The War for the Internet Has Begun

In case you've been caught unawares as the (intentionally secret and covert) attempts to censor and control the internet via SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA legislation pass through the House and Senate, here is one of its unfortunate casualities:  New Zealand's giant file-storage site, MegaUpload has been targeted by the U.S. and shut down... apparently without adhering to proper legal procedures.

Following the news article below is MegaUpload founder, Kim Dotcom's clever video rebuttal... ~ Noa


ACTA Censorship: Say Goodbye to the Internet as We Know It

If the Anti-Copyright Trade Agreement (ACTA) is implemented, the internet as we know it will be gone.  Say goodbye to Youtube and any other website that post videos and other intellectual property (whether formally copyrighted or not).  Say goodbye to Facebook pages, blogs, and forums which upload and share information freely across the internet.  Say goodbye to the Gathering Spot and all the PEERS websites, because it will be impossible to comply with the new law by removing all the outlawed material.

Journalist Suspended for Questioning Saudi Prince

After learning about this story on Democracy Now https://www.democracynow.org/2011/11/18/headlines#16 , I Googled the web for more information.  I was astounded to discover that no matter which keywords I used for my search, NOTHING about this incident appeared on the internet. 

Freedom of Speech and Government Accountability

"Whatever your views of Julian Assange... he must have the people of the world standing behind him in order that the people of the world retain freedom of speech, because without freedom of speech we have a government removed of all accountability... were that to happen, there would never be any security for any nation."  ~ Max Igan


Internet Censorship

I got this link tonight from another group.  I think it is important to recognize and take action on. The major internet providers directed by TPTB are already censoring our access to certain websites and this will become more so in the near future if the public don't make some resistance to it. Here is a Youtube clip from PrisonPlantet that goes into detail.

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