Plastic Planet

This documentary examines our dependency on plastic - a substance so pervasive in our lives that it even touches our food in the form of bottles, containers, and plastic wrap.

But is it safe?  Even the manufacturers don't know the list of secret ingredients.  What is plastic really doing to us and the environment and how can we rid the planet of this plastic waste?

You may never look at plastic the same way again. 


VIDEO  http://thoughtmaybe.com/plastic-planet/


How Much do you Love your Cellphone?

Would you be willing to give up your cellphone to save the annihilation of birds, bees, and other life forms on Earth?   Considering that we got along just fine before cellphones gained widespread use in the late 1990s, maybe it's not such a tough choice.  There is also evidence suggesting brain tumors may result from long-term contact between the user's head and receiver, especially in children.  http://www.rense.com/general63/FACTS.HTM  (although it is officially denied by the US Government).

Making Fashion Sustainable

Our lifestyle is unsustainable, but we have control over how we live.  We impact the environment by the purchasing decisions we make.  We can choose to make responsible choices.

Companies constantly monitor our preferences through our web searches and our purchases.  As we make more environmentally concious decisions, industry will respond with more sustainable products to meet our demands.


An Urgent Message from Robert Redford

I am copying this email I received to this blog entry because I believe it is important to be proactive in such things and there is little time to act.  Please read and respond my friends.

Love and Light,




Please consider adding your name to this and telling your friends about
it. Red Rock Country is amazing pristine and beautiful. The thought of
oil companies destroying the place just makes my heart sink.

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