Spiritual Alchemy: The pathway to Self-real-I-zation, Response-Ability and the unfolding of the Light body in each of us

The following is from Iona Miller's website "Spiritual Alchemy" and helps one to better understand the path their intuitive resonance is guiding them toward. Clarification from information with resonation equals acceleration! I hope you find this writing as useful as I do....

Joan of Arc

These images were taken of the Istanbul Mevlevi group of which I once was a part of.

It was the only Turkish Mevlevi group to use women semazens (whirlers).

The sheikh would ask each female semazen what colour she had in her heart:

the answer was turned into the colour of her khirkr (robe).

These are the colours you see in the video.

The Singing Trees

A raw afternoon, a gray winter's day. Dusk is coming on. I leave my apartment and cross the street. There runs a creek, its wide banks dotted with trees and boulders. Sweet flags and cattails cluster and sway. Sunlight dances in its shaded pools. It is one of my favorite spots to walk and simply be.

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