'UFOs: The True Story of Flying Saucers' (1956)

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I thought I had already seen this but I was wrong. It's surprisingly "factual"(I think), positive and forthright I guess you'd say. Calling the Air Force out on it's coverups!! I wish my 21 year old would open his mind long enough to watch it. We don't see eye to eye on anything like this. He accepts the premise it's all a modern myth and thinks I'm a flake.

Wendy, Have you ever seen a UFO and knew it? If not, don't feel bad. My favorite researcher Stanton Friedman has never seen one either and he is always pointing out the hard scientific evidence.

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Hi Brian,

No, never seen one and I'm new to the whole ufo scene but I also thought it sounded accurate as it seemed to be in accordance with talks I've heard Richard Doland give. I think there's plenty of evidence for ufo's without ever actually seeing one myself I'm pretty convinced. As I've heard Jim Marrs say - it's the missing ingredient that makes all the evidence fit together better.

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A while back someone posted an excellent video of Graham Hancock called

Graham Hancock: Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca - YouTube

couldn't find the original forum post it was placed in so this seems like a great place to locate it again, along with an excellent talk by the late Terence McKenna on the same subject of interactive and intelligently directed interdimensional communication via altered states of consciousness - or what might be better understood to be altered states of consciousness reception via a finely tuned mind-brain instrument with the assistance of purposefully dedicated and very intelligent plant life chemicals.  Enjoy!

TERENCE MCKENNA - UFO: The Inside Outsider - YouTube

and this one in 4 parts if interested in further elaboration on the subject

Terence McKenna - Exploring the Abyss 1/2 - YouTube


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    although his terminology is a little ahead of me, I completely see his points. I never realized that these shrooms were alone in their classification on this planet. I just downloaded the  "final earthbound interview" to take home and watch.....Peace Bubble ......out,,,,T

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McKenna is new to me.  Thanks, Chris.  He feels brilliantly outside the box.

A short excerpt from

Terence McKenna: Aliens and Archetypes (excerpt) - Thinking Allowed DVD w/ Jeffrey Mishlove


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So glad you guys enjoyed TM.  He is still, past his death, one of the most interesting minds I have ever heard elaborate on any subject, but especially this one.  His take on ET's is fascinating, and deserves serious consideration by the UFO/ET community.

The idea that they are communicating in such subtle ways (not so subtle when your tripping, LOL) makes much sense to me, in contrast to the notion of UFO/ET's coming in fleets and landing on the White House lawn...

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   Really enjoyed that excerpt, especially the comment on the end of it where Terrence says, " The mind has been our constant companion for the last 50,000 years, yet we still don't have a clue what it is !"

   There are so many of his videos out there, I will be checking them out for a long time. He is so articulate, intelligent, and just a great thinker,,oops, I should of said "was".

    Hey Chris, have you heard when and how he died ?

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2000, Brain cancer (tell me the universe doesn't have a sense of humor, LOL)

Terence McKenna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Another talk from 1991 from Terence McKenna on reclaiming our divinity by not giving ourselves over to any idea that is contrary to the Sacred Truth of Who we actually are.  I've thought this before many times - we are so powerful that we can disempower ourselves by giving in to the notion that it is inevitable that we are not in charge of our destiny - that someone or something else is - or that "fate" plays too strong a role in our lives, so why try.

Terence talks about the ancient and original understanding of Alchemy, what the original intent was and is still to this day for any practicing the art of this particular "magic".  It is clear to most we have been lied to - what may not be as clear is the extent to which we have been lied to - and the extent to which we have willfully abandoned our Divine Power and Authority by accepting and integrating these lies and deceptions.

As always, this is as much on us as it is on anyone or thing we might be inclined to call "them".  Ultimately we will all come to understand that the idea of a "them" is a dualistic copout that serves only to reinforce the ludicrous notion that we are powerless because of "them".

Even though this has little to do with the original forum post, I place this here because Terence McKenna was brought up here in relation to the original post...  It is an exceptional and very inspirational talk, as so many of his talks are...  Bless you Terence for all you gave us to think about prior to your departure in 2000...

