Earth Day

Valer Austin: An Amateur Rancher Brings the Wastelands of the Southwest Back to Life

Heroes for the Earth-Gaia. Happy Earth Day Week
Valer Austin is my new Hero. In the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt and Rachel Carson, this amazing woman is showing the world how to restore land for all people! Read this amazing Article from Sept. 2012 found in the O Magazine (that I got for Free at the library!).

Rainbow Bridge Meditation


Dr. Jose Arguelles has initiated so many projects for peace, that I wonder why I haven't heard his name before now.  He is also a promoter of the "natural" 13-month, 28-day calendar. Now, Dr. Arguelles is uniting earth's people with a weekly Rainbow Bridge Mediation.  I hope you'll join us. ~ Noa


Happy Earth Day!

Good Greetings All!


Happy Earth Day to you!  Happy Earth Day to the Earth and Cosmos!  

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I Bless your Hearts with Love!  I Bless the HEART of the Earth with Love!


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