Vortex Math

The spiral is viral these days. Great stuff. Let's see there's Lipton, Brady, Winters, Braden, Hassim, and I know I'm missing some ... um, even Wilcock. All pretty much saying the same type things about everything from Math, Science, Religion, Physics, Macro, Micro, Human History, Etc, etc. It's been amazing seeing all these people and things merging and morphing towards consensual consciousness. There's a whole lot of writin' going on within DNA right about now. I'm rambling ... this video is word.

The Holographic Universe

When mainstream physicists began to consider the possibility the our observed universe is an illusion, I confess to feeling a tiny bit smug.  It only took 'em about five thousand years, I told myself, to prove what the mystics have said all along. About 25 years ago, a French physicist, interestingly named Aspect, proposed the idea that the universe was a hologram.

Spiritual Alchemy: The pathway to Self-real-I-zation, Response-Ability and the unfolding of the Light body in each of us

The following is from Iona Miller's website "Spiritual Alchemy" and helps one to better understand the path their intuitive resonance is guiding them toward. Clarification from information with resonation equals acceleration! I hope you find this writing as useful as I do....

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