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Journalist Suspended for Questioning Saudi Prince

After learning about this story on Democracy Now , I Googled the web for more information.  I was astounded to discover that no matter which keywords I used for my search, NOTHING about this incident appeared on the internet. 

Interview with Cofounder of Bradley Manning Support Network

David House gives a courageously candid interview on Democracy Now.  If more people were willing to stick their necks out like House and Manning, we would be experiencing an entirely different world than the one we are now.


Watch interview here:


The Same Old Same Old in New Packages-Presidential Candidates Advisors

    Looks like the old guards and big money = no real change

        January 03, 2008
        Vote for Change? Atrocity-Linked U.S. Officials Advising Democratic,
        GOP Presidential Frontrunners

        Independent journalist Allan Nairn and American Conservative

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