Fluoride - an Endangered Species

I was at the hospital today with my wife and daughter for her final check up before we could take her home. The doctor went through the list of things we should do, on that list (to my pleasant surprise) was to give her vitamin D drops for her immune system, something I do for myself. Also on that list (to my chagrin) was to give her fluoride drops.  This is something I'm against, but I didn't give it away. I let him know that we have fluoride in the water in my town, so we don't need drops.

Again, a pleasant surprise, it turns out there isn't Fluoride in the water in my town anymore, or many other smaller towns. This is because there is apparently (according to this doctor) a FLUORIDE SHORTAGE!

Many reading this are likely suspicious of the role fluoride has played in our lives, and of some of its effects which have been reported, usually in alternative health or news circles like this one, which are predominantly negative, and contradictory to what we are led to believe (i.e. that its 'good for you').

I asked my father (also an MD) when we got home about this, and he backed up my stance that fluoride and babies shouldn't really be mixed, that this is "not really done" anymore.

Anyhow, the reason for my post, is to see if anyone else has read or heard about this shortage. The noteworthy point, is that he says many municipalities which previously dosed their water with fluoride are no longer doing this, perhaps because cost is becoming prohibitive if the element is so "rare" now. I had heard nothing about this until today, from the horses mouth (so to speak) and I generally consider myself someone with their "ear to the ground."



A lot of towns are no longer flourinating the water because the townspeople of the towns no long want flouride in their water... that is what I have witnessed... but not a "shortage."  This is interesting because a "shortage" would meant that Emissaries of the Light are in positions of power and are using thier place to create New Earth policies for the betterment and greater Health and Wellbeing for humanity.   At any rate... it is fabulous that there is no flouride in your towns water. 

A way in which to clear water and restore it to its pristine crystalline form is to bless the water.  I do this for everything I eat or drink and/or create.  Do a taste test... you will be surprised by the results.

Clap your hands 3 times and rub the palms together to activate the chakras in your hands before doing any blessing/intention work.  This will assist you in the energy transference and downloading of energy to the water or substance you are blessing/intending.

As a child of all that is, I bless this water with Love, so that it nourishes my soul and enriches my body.  So be it.


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  This may interest you.

Blessings,   Dave



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Thanks for the link, haven't watched it yet, but I'm from Canada and can vouch for the integrity of many health professionals I've known and been treated by. I think we get a lot of the best doctors here, because a doctor can make massively more money in the US than they can here. We get a lot of bleed out from our medical schools because the doc's who are in it for the cash go south. The ones who stay are really in it for more than money, because the way our healthcare works, they are only allowed to bill certain amounts, and the government signs the paycheques. In the US with private care its done a lot differently, and more lucratively for those on the recieving end of the funds.

Anyhow, all that is without having watched the video you linked, I went ot the site and checked the title and gathered that he's blowing the whistle on pressures recieved from above to dose people with fluoride. Perhaps my intuition there is wrong, if so I apologize, and promise to watch this as soon as I can :)


Thanks Dave

Also, if your ever in Central Ontario we should Jam :) I have a recording studio here in my basement that is not the most technologically advanced, but has a very good energy.

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Hey Josh

  Yeah,  I am negative on fluoride...simply because I studied how Stalin and Himmler both used it for crowd control...also the cattle pens here in America (for 100 years) are notorious for using it to 'calm' the herds...

while most dental caries is not reduced when cities use it, but there's an increase in hip and bone brittleness problems ...so ...yes...I have my doubts whether it's good for you..but it works good for the government...just look...America is being raped of her assets, civil rights, and freedoms...forced to fight wars against people who never did us any harm, and all we do is sit here and go to our service jobs at minimum wage....

don't get me started....!!!!!  lol



As for jamming...I'd love that...check out my songs at www.leftydave.com   download page.



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I've been dodging my son's dentist for years with regard to fluoride.  He writes a prescription, I toss it out.   He asks me about it the next time, and I give him a vague answer, and he writes another prescription, and so on....  My son's teeth are way better than mine were at that age (11).  His teeth have never seen a drill (thankfully!).  

