Disclosure - Just Do It

I just realized I'm a "member" of Barack Obama's Facebook Group. Who thinks I should post a new topic on his page just titled "Disclosure" and have my post be "Just do it..."

Or any variation thereof? Show of hands?


Timing extraterrestrial disclosure

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This is an interesting article from Michael Salla from the Exopolitics site. He has analysed the most likely time windows for the President to make the announcement of the existance of UFOs and ETs.  I offer this to you for your consideration.  I have to comment that in David Wilcock's most recent blog he says that anytime a specific date is set for the disclosure that is makes it much more unlikely that it will occur on that date. Just as happened on Novevember 27 as exposed by Dr Pete Peterson at the Zurich conference.


For those of you who do not know the difference between Ufology (study of unidentified flying objects ) and Exopolitics, here is an article which is very important and informing. I have copied it in its entirety>


Examiner Bio

Disclosure - Steven Greer at the Exopolitic Summit in Barcelona

This seventy minute video is a must watch. Steven Greer is dynamic and exciting in this lecture to the Exopolitic Summit which just occured this last weekend in Spain. ( The introduction is in Spanish but Dr. Greers lecture is in English)





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I guess this is like preaching to the choir, but I got a newsletter with this information on it, specifically this wonderful little YouTube video called Disclosure 101.  I am sharing it around with those who are unfamiliar with the ET/UFO phenomenon as it is an introduction in a form that people can understand. I place it here so that you can also pass it around.

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