"There is no inevitability in our lives unless we submit to the idea of inevitability and then give ourselves over to it"  Terence McKenna

[Highly Recommended] Terence McKenna - Unfolding the Stone - YouTube

and this one is very good too (in 2 parts)

Terence Mckenna - Seeking the Stone 1 - YouTube

Terence Mckenna - Seeking the Stone 2 - YouTube

"We have one foot in matter and one foot in hyperspace"  Terence McKenna

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 One sighting I had was in 2010, and despite mixed feelings about it (probably a helicopter), I decided to report it to MUFON of NC. An investigator in my neck of the woods called me to discuss what I'd seen but what really was interesting was that he had just come from meeting two women with a sighting. They were out stargazing in their back yard in the country when something caught their attention and just as they looked, a pitch black triangle zoomed right over their heads at treetop level . A few seconds later two fighter jets ripped right over them too-deafening them with their afterburners lit! That must have been a hell of an experience! Woohoo! It soooo puts the lie to the military's public stance. I'm guessing it's now military policy to scramble fighters and chase ET ships away like stray cats. Our ET buds must have a policy of non-confrontation and the elites are doing this to minimise our seeing them. I'd also bet good money that the U.S. Space Command or Air force have advanced equipment other than RADAR to detect them because often they have no RADAR signature...

I'm so excited that we have friends out there checking us out! I subscribe to the theory that the reason they don't contact us directly is to protect us-we ain't ready. That suggests good intent. And that they are flying all over the place could be a technique to prepare us for contact in the future. I am also interested in this talk of subtle contact, because people pursuing an enlightened spiritual life might be good candidates as 'contactees'.

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Hi Brian-

Did you watch the recent project camelot video I posted, Allies of Humanity? I like his take on the situation. He's basically saying that the et community isn't that different from ours - there's "good" and "bad" ones out there working for different agendas.


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Interesting how fast the Air Force can scramble jets to intercept UFOs, yet were too late to stop 4  hijacked, commercial flights from committing terrorist attacks on 9/11.


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Remember this film, based on a true story?

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. At one point in the film 2 people in ultralights followed by a flock of geese cross the Canadian-U.S. border and are are immediately brought down by the U.S. airforce. This is pre 9/11. The airforce has no problem detecting and bringing down a couple of ultralights and a flock of geese in the sky but can't manage to find and bring down 4 highjacked airliners? I don't think so....

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Thanks, Wendy.  It's been awhile since I saw it.

This trailer brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you!

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now I'm tearing up too-I'm such a wuss. I'm fascinated to hear real evidence of the air force being able (and vigilant) to deal with threats. It helps me understand the breadth of the 9/11 perpetration. People say it was mostly people at the top but I believe it relied on many many people to keep their mouths shut who observed irregularities like the stand-down of fighter interceptors that day. I remember Fred mentioning this larger group of people who didn't know what was happening but who don't speak up about what they saw...imagine there is a lot of fear and guilt out there

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Hi Brian-

I think it's important not to be upset with those who were at mid-levels of the operation and have not talked. Did you hear the Bill Wood interview? He was basically threatened with prison and endured torture so no wonder he didn't come forward before now. There are also mind control techniques at work as well so it takes people a while to put 2 + 2 together to realize that their compartmentalized part of 9/11 was actually that and not what they were told they were doing. This mind control especially works well when people have to change their entire paradigm to figure out what happened that day. Lot's of these military guys not only have to admit that they have been mistakenly working for the bad guys their whole lives but also that loved members of their family did as well. No wonder many of them refuse to even entertain the idea that the military does not work for the common interest of the u.s. citizens.

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Imagine a world where people don't sell out for the almighty dollar.

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I agree with you Wendy but I hope they can speak up before they're dead. People need to at least tell their loved ones they were duped...or did as ordered or whatever. Must be a few carrying guilt and shame. I send blessings to them all.

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Wow, the whole article by Jan Irvin here is fascinating:

The amount of social engineering going on over the centuriesis just amazing.



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