Random Documentary found on Youtube regarding grays and their involvement with the US government


I found this fascinating. Regardless of whether the Alien part was fake or not (hard to say) I think the message behind the movie is all that matters. Tell me some of your thoughts!

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I like the fact that the alien was trying to convey spiritual messages. It seems to be consistent with George Greeen's testimony and his Hanbooks. Bob Lazare seems to be real - I think Richard Dolan mentions Bob Lazar in one of his talks. I could do without the made for TV scarry stuff but that doesn't mean the story isn't true.

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Dan Winter was posted recently (unrelated subject), and they got to talking about how a planet forms, leaving pockets within the planet and he believes there are beings living within the planet in areas like this that would naturally produce a form of cold fusion light, making it possible for sustaining life, especially of reptilian origin (which could very well relate to the Grays).

Makes me think of Phil Schneider's story and experience during his vertical tunneling work for underground facilities.  The interesting thing that Dan Winter mentioned is that sodas and fries would be a very natural fit for a reptilian diet, among other things like animal flesh.  And that these possible underground cultures would most naturally desire a warmer planet on the surface, which we are presently accommodating at record speed with our addiction to fossil fuels.

I just thought that was a very interesting and intriguing "off-on-a-tangent" part of Dan's interview in that recent posting.

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I agree with Chris.

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I've seen this video before.  Personally, I think this alien looks like a puppet and  I have mixed feeings about the mysterious witness.

From what I've learned about grays, they appear to be the programmed drones of another alien race.  In other words, they seem to have a "hive mind" and are only following the orders of another ET species.  Abductees often report that during their "examinations" other aliens come in who are larger.  Sometimes these other aliens look completely different than the grays.  At this point, I'm also leaning toward the possibility that ETs may come from another dimension, rather than from other planets.

In this interview with David Icke, Credo Mutwa talks about the Zulu legends of these beings and of his own alien abduction.  It's a long interview, but I found it so interesting, that I watched all of it in one afternoon.





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A friend investigates para stuff but mostly UFO's and ET's. Recently, she was in a field with several witnesses who had been seeing craft(like massive triangles) over their large property.  A stupendous triangle appeared overhead as it got dark and flew over them slowly and then they all became inexplicably terrified. So terrified they ran for their lives as if death were an inch away. As they got closer to the edge of the field where other people were also observing, the terror suddenly lifted and she slowed down and swung her flashlight beam towards their host who had been running next to her. Her beam ran across an alien being standing 3 feet away from her. It was about 3 feet tall, biggish head, all grey and large, round eyes- dead like a fish and unblinking in the harsh flashlight beam. Damn. Then the terror switched back on and they all ran for their cars. She said it was the most fear she had ever experienced and that the ET's were apparently controlling them with it. She laughed it all off pretty much which maybe is the right response you know? She also said another time they were investigating a landing in someone's back yard, broke for lunch and returned to find every inch of the yard burned black. The neighbors said a van had pulled up as soon as they left and a bunch of men jumped out, lit the yard on fire somehow and drove off.

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    Bill clinton sure did love his Mcdonalds!

    I will try to watch that Mutwa interview,,,I have the feeling it might cross reference to the Tellinger stuff down in south africa. And I have always had this feeling about the zulus. They stillhave their own parade every year in Mardi Gras in New Orleans. IIt is unique in that they used to come down the opposite side of Canal st. on Mardi Gras day. And they used to throw coconuts painted gold off of the floats in the parade. They eventually had to stop after so many people gothit in the head with them,Ha!

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