So, I hope they ARE running out of fluoride, though I've always understood it to be the byproduct of making some other chemicals... someone might have to help me out with that one.  I thought that was the reason it was pushed for usage - to get rid of this toxic byproduct by feeding it to us.  Ugh, that's out of my zone of expertise.  

Much love and light,




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Unfortunately, my town still fluoridates the water but it is at the minimum levels. I have been trying to determine how to de-fluoronate my water but have found no way besides some special expensive filters and evaporative equipment. I have read that using blue glass containers filled with tap water and left in the sunshine, will purify the water of such impurities as chlorine and fluorine etc. No confirmation on that.  Also I have thought about Dr. Emotos method, similar in effect to FFGs blessings to clear the water from any negative energies, including the fluorine. I often will hold my glass of water in both hands and project pure love into it, especially before I do any energy healing procedures.

One other thought I wanted to share.  I understand that fluorine causes calcification of the pineal gland. I suspect that that is part of the "dumming down"-"calming down" effect the TPTB intend by using it.

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I often (when I'm "awake") will bless my water before drinking or serving it.  I use just a standard Pur water filter, and for my drinking water, I also use a machine that for some reason the name just completely escapes me now.  It's Vita(something) Plus.  I'll remember in an hour... just not now.  It creates a tornado effect on the water which is supposed to improve its oxygen levels and return it to its alive state.  I think it makes it taste softer, and more refreshing.  Reason enough to keep using it.  My friends call it magic water.  I kinda dig that.  

I also have taken to writing soothing words on some of our drinking glasses with a Sharpie pen.  I write Love or Thank You on the bottom of the glasses.  I don't know what it does, but it couldn't hurt.  :)

Love and light to you,




Search Dr. Emoto and his research on this... as well as Water Magic and Prayers and Blessing of Water!



I use a distiller to remove flouride from my water. I have heard that reverse osmosis also works but the process of distillation is more transparent. It is obvious that the water is converted to steam and then recondensed. Some people claim that your body needs the minerals in water that distillation removes. This is a controversial issue. Other people claim that the inorganic minerals in water at best do nothing and at worst clog the body. I started distilling my water in the early 1970's when the city started adding flouride. I enjoy excellent health so if distilling does obvious harm it takes a long time.

Distillation does not remove organic compounds with boiling points close to that of water. If this is a concern one can then run the water through a carbon filter. Some people believe that restructuring water in various ways can make the flouride harmless. I have never seen any data that substantiates this claim. They also claim distilling destroys the structure of the water making dead water. A restructuring process might be useful but I do not trust it to replace distillation.

I an experimenting with HRM's sun eating so after distilling and filtering my water I sit it in the sun.

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Hi John, I also distill my drinking water down to less than 1 ppm.  I use it exclusively for drinking in the sauna during the sweating out impurities process at 185F.  I also read about the ongoing debate concerning whether or not distilled water is good (or bad) for you.

Those arguing for the negative effect say it acts like acid because it is like a vacuum looking to be filled.  At the same time that I was reading about distilled water I was also looking into Pink Himalayan Salt as alternative to regular table salt.

this solved the problem (if there ever was one) concerning the distilled water debate.  I make Sole (solay) by adding pink Himalayan salt crystals to distilled water and let it concentrate naturally to about 26% concentration, and then add about 3 ccm's of sole to a 750ml bottle of distilled water.

This adds all the minerals and trace elements present in the pink Himalayan salt to the distilled water, and the natural crystalline structure of the salt (very good for you in and of itself) keeps its structure all the way to being totally dissolved.  The distilled water ends up tasting like softened water, and is very soothing to the stomach, great thing to pour in there first thing in the morning...

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Dr. K

I found the reply you made back in August..and I do remember reading it and searching about distillers for the house.  I still haven't done anything about it yet but intend to  soon.  There is also a solar distillation process that would be good to have if by some chance we found ourselves not only without pure water but without electricity to run a distiller.


