Crop Circles - new film, new excitement

Today I got an e-mail from our friend Denni Clarke in Scotland (more on her below) that said of this new film, "This is the kind of horizon-expanding documentary that literally changes the way we see the world around us. Suzanne [Taylor] takes you deeper into the mystery of the crop circle phenomenon than any filmmaker has done before. Gorgeous, haunting, and full of wonder, "What On Earth?  Inside the Crop Circle Mystery" has been hailed as the best crop circle film ever made."

"Future Talk" at Exopolitics

Here is a Project Camelot interview with three presenters at the Barcelona Exopolitics conference that expanded my view and lifted my heart enormously about the immediate and long-term destiny of the human race -- with serious warnings about destructive events of the next year and a half, specifically.  It's very nuts and bolts, but also visionary.  It has much fascinating information about ET facilities, our own ET cousins' presence here, our actual relations with other ET races, teletransportation technology, and more.  A very big picture.  A very substantial and fascinating testimony.  E

Moon Rising ... Time sensitive videos

I wish that I had discovered this earlier as it is going to go away almost immediately. Perhaps someone has a way of capturing the videos for the archives here. But here is a list of videos of the Moon Rising documentary revealing what NASA and the government has been covering up for over 40 year regarding photos of the lunar surface.

Here are the nine parts of the documentary.


Astounding videos

This series of long misplaced videos of George Admaski's filming of UFOs, meeting with Galactic Brothers, and those he has influenced is indeed a astounding collection of films.  I am giving you the link the the Examiner news article but when you get to the video, right click and go to Youtube to view the videos.  They don't come through sequentially from the article.



I guess this is like preaching to the choir, but I got a newsletter with this information on it, specifically this wonderful little YouTube video called Disclosure 101.  I am sharing it around with those who are unfamiliar with the ET/UFO phenomenon as it is an introduction in a form that people can understand. I place it here so that you can also pass it around.

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