Alex Collier: The Big Picture

I'm a Johnny-come-lately to the Alex Collier material.  If you, likewise, are unfamiliar with Alex, he has had contact with the ETs from Andromeda since the age of eight.  I resonate very strongly with the Andromedas as a humanoid race and the messages contained in these two videos. 

One of the most significant things Alex says is that the NWO Order and the Alien Agenda are one and the same (which parallels claims made by David Icke). I agree with Alex Collier; it's time we grow up and examine the ET connection within the global domination agenda.  The way out of this mess is the spiritual path inward.  No one is going to save us, but ourselves.

I hope you find some value in this. ~ Noa

Alex Collier Interview:  1994


Alex Collier Interview:  2008


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