I haven't posted it hear yet but our President has signed an EO making the Codex Alimentarius the law of the land.  Watch now as our suppliments and herbal remedies become illegal.  Sigghhh!

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Chris, I have heard a lot about the Himalayan pink Salt, but I would think that any good unprocessed sea salt would work the same way.   I switched to sea salt back in May and love it. I also had thought about infusing it into the distilled water to replace the minerals which had been removed by the distillation process.


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Yes, I heard that too - I've decided to stock up on vit. D and some other vitamins I take. We have a private well which is great but are dependant on electricity to pump it. I've looked into getting an emergency hand pump but my husband says it will be too difficult to install..

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Yes, sea salts are very good too, but the pink himalayan salt is mined from deep below the himalayan mountains from a dry primordial sea bed from well over 200 million years ago.  Which salt do you think would be the most pristine, absent so much of the pollutants we are plagued by today?

and that pink color is iron, which is not present to that degree in the sea salts (or they would be pink too).  I have also found that the gourmet food grade pink himalayan salt available at San Francisco Bath Salt Co. is much cheaper than the gourmet sea salts.

Speaking of sea salts, the dead sea salt (for bathing) available at SFBSC makes for a wonderful bath or foot soak experience, so good for the skin....  and since the Codex Alimentarius has passed, I sure am glad that I purchased my SilverGen colloidal silver generator along with lots of extra silver electrodes a few years ago...

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Hey Berry, I am lucky enough to live with a great well, it tests with flying colors on everything, except for a little calcite, common here in the southwest. But  about 2 yrs ago, while getting an education about cancer, I was doing the Bob Beck protocol, which includes ozonating water, which will take out anything but metals, including radon..Upon researching more, it seems that ozonation used to be standard treatment for about 80 percent of illnesses, in small offices, and in hospitals..Nicolai Tesla had the patent on the ozonation process..In 1933, the AMA started confiscating all ozonation equipment. If you refused to give it up, you could lose your license to practice,,that was compliments of the booming pharmaceutical industry. Ozonation was used through saunas also,permeating the epidermis. I have not put another liquid in my body in almost 2 years,but the difference was noticable in a few days, as my epidermis started to sweat evenly throughout my body very quickly. Some folks in my town here brought a man in to lecture about water here who is in the circle of folks who put together the documentary "water", and assured me that ozonation will remove everything except metals, and even more importantly, restructures the water so you can assimilate it. Sota.. corp. makes the best one I have found, it does a gallon in about 9 minutes, and is about 300 dollars..much cheaper than most of these units that make alkaline water. If you look , you will find that many countries overseas use ozonation for their municipal water supplies, and it far surpasses what our chemical treatment plants do..Of course,if you are drinking water from a municipal supply. fluoride might be the least of your worries...If you have seen the documentary I mentioned, you saw the "blood analysis" sequence with structured water, and how it helps repolarize blood cells and organs, making it invaluable when emf is constantly screwing up our body s electric field.....I live in high altitude, so just the extra oxygen molecule helps me here...sorry to be off subject here, but hope it helps,,,T

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didn t know that "codex" would effect silver makers too,,I have the sota corps blood purifier/silver maker,and I will be stocking up on silver rods,,they still had them as of a few weeks ago..The ozonator I mentioned above to Berry really works well.I guess it is good you are using salt if you are drinking distilled,as without anything in the water, no conductor, no chi flow, it really makes a difference...Hope you are well 1..T

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don't really know if or when the latest codex legislation might have an effect on colloidal silver generators and silver electrodes.  never hurts to stock up, especially with silver prices rising like they are.  great point about conductivity, and I love what you said in the other post about ozonation, thanks for that excellent info and great tip on a good ozonator unit!!!  I will be looking into Sota Corp.

Also, I was informed that the 528hz frequency is also very good for restructuring water molecules to become more wet and available at the body's cellular level...

I am (well), thanks for asking, and sounds like you are very well yourself since your posts always bring such a sense of well being to the reader...  thanks for Being (well) Todd....

