Vortex Math

The spiral is viral these days. Great stuff. Let's see there's Lipton, Brady, Winters, Braden, Hassim, and I know I'm missing some ... um, even Wilcock. All pretty much saying the same type things about everything from Math, Science, Religion, Physics, Macro, Micro, Human History, Etc, etc. It's been amazing seeing all these people and things merging and morphing towards consensual consciousness. There's a whole lot of writin' going on within DNA right about now. I'm rambling ... this video is word.

Channeling from Ker-on, by Mike Quinsey

My Dear Friends, 
I receive a great hope for mankind from these bulletins. Yes, I realize that much must be done by us to bring these changes about. However, we also have a great force which is also a part of what we are in the total Cosmic reality that is there waiting to assist us in any way that they can.

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