The UN's Agenda 21 again - BEWARE

If you can use a very short and surprisingly comprehensive video to educate someone about Agenda 21 and how it serves the New World Order, here it is.  I was unaware of some of the implications... chilling. And I was unaware that George H.W. Bush signed the US on to the UN's Agenda 21 with no Congressional approval...


Just need to post this

Hi, all.  

I am a BIG Peter Gabriel fan.  Just adore his music, his work, his understanding of women, and human beings in general, and think he's a hottie, besides :)   Anyway, I sort of came across this song by accident today - it was embedded in a blog I was reading, and when I listened to it I was just brought to tears of joy.  I could feel an incredible, tangible energy and optimism building inside me that literally felt like I could burst.  So I sat at work, sobbing at my desk... no shielding at its finest.  LOL

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