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  Hey Chris, I am not sure what to think about all the different methods of restructuring being tested. It seems that all that matters is that the molecule is small enough to be assimilated by the cells of the body. According to this man we had lecturing  here in town, over 90 percent of the people in the world are dehydrated, as they cannot assimilate more than 10 percent of the water they drink,,as the molecules are so distorted and oversized.I am forgetting now whether Emoto s  beautiful pictures of water molecules had  5 or 6 sides, But all diseases have the other number..another find made by the russians. This man we had in town here has searched the country for 15 years for the best water, and found it just about 30 miles from me. It is minerally balanced for the body, but still needs to be restructered, as it  gathers from the surface. He "erases" the memory of the water, then reimprints it with the frequencies from several places on the planet with incredible water,,Lourdes,France,for instance where Bernadette uncovered the holy water that people still flock to year round. His water is very good, It is called "Angel Fire Water", after the town his well is in. I have had a few meetings with him since he lectured here, and his opinion on most of the alkaline water machines popping up is not very good. Alkaline water is definitely better than tap water, but most of it, according to him, is still not able to be assimilated by the body, due to the structure of the molecule, or size.His most important patent is on the process he uses to make his molecules quite a bit smaller than the minimum needed to be assimilated by the cells. The russians have also found that once you even 10 percent dehydrated, your immune system is already failing. I took that find to heart, as when I had cancer, they dated it back to the 2 years I lived and worked in the desert, and just could not seem to keep hydrated. I hadn t even had a cold in 20 years up until that point..Anyways, if you talk with Berry, stress to him that if he is going to drink distilled, he better find a good trace mineral for a conductor, or at least use the salts. I tried that great himalayan salt too,I have a chinese friend who has a collection of sea salts,or alkaline salts and have tried many in the last year, but have found the ozonator the best , as radon is so rampant here in the southwest, and it takes that out too. I have been experimenting with a few plants this year, and the results are great...That is actually how many of them are marketed in this country, (for plants). Search Bob Beck, and you will probably find links to articles on ozonation, and his 4 part protocol. Outside of trauma, I will never go to a doctor again.....I like your "determining nothing and enjoying" line, it is so true. Hope the weather treats you well in Liberty lake this season,,Todd

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Here is where I initially found some of the best research on water (Dr. Patrick Flanagan) a few years ago during some contact with Nick Begich

Welcome to Phi Sciences -- R&D: Hydration and Water Research

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Here's another contender for super-H20.  My father found out about this years ago, and I still have a number of gallons of this "Willard Water" concentrate, which my father swore by and we have found to have very unusual properties -- although we haven't used it to nearly its full potential. 

It's derived from water and brown coal (another rich, ancient repository of powerful elements).  The properties of this water are very different from ordinary water, including having very small molecules capable of facilitating the body's processes in a number of ways.  (Ironically, Dr. Willard originally developed it to seep down into oil drill casings and lubricate the action, where the tolerances are so tight that ordinary water molecules can't pass.  Later he discovered that it had other uses that he hadn't dreamed of.)  For a fairly detailed rendition of the properties of Catalyst-Altered-Water (CAW), see the below page (I left out the long list of patent numbers), copied from the website:  http://www.dr-willardswater.com/ (Home page).

There are lots of internal uses for Willard Water, as you can see if you explore the website a little.  We haven't used it internally yet, but this discussion is prompting me to explore its internal use. 

But we do have experience with external uses.  For example, if you put the solution (that you make from the concentrate)  on fresh wounds, burns, or other injuries, the healing results are often startling and immediate.  For example, once I was pushing a piece of wood through a jointer, and it kicked back hard into my hand.  I couldn't move my thumb.  I thought it was broken (Surprisingly it wasn't).  And it was extremely painful.  I keep a jar of the CAW solution around, and immediately I put my hand into it.  In no more than a minute an a half all the pain was gone and there wasn't even any swelling.  We've had similar experiences with bee a wasp stings.  The faster you treat, the more dramatic the effect.  

For a list of some of the many uses of CAW, click on the "Applications" option on their home page.  It's pretty impressive, and several things that have been mentioned in this string are mentioned there.  For a much fuller treatment of the actual biological effects, healings, etc. of Dr. Willard's CAW, there was a book written, possibly out of print, titled Aqua Vitae: The Story of Dr. John W. Willard...[etc.] written by Roy M. Jacobsen.  There are a few copies on Amazon.com, here.

What is Catalyst Altered Water?

Willard Water® (Catalyst Altered Water, or CAW) is composed of the following active ingredients:

Active Ingredients CAW Micelle   Water99.99318%  Magnesium Sulfate0.00002728%   Calcium Chloride0.00002728%   Castor Oil0.000798%   Sodium Metasilicate  0.00596%   Refined Lignite  trace




Catalyst Altered Water, or Willard Water®, is a concentrate solution containing the above electrolytes. During the patented process of preparing Willard Water® the CAW micelle, an electrical charged colloidal particle, is created.  This CAW micelle causes the formation of “a catalyst that alters the structure of water, making water behave in a manner that heretofore has not been reported in the literature” as stated by Dr. Willard.   

The micelle is an extremely small particle that is a very high energy particle with a powerful negative magnetic field. When added to ordinary water, it causes a change in the “ordinary” water molecules that can be likened to the difference between diamonds and graphite — both being made of carbon but with differing molecular structures. This new water molecule structure serves as a catalyst that seems to accelerate the body’s natural healing process.  Both Willard Water® and ordinary water consist of H2O molecules but the structure makes all the difference!

Willard Water® is not a nutrient, but a vehicle by which nutrients are carried throughout the body’s cells, and by which waste is carried away from the cells with water as a means of transportation.  Animal research has shown that Willard Water® significantly increases the body’s ability to fully absorb essential vitamins and nutrients!

Willard Water® has been tested and analyzed by many reputable laboratories and universities, including the FDA, and ALWAYS found to be non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-mutagenic and non-carcinogenic. Today Willard Water® is still produced by Dr. Willard’s family business using state of the art mixing, filling, processing and FDA-approved facilities. Consistency, purity and cleanliness are always maintained throughout the production process. It is the ORIGINAL and ONLY PATENTED Catalyst Altered Water.

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thanx for the link Chris, this guy sounds amazing,comparing him to tesla is a big statement..It seems these guys are on the same track, I am assuming they are using different methods, as this guy David Bagley has several patents also...But making the structure of the molecule small enough to be easily assimilated by the cells seems key. It is interesting that glacier water is structured just so, as is the water in a few other places left on the planet. You know that the natural process of evaporation/condensation is about the only way water is ever cleared of its memory, then tumbling out of the mountains restructures it,ozonation is like watching a churning pool  below a waterfall, and of course the extra oxygen molecule smells like a good thunderstorm..Have you tried the willard water,there is indeed something to it,I was given a bottle years ago, and just misting a little in the room freshened it right up..Wasn t brown coal,this process, what the germans were working on for a cheap fuel source during the war? I read a story about the years of research they did, and how it ruined all the engines they tried it in, and the project was dropped,,I didn t realize willard water came from brown coal,,thanx again for the water link...T

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This has turned into a very informative thread!

Thanks to you both for all the great info on water!

Good Greetings All:

Today I found this article in the Boston Globe (online).  Perhaps you will find this interesting.


Committee says Vt. city should end fluoridation

December 17, 2010

BURLINGTON, Vt.—A Burlington committee says the Vermont city should stop adding fluoride to the public drinking water system.

The vote by the subcommittee of the Public Works Commission comes despite a 2006 vote by city residents overwhelmingly in favor of fluoridation.

The subcommittee made its decision based on a 2006 study that raised health concerns about fluoride in drinking water.

Burlington began adding fluoride to the water system in 1952. Proponents say fluoridation has been proven to reduce tooth decay and is particularly important to the dental health of those who don't receive regular dental care.

The Burlington Free Press says it would be up to the city council to vote on whether to remove fluoride from drinking water.


Information from: The Burlington Free Press, http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com

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