EPA is no longer monitoring Beta radiation - citing interferance from cell phone towers

This story has me feeling very bad - like what's coming up would be a nuclear meltdown that "unfortunately" the EPA couldn't monitor.

If cell phone towers are giving off that much radiation we are in big trouble.


Time sensitive! - Ty Bolinger's new film on Cancer Cures available for free for a limited time

Hi All,

You need to be willing to give them your e-mail address for this one. Personally, I'm just now loosing a friend to cancer who was unwilling to listen to me. Maybe consider buying the film and sharing with your loved ones BEFORE they get sick. Sometimes I think that is the only way to get people to listen.

4000 Toxins in Just One... Yummy!

Okay, I admit it.  I've never considered myself to be a smoker, but occasionally, I used to smoke to relieve stress or just to feel the sensation in my lungs.  I reasoned that the occasional puff wasn't enough to do much harm and that my lungs would clean themselves after I finished my binge.

Everything changed for me when I looked at a certain cigarette pack.  (This is what happens when you live outside the U.S.) 

How Much do you Love your Cellphone?

Would you be willing to give up your cellphone to save the annihilation of birds, bees, and other life forms on Earth?   Considering that we got along just fine before cellphones gained widespread use in the late 1990s, maybe it's not such a tough choice.  There is also evidence suggesting brain tumors may result from long-term contact between the user's head and receiver, especially in children.  (although it is officially denied by the US Government).

The Beautiful Truth

I've seen other films on the Gearson Therapy before but this one ties together many threads with other health and FDA corruption stories. Also, even if you aren't interested in the topic just fast forward to about 1:24 for a fantastic summery of what life's all about.

Breast Cancer--Media Downplay the Environmental Factors


This week, the New York Times ran an article under the headline 'Reducing Your Risk For Breast Cancer,' encouraging readers to lose weight, exercise more, shun alcohol and avoid hormone therapy in order to lower their risk of developing breast cancer (Rabin, NYT).

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