I'm sure others) am so very humbled by your kind, gentle and beautiful words Brian.  I came in this morning only to ask for prayers and healing energy because we're facing some challenges, my family and I and your words were a gift I did not expect.

My youngest daughter, who left her partner and my grandson some time ago, is moving back home right now.  A big change, I will have both of my adult children living with us as well as my grandson here even more.  A challenge, (we really do hope to retire!) yet a blessing as well.  I am glad that we are able to help them for a time but this also adds stressors . (I'm not sure it's cool to run around nekkid with the kids and grandkids in the house lol) but back to being prayerful...

Friday night, my husband went north to his 92 yr old moms (I'm struggling with a really bad cold so didn't go) to put up his deer blind and he returned home Saturday night saying he didnt feel well. At midnight  he got up and collapsed in pain losing consciousness and hitting the hardwood floor so hard it woke my daughter sleeping upstairs. I have ER experience, my daughter is an ICU nurse, and yet it was one of the most frightening experiences.  Turns out it's diverticulitis, so much less scary than all the things I could imagine but wouldn't, but I was more concerned about his head injury than his belly.  He's in hospital, on massive IV antibiotics and doing well but there will be much testing ahead.  So prayer, reiki, whatever 'hoodoo that you do.... please send some good vibes his/our way.

I believe all that stuff I spout, and I am accepting of whatever lessons this comes with-the very first being how very much my life with this man means to me all these years later (39).  May you all be so blessed at some point in your lives-true and lasting love is a force like no other to be reckoned with!  I also feel very blessed, he could have been in the boondocks with his mum, he could have been driving, but the Universe put him here at home.  Thank you.  My daughter the nurse was supposed to be arriving home from Dallas at almost the exact moment he passed out-ebola and her sister moving home caused cancellation of her trip-putting her home with me when her dad needed her.  Thank you.

Thank God/Source/Creator...for synchronicity, for love, for good ambulance drivers, and for every moment we get that lets us touch each others lives.  Thank you, each of you, for being exactly who you are and here right now in this moment.  Brian, your light shines just as bright as any other light here and found me this morning.

Love you all as you move through your day.          kristyne  

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Wow Brian, that was one of the most uplifting inspired flow of thoughts I have ever had the pleasure of reading!  Like a song sung in pure honesty that touches heart and mind.  What a great group we have here.  And Kristyne, I hope for your husband's quick recovery, holding him in and all of you at home in the Love and Light of the One-nnnnnnnnnn.

Oh, and Brian, if you knew me better you would know that I am far from how you described me (just ask the guys at Tuesday night poker), but seem to have the natural gift of gab that tends to inspire or facilitate another to imagine and contemplate more (sometimes).

Smartest kid in school?  Far from it!  Smartass-class-clown-kid-in-school?  Bingo! LOL

What you're really revealing (IMO) in all those inspired and loving comments is how well your heart/mind works.  Sometimes we take ourselves far too much for granted because we are so used to ourselves, having to live with ourselves 24/7.  We find ourselves to be so common when we are anything but in another's eyes, the miracle of human connections.

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Saying a prayer for your guy right now. I hope and feel like he'll be ok, especially because he has serious healers in his life. Your presence would be so reassuring.

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