Global Love Day

Hi, all.

I'd like to suggest an experiment.  One of PEERS former board members (Harold Becker) is the head of The Love Foundation, and one of the leaders behind Global Love Day.  Hundreds of cities (444 as of today) around the world have made proclamations for Global Love Day.  What if tomorrow, we put aside everything else but expressions of love within the confines of this forum?  (Do what you will in the rest of your personal life, but in here, we practice only love and the intent to create a world we will be proud to leave to our children.) 

Do As One

Do As One  This is a really cool website where you can connect and breathe synchronistically with other people across the globe in real time.  You can see where the other "breathers" are located on the interactive world map.  You don't need to register or log in.  You just enter a breathing room and the graphics guide your breath.  It's so user friendly, that you can easily pop in whenever you have 5 minutes free to harmonize with other human beings.

Pray on International Day of Peace

Pray on International Day of Peace

"It is world peace day on Sept. 21," I told my 6-year-old son.

"So," he asked?

Nice, indepth interview with Ron Paul

Minutes 28-30, Ron Paul explains how a gold backed currency would make it near impossible for governments to go to war. As I continue to investigate the historical facts as opposed to the falsehoods we are told about war, I continually see that war has nothing to do with cultural or any other kinds of differences between people and everything to do with the controllers of our banking system furthering their control over the